WWE Confirms Asuka is Still The RAW Women’s Champion

WWE Confirms Asuka is Still The RAW Women's Champion

WWE has confirmed that Asuka is still the RAW Women’s Champion.

As noted, Sunday’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view saw the title match between Asuka and  Sasha Banks end in controversy. The finish saw Banks arguing with the referee as Asuka came from behind with a mouthful of green mist. Asuka spit the mist as Banks turned around, but Banks ducked and Asuka blinded the referee. Bayley rushed the ring while Asuka had Banks tapping out in the Asuka Lock, and ripped off the referee’s shirt. She then put the shirt on and counted Banks’ three count on Asuka.

Bayley then called for the timekeeper to ring the bell and threatened him when he refused to. Banks’ music hit as Bayley presented her with the title, and they left together -in possession of the top four women’s straps in the company.

WWE’s website has confirmed that Asuka is still the champion. However, there was no mention of an official match result.

The storyline is that Sasha Banks still has the title going into tonight’s post-Extreme Rules RAW. As seen below, WWE released post-show video of Sarah Schreiber catching up with Banks and Bayley. The Golden Role Models promised to explain everything when they celebrate on RAW tonight. They then ran away with Asuka’s title.

On a related note, WWE also released post-show video of referee Eddie Orengo dealing with the aftermath of Asuka’s errant green mist.


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