Impact Wrestling Results – July 28, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - July 28, 2020

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS opened up with a look back at everything that transpired last week.

Impact Wrestling Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Trey Miguel

Miguel’s shoulder was taped up.

They locked up and Edwards muscled him into the corner but broke clean. They locked up again and they muscled each other back and forth. Miguel was backed into the ropes so he climbed them and came off with a lucha style takedown. He controlled Edwards on the mat and scored several two counts. They went back and forth until Trey nailed a pair of dropkicks and locked in a hammerlock.

Edwards fired back with a right hand and several chops. Trey reversed an Irish whip and nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex. He nailed an elbow to the head and several body shots in the corner. Edwards sent Trey into the ropes but The Rascal slipped through and nailed a kick to the head. Trey failed to follow up and was caught with a spinning sit-down powerbomb. Edwards whipped him hard into the buckles and scored several pinfall attempts. Trey kept kicking up at two and tried to pull it together to fight back. Edwards nailed a series of body shots but Edwards took him down with a right hand.

Trey was forced into the corner, where Edwards continued to pick him apart. Edwards charged but missed, crashing into the corner. Trey nailed a series of big offensive maneuvers, including a step-up kick and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Miguel went to the top and went for a Hollywood Star Press but Edwards pulled his knees up. They fought to their feet and battled back and forth with chops and kicks, wiping each other out as Impact went to commercial…

When they returned, they continued battering each other. Trey nailed a springboard low cutter for a two count. I love that move. It always looks so smooth when Miguel hits it. They continued back and forth until Edwards finally surprised him with the Boston Knee Party for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion, Eddie Edwards!

A solid, fine match to kick off the show., Miguel going toe to toe with the World Champ continues to build him up as a future top player here.

Eric Young walked out and teasing hitting the ring. Edwards told him he was ready to fight and to come on but Young told him he would do it on his time. He told Eddie to sleep well while they were waiting.

We go to WrestleHouse. Rosemary asks Taya why he doesn’t seen happy as aren’t these the people she’d want in her house. Taya says it isn’t her house so she can leave at any time. She tries to walk out but when she opens the door, all we see is hell, including Abyss holding out a bag of thumbtacks. That was great. Swinger said that Mizark is in purgatory doing the job. She asked Rosemary what was going on. She said it isn’t her house. Cody Deaner asked who’s house it was. Tommy Dreamer showed up and said it was his. The Deaners asked if this was the House of Hardcore. He said, no, it was an investment property as he had to do something with the money before his ECW checks bounced. They did a whole 1990s reality show opening. The show will be about what happens when people stop kayfabing and start shooting. I loved all of this ridiculousness.

Plug for Impact+.

When they returned, Wrestle House continued. Dreamer told them they were all there to win a million dollars. Everyone lost their minds except Rosemary, who knew better. Dreamer told her that he knew they were there to win a million dollars because after all it was his house. The Deaners asked why he had a house in Chatanooga. Dreamer said, he was told them it was an investment property. He doesn’t need six bedrooms, only one. The cast suddenly realized they only had so many beds and charged through the house claiming their territory. John E. Bravo was troubled deciding whether to follow Taya or Rosemary into one of their respective rooms. That was great. Acey Romero decided to sleep in the ring outside but Crazzy Steve hit the ring first. They argued over who was going to stay and sleep there. Dreamer, in the fridge eating (OF COURSE HE WAS) heard this and screamed MATCH TIME! They magically were in their ring gear and everyone came outside to see them wrestle to determine who would sleep in the ring. Romero scored the win after Steve offered to share. This was so bad it was AMAZINGLY good.

