Who Won The Wyatt Swamp Fight? Alexa Bliss Used During the Segment

Who Won The Wyatt Swamp Fight? Alexa Bliss Used During the Segment

At WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman faced Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Swamp Fight.

“I’m home,” Strowman said when he saw Wyatt. Wyatt disappeared, and the camera showed a sign that read, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Strowman fought off some goons while the camera panned to Wyatt cheering Strowman on. Strowman was attacked by his evil twin, who was wearing a black sheep mask. The camera faded to black when evil Strowman hit his counterpart with a shovel. Strowman woke up chained to a chair in Wyatt’s lair. Wyatt walked to the lair with his old lantern and his classic theme song playing in the background.

“Welcome home, Braun,” said Wyatt. Strowman said he hates Wyatt. “You can’t hurt me,” said Wyatt. “I’m already dead.” Wyatt said he’s missed Strowman, though he’s proud of him. Grabbing Braun Strowman by the throat, Wyatt yelled at him and said he’s not Strowman’s enemy. Wyatt told Strowman that, together, they could be like gods. Strowman vowed to send Wyatt back to Hell. Wyatt said that he’s never going back to the pit he had been trapped in. Strowman declared he’d never follow Wyatt’s orders again. A snake bit Strowman and he blacked out again. He regained consciousness in front of a fire and fought off more goons.

One goon caught on fire, and Strowman laughed as the man burned. A female voice called to Strowman and asked him to come home. The voice turned out to belong to Alexa Bliss and told him they cought be together if he came home. Wyatt came out of some fog and attacked Strowman, The Monster Among Men slammed Wyatt off a dock and into a boat.The boat sped off into the swamp, but it came back. Wyatt’s body was missing. Wyatt cane out of the water and tried to down Strowman. Both men disappeared under the water, but Strowman resurfaced and climbed out of the swamp.

Wyatt emerged out of nowhere and the two men kept fighting. Wyatt attacked Strowman with a boat paddle and screamed. “Look what you made me do,” he cried. “I didn’t want this.” Strowman kicked Wyatt off a deck and into the water. “It’s over,” Srtrowman said. But Wyatt emerged and dragged Strowman into the water. Both men disappeared again. The fog turned red and The Fiend crawled out of the water. The show ended with his laughter.


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