Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Taz Comments on Brian Cage Defending The FTW Title

Taz Comments on Brian Cage Defending The FTW Title
Taz took to Twitter this week and fired back at a fan who criticized the new FTW Title belt, which Taz recently brought to AEW after using it in ECW years ago.

The fan wrote, "The problem with the FTW belt is that people will associate it more with Taz instead of Cage. Million $ belt - dud angles with Ringmaster and Dibiase jr - do something original so that Cage can create his own legacy. If FTW belt showed up on WWE, heads would roll on social media"

Taz responded and said the problem with pro wrestling social media is people like this fan.

"Problem with wrestling social media is people like you. Disrespectful know it all but you ain't don't s--t in the industry...but yet you chirp on here but in person to anyone from AEW/WWE/ROH/TNA/MLW you wouldn't say nothing in person. In a writers room, you would s--t your pants," Taz responded.

Taz then made a follow-up tweet and said every fan is entitled to an opinion but it's not a good look when they "come at people disrespectfully."

He wrote, "I love wrestling fans and I feel every fan is entitled to an opinion and many times you guys have great ideas, but when you come at people disrespectfully and bash stuff you really could come off like a jerk."

As noted, tonight's AEW Dark main event will see Brian Cage defend his FTW Title against Brian Pillman Jr. The storyline is that Cage has demanded the FTW Title be on the line. Taz revealed this in a tweet.

"BEAT IN's. Simple deal @MrGMSI_BCage DEMANDS the #FTWChampionship is on the line...who's gonna stop him... #WhoBetta #AEWDark," Taz wrote in response to AEW's tweet on tonight's Dark episode.

Cage also took to social media last night and issued a statement. He noted that after Wednesday's match against AEW World Champion Jon Moxley during the Fight for the Fallen edition of Dynamite on TNT, people will then see him as both the FTW Champion and the AEW World Champion.

"I was born to be a star in this business, and I've worked my ass off to make it happen," Cage wrote on Instagram. "To look like a world champion, perform like a world champion, and after Wednesday, the world will see me as #FTW and @allelitewrestling world champion.

"I've worked across the globe with every indy promotion, until I was developmentally Next. Then I displayed my versatility Underground as they witnessed my Lucha. I proved I wasn't a minor in AAA, and later made an Impact in this business. Now I've become Elite and there will be no doubting that once I become All Elite Wrestling world champion. #fightforthefallen #aew #allelitewrestling #machine #swolverine #mrgmsi #mulitmoveparagon #ownerofthespotlight."