TJP and Fallah Bah were backstage talking. Rohit Raju showed up. Bah made him put on a facemask. TJP then made him put a shirt over his face. Rahu said he’s trying to be serious. They told him to step back six feet. He did so and then said they have a new X-Division champion. He said he thought TJP might be interested in the X-Division and want to go back. TJP said sure. Raju said he can work with that and ran off, screaming for Bey. He found him in the locker room. He said he told Bey he had his back. He heard that TJP is talking trash on him and said TJP was coming for the belt. He offered to back Bey up. Bey said if someone wants to take him on, they can shoot their shot. Raju offered to be right there with him and they put their fists together. I like the idea of Raju so desperate to be Aaron Burr and in the room where it happens that he’s manipulating the situation.

Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton. Austin said he extended his hand to the Good Brothers but they cheapshotted him. They wanted to get his attention and now they have it in full. He’s going to give special attention to their match tonight with Reno Scum.

They aired a great video feature on the Motor City Machine Guns.

The North said they are not done. They have a rematch clause. It’s just a matter of time before they get their titles back. Alexander did all the talking but when it was time for Ethan Page to talk, he was overcome with emotion over losing and just stormed off.

The Impact+ Classic clip was the Machine Guns vs. Bobby Roode & James Storm.

Backstage, Katie Forbes was sitting on Rob Van Dam’s lap and showing him her new photos. I wonder if Jim Quigley took them? Rob was wowing over them. It’s a living!

They aired a video feature on EC3. He recounted all the champions he had beaten and in the end, said, “Who cares?” He said history is written by the winners but what if the winners are pathological liars? He has to go back and destroy everything he did to get him to be where he wants to be. He sees failure reflecting back at him in the mirror. Every win and every step came at the expense of his soul. The things he had to do to become who he is are the things he has to re-evaluate. His past is his biggest foe. He has to break every attention to his past in order to realize his future. The past is just a story and it has no power over him. He has to control his narrative to control his power.

Gia Miller interviewed TNA Champion Moose. He touted how great he looked against “Panda Boy” Fallah Bah. He’s the most dominant champion in Impact history. He wants to issue an invitation to face him. She asked him about EC3 attacking him. He wasn’t happy she brought him up but said EC3 wasn’t getting an invitation. Heath showed up and said he got the invitation. Moose said he’s not contracted and isn’t invited. Heath said he was contracted by TNA and was given a title shot by the committee. Moose said there is no committee. Heath said there must not be a champion there. Moose said that he’s got an invitation next week. Moose stormed off. Scott D’Amore said that he conned Moose into a title match and if he can beat Moose, maybe they’ll open a roster slot for him.

Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee

Lee went right after Deonna with chops at the bell. She sent the champ out of the ring with a twisting head scissors but missed a sliding kick to the outside. The Champ returned to the ring but was kicked in the head and covered for a two count.

Lee tied up Purrazzo on the mat, using her legs to trap her in a full nelson variation. Purrazzo pushed back, forcing Lee into a two count. Lee kicked up but used her legs to scissors and work over Purrazzo. Purrazzo slipped free and stomped Lee’s arm and wrist. Purrazzo stomped away at her in the corner. Purrazzo tied up Lee’s arm. Lee fought back and used a hanging submission in the ropes. Lee nailed a series of kicks and covered Purrazzo for a two count.

They noted that Kylie Rae can’t compete for the title right now as she’s “stuck at Wrestlehouse.” Yeah, that was dopey.

Lee trashtalked Purrazzo, which fired up and brought the fire. Lee missed a roundhouse kick. Purrazzo went for a Fujiawara armbar but Lee rolled through. Lee snapped her with a bridging German suplex and began raining down with right hands. Purrazzo took down Lee and cinched in the armbar submission for a tapout.

Your winner, Deonna Purrazzo!

Jordynne Grace, arm in a sling, came out, but removed it and attacked Deonna. She beat her down until Purrazzo rolled out of the ring. This was fine except it looked wonky that Grace let her just recover outside instead of continuing to go after her.

The match was solid. Lee has really been bringing it since coming to Impact and Deonna is working like she has something to prove.

For the second or third week in a row, the announcers talked about a potential return of the Knockouts Tag Team titles, so that is obviously in the plans.

