Keith Lee and Adam Cole React to The Winner Take All Match (Videos)

Keith Lee and Adam Cole React to The Winner Take All Match

As noted, Keith Lee won the NXT Title in a Winner Take All Match at tonight’s NXT Great American Bash against Adam Cole.

Keith Lee is now the new NXT Champion and the NXT North American Champion.

After the event, both Lee and Cole had the chance to express their feelings while speaking with McKenzie Mitchell. In the first video, the former NXT Champion struggles to describe his emotions and walked away.

In the second video below, Keith Lee said his body was in pain after a brutal match against Adam Cole, but he was able to make it through and stand tall as a double champion. He spoke about his journey through NXT and how it was slow at times.

Lee was very happy about taking two titles from the Undisputed Era. Lee also said he felt like a “historian, I feel his historical.”

He said that Mark Henry told him he will bring back “big man magic” and then he said “Mr. Henry, this on was for you, too.” Then Keith Lee mentioned his coach who died last week and it got a little emotional at the end.

He said his coach told him, “you’ll be in the top, you’ll be one of the best this industry has ever seen,” Then Lee said his coach was a prophet, “and for me nothing gets sweeter than that.”


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