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WWE RAW Results - June 15, 2020

WWE RAW Results - June 15, 2020
Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to start the show.

Tom mentions Edge's torn triceps and the need for him to have surgery and we see a photo.

Randy says last night at Backlash he did what he said he would do. He beat Edge and he humiliated him. He wrote the final chapter in his comeback. Randy says he gave Edge closure. Randy says he knew that Edge would never be the competitor he was back in the day. All he had to do was let Randy help him, but Edge resisted. All Edge had to do was trust him. Just like he trusted Edge when Edge saved himself. He was not the Last Man Standing at Wrrestlemania. He is victorious after the GREATEST Wrestling match ever and that makes him the greatest ever. Randy says he does not need a title to prove it.

Randy says he needs to thank Edge for reigniting that fire in his gut. A fire that burns at the expense of other legends. It reminded him of what it felt like to be the Legend Killer. He wishes he could thank Edge in person. It is not because of the punt kick, but because I tore your tricep off the bone. Randy says he knew when it happened and he could have ended the match, but he wanted to make Edge suffer so he had to go home to be a father and husband. You are not here because you are in some god-foresaken hospital where doctors are trying to reattach that muscle to the bone. Randy says that he hopes that Edge will be able to climb that mountain again. Randy says he hears that Edge will be cleared to wrestle in July... 2029.

Christian makes his way to the ring.

Christian asks Randy what type of man is he to gloat like this. You are cold, you are calculated, and you are a son of a bitch. You think the redemption for Edge is over and you think his career is over. Edge has never quit before and he is not going to quit now. You don't get a say when Edge is done. Edge will get his closure on his terms, not Randy's.

Randy says he can't believe that Christian came out when he had so many things to say. This story was not about you, it was about him and Edge. It will never be about you because you are jealous of Edge. Randy says he knows what Christian wants. Randy says Christian wants one... more... match.

Christian says he is here to defend his friend.

Randy says Christian is just like Edge. Something you love was taken from you before you could say goodbye. You are not medically cleared to wrestle, but he knows a way around that. Christian versus Orton... unsanctioned. He asks Christian what does he say. The offer expires at the end of the night. If you don't accept, it proves you are nothing but a coward.


Charly Caruso is in the back and she wonders if Christian will accept the match. Zelina Vega and Angel Garza show up to talk to Charly. Charly shows them what happened during the Kickoff Show. Charly asks Angel if he feels bad that he might have cost Andrade the title. Zelina says nobody cost anyone the title. Angel says he tried to help Andrade. When you care dearly about something or someone, you need to let it go. He cannot understand the heartbreak. We feel for Andrade and for Kevin Owens. Zelina says Angel has to prove it to Kevin Owens. Angel asks Charly if he can have a special interview when he beats Andrade (sic). Andrade stops by and shakes Angel's hand and wishes him luck against Owens, but if he does not win, Andrade hopes Garza can deal with the disappointment. We go to commercial.

Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza

The bell rings and Owens chops Garza, but Andrade's music plays and it forces Owens and Garza to forget that they are IN A MATCH. Owens remembers and he punches Garza but Garza punches back. Owens with a waist lock. The pants come off and Owens throws them at Garza. Garza escapes a stunner and goes to the floor. Owens with an elbow and he sends Garza into the turnbuckles and Garza falls to the floor. Andrade tells Garza to get back into the ring and then Zelina stops them and she says she is done with this and she walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Garza kicks Owens and puts him in the corner. Garza misses the Bronco Buster when Owens moves and Owens kicks and chops Garza in the corner. Owens sets for a cannonball and Garza moves so Owens stops short. Garza with a round kick and Garza goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Garza works on the knee. Owens with forearms to Garza and he follows with a head butt. Andrade grabs Owens and then Andrade gets on the apron. Garza kicks Owens and then Garza says something to the referee because the referee is busy with Andrade. Owens with a kick and stunner for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Zelina comes to the ring and she tells Andrade and Angel that they are fighting for the same thing and to stop fighting each other.

- We take a look at what happened between Bobby Lashley and Drew Mcintyre at Backlash.


Bobby Lashley and MVP are in the back and MVP tells Lashley he will have everything he promised him. They are interrupted by Kayla Braxton and MVP tells her to leave. Bobby says they are have a strategy meeting for their match against R Truth and Drew McIntyre. They are asked about Lana. MVP says that after 13 years without a title match, Lashley was cheated out of that victory and things didn't work out the way they wanted. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Montel Vontavious Porter and Bobby Lashley make their way to the ring.

MVP says after thirteen years, this once in a lifetime athlete who should be your WWE Champion had his night ruined and Drew McIntyre had the unmitigated gall to capitalize on it. Lana tried to quench her thirst for the spotlight and that is why Bobby Lashley is not the champion. If Drew McIntyre had any integrity, he would have given Bobby a rematch on the spot. MVP says Drew is hiding behind a man's wife who was told not to come to the ring.

