Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fans and Wrestlers Criticize How Shawn Michaels Sold Randy Orton's Punt

Fans and Wrestlers Criticize How Shawn Michaels Sold Randy Orton's Punt
Several fans and one WWE Legend took to Twitter after this week's RAW and gave negative feedback to how Shawn Michaels sold the RKO and punt kick from Randy Orton.

This week's RAW closing segment saw Orton drop Michaels with the RKO, then quickly deliver a punt kick. The criticism came quick on social media, over how Shawn barely sold the moves from Orton's arsenal, and was back up on his feet as the show went off the air.

WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley commented on how Michaels quickly recovered.

He wrote, "An RKO and a punt to the head from Randy f--kING Orton and Shawn is on his feet??????????????????"

Velvet Sky agreed with her boyfriend, writing, "So Shawn takes Orton's RKO PLUS punt to the head & sits himself up in the corner & tries to get up like nothing happened.Basically no selling both moves.Way to bury Randy.Then Drew takes RKO alone & stays down selling like ur supposed to. Complete disrespect to Orton by Shawn."

When a fan stated that Shawn  Michaels sold the move with his facial expressions, Sky replied, "When u take someone's finish, it's more than just your face u sell. Imagine for instance, me taking Kong's implant buster & trying to get up or crawl away, and only selling with my facial expressions. Ya just don't do that. Its very disrespectful to the person executing the move."

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush also reacted, noting that the 2008 version of The Heartbreak Kid would've sold the punt kick into next month.

"2008 Shawn would have sold this punt until next month..," Rush wrote in a tweet that was deleted some time this afternoon.

It appears Rush has deleted his entire account.

As noted earlier, Michaels may have teased an appearance at Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view for the match. Stay tuned for updates.