Thursday, July 16, 2020

Dolph Ziggler Hints At a ‘Psychological’ Stipulation For His WWE Title Match

Dolph Ziggler Hints At a ‘Psychological’ Stipulation For His WWE Title Match
Dolph Ziggler will try to put his hands on the WWE Title at Sunday's “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules”, but a stipulation for his match agaonst Drew McIntyre has yet to be picked.

In a night of advertised eye-gouging and trip to the swamp, Ziggler told that his pick will be something that fans have never seen before.

I’m not kidding when I say, if I get the paperwork to go through, this is something that has never been done before and I would be stupid to go, oh, it’s a chair’s match. And then he just swings chairs at me like a Terminator and knocks me out. That’s stupid. That’s been done. I need something that’s more psychological, more of my way. And if I get this approved by WWE’s lawyers, it’s going to be, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t walk out a WWE champion. And this is on him. He let me pick this. And he assumed I would just pick some random stipulation that’s been done before. Why the hell would I? I’ve been around 15 years. It’s not because I’m an idiot.

Dolph Ziggler also talked about his tag team tandem with the Scottsman, saying that, at least in those days, he was a big fan of McIntyre and his work ethic.

When I last saw Drew McIntyre before this he was walking away from WWE. So, when I saw him there and saw the laser focus in his eyes, heard what he’d been up to, heard he’d been crushing the gym, crushing laser focus of wanting to be the best. I said, “We can really do something special here because we can introduce you to the Raw and SmackDown audience,” reintroduce him, but also show him as this unstoppable terminator who can carry people, three guys on his shoulders, and walk out of the ring.”