Katie Forbes was walking in the back and saw Sami Callihan. She yelled for security because “there’s a fan in the building.” He said he was a former World Champion. Forbes said she doesn’t talk to fans and he can go look at her on her website.

We got back to WrestleHouse where poor Cody Deaner is being kept awake by Cousin Jake’s snowing. He’s laying on the floor, drinking out of frustration. Jake wakes himself up and tells Cody to stop snoring. They argue over which of them was snoring. Tommy Dreamer, who was apparently sleeping in bed next to Jake, declares its MATCH TIME….in the morning. They had an animated rooster announce its morning. The Deaners face off with Alisa Edwards reffing and Jake scores the win, earning the right to stay in the bedroom. Exiled, Deaner says the tricked out RV outside WrestleHouse will have to do. Ridiculous but a good use of all the characters tonight.

They aired another vignette on the soon to return Brian Myers.

Sami Callihan found Ken Shamrock and said it’s been a week and asked for his explanation. Shamrock said he can’t think, he’s leaving and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Rob Van Dam showed up as Katie Forbes said Sami was creeping on her. RVD said he can look all he wants but keep his distance. Callihan blew him off.

RVD came to the ring with Katie Forbes. Lots of twerking. Rob said, “Ladies, Gentlemen and of course, wrestling fans.” He said it was the big moment everyone was waiting for. Forbes was so excited that she can finally be herself again. She said that normally people pay to see her on her website but now, everyone can see it for FREE-99. She warned parents to put the kids to bed. She began a countdown but at one, the photos featured the face of Sami Callihan on her body. Forbes lost her mind over being hacked. RVD wasn’t happy. This was..something. As a way to kick off a feud, it was OK, but not the strongest part of the episode, at all.

The Rascalz are in the Treehouse. Trey isn’t feeling good having been so close to winning the title. Wentz said it was weird to just have two of them here when it should be three. Dez invited a Power Ranger…Suicide. Wentz said he was scary. Suicide showed up and scared him. They well….toked up. Wentz “figured out” Suicide was Acey Romero.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne interviewed Rich Swann via Skype. He said he worked seven months to get back to get to the ring and now he’s disappaointed. He gets to where he needs to be and gets a chance to challenge for the Impact title. Eric Young went off the rails and took away his opportunity and may have changed Swann’s life as he knows it. The doctors are saying too many things for him to stomach right now. He can’t even talk about it because it takes him to a dark place. He’ll be at the Impact Zone next week to address everything. He asked them cut the interview as he needs time.

The Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum

Karl Anderson and Adam started out and went back and forth. Anderson shoulderblocked him down and sent Adam into the buckles. Adam worked him over with right hands in the corner but Adam tried to reverse it. Anderson regained the momentum and sent Adam back into the corner. Adam went up and over but was cut off. Gallows tagged in and worked him over with big body shots and uppercuts in the corner. Gallows controlled him with elbows after elbows for a two count.

Adam was brought back into the corner, where the Good Brothers continued to work them over with double-team maneuvers. Ace Austin came out on stage and sat down in a chair, distracting Anderson. That allowed Luster the Legend to attack Anderson and tag in. Anderson was worked over in the corner with a series of headbutts. Anderson was run into Adam’s knee. Reno Scum tagged in and out, beating down Anderson and trying to wear him down. Gallows finally made the hot tag and hit a big boot off the ropes on Adam, then a pump kick on Luster. They nailed the Magic Killer on Adam and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Good Brothers!

Austin came towards the ring. Luster tried to attack The Good Brothers but they dispatched him. Austin distracted them, allowing Madman Fulton to hit the scene. They all brawled out of the ring to the back.

They brawled into a backstage area. Austin was tossed into a pile of boxes. Fulton tossed Gallows into a steel grate. They all brawled out of the building to the parking lot outside. They brawl into the night as we sign off…


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