Lana comes out and she says it was Bobby's idea to banish her from ringside. Lana says Bobby knows that she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. She does everything for her Bobby. Lana says she has put her career on hold for Bobby. She changed her hair color and got divorced for him.

MVP says Bobby didn't have a chance at the title until he came around.

Lana tells MVP not to talk to him like that because she is a woman. We were on a hot streak before MVP got here.

Bobby asks Lana when was the last time she put on the boots and competed? You couldn't follow one instruction and you cost him the match. You had to broadcast your sex life because you wanted to be famous.

Lana says Bobby is delusional if she thinks she used Bobby to become famous. Maybe she should have slept with someone more famous, like Drew McIntyre.

Bobby tells Lana he wants a divorce. Lashley and MVP leave.

- Tom mentions the Street Profits and Viking Raiders and we see what happened last night.


The Viking Raiders and Street Profits are in the back and they are asked about whether there is an end to their rivalry. Montez Ford says they tried to finish it last night but they had to unite against a common enemy, the Ninjas. Angelo says they are thinking about the Viking Profits Universe.

Akira Tozawa and his ninjas show up and he asks for a sequel. Angelo says they are down to throw down at any time. Tozawa signals for his Super Ninja and Tozawa laughs. Ivar, Montez, and Angelo have to hold back Erik. Montez says he has an idea and we go to commercial.

The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits vs. Akira Tozawa and 3 Ninjas

Back from the break and out come The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar, plus RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits - Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Akira Tozawa is out with some of his ninjas. The Giant Ninja is at ringside.

The bell rings with Erik nailing a big dropkick on Ninja 1. Dawkins tags in with a big tackle. Erik slams Dawkins on top of the ninja as the Giant Ninja looks on from the floor. Ford tags in with a big dropkick. Dawkins and Ivar with some double teaming now. Tozawa orders two ninjas to charge but they get dropped with the Cash Out and then two big splashes from Ford and Ivar off the top for the pin to win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits

After the match, the winners meet in the ring and celebrate as The Profits' music hits. Tozawa enters the ring with his Giant Ninja and stands in front of him, ready for a fight. The two teams get in a huddle and then declare that they want the smoke. The music interrupts and out comes veteran WWE Superstar Big Show. Show is attacked by the ninjas as he enters the ring. Show fights them off with headbutts and chokeslams as The Profits and The Vikings hold the others back. Show drops another ninja with a KO Punch. Tozawa and his Giant Ninja watch from the floor, staying away from the beatdown. Show's music hits as he stands with The Profits and The Vikings, staring at Tozawa and his Giant Ninja as they back up the ramp.


Charly Caruso approaches Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins knows Rey Mysterio's son Dominick is here, against his father's wishes. He's glad Dominick is here, he needs Dominick here. No one has seen him yet, but Rollins can feel that he's here. Rollins is headed to the ring to deliver a message to Dominick and his father. Back to commercial.

- We are back with a look at what happened at the start of Raw when Randy Orton challenged Christian to an unsanctioned match.

- Christian is on the phone and he says he knows all of the risks involved. He says he doesn't know what he is going to do, but he does not know if he can let Randy get away with this.

- Tom, Byron, and Joe give their thoughts on what Christian should do about the challenge.

In the Arena:

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says last week he sat where Byron Saxton is sitting and he invited Rey Mysterio to come to Raw so they could speak and clear the air because Rey is not cleared to wrestle. Here are the facts. Rey Mysterio is a hero. Rey sacrificed himself for the greater good and for the future of Raw. Sadly, Rey Mysterio declined his invitation. He took the coward's way out and did not want to have a conversation with him. Rey's son Dominick came to Raw on behalf of the Mysterio family.

Rey Mysterio appears on the TitanTron and Seth apologizes that he could not be here in person. Rey says he didn't know Dominick was on his way to Raw until it was too late. He could not stop Dominick and he knows what Seth is capable of so he is giving Seth a warning.

Seth says he does not want to hurt Dominick. He wants to help Dominick. You sacrificed yourself for the future of Raw whether you like it or not. Dominick is part of the future and part of the greater good. Seth says he wants to help Dominick and let Rey help him. He wants Dominick to join him and fight for the greater good.

Rey says Seth is crazy. Dominick will never join Seth. Seth says if that is the case, Rey is leaving him with few options. Murphy and Theory are looking for Dominick. If he is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem. If that is the case, he must be sacrificed. Rey says if any of them touch Dominic, he will end them.

Seth says he heard Rey loud and clear. An eye for an eye? That is what Dominick said. Fortuniately for Dominick, you don't make the decisions for him. Dominick is an adult and he can make his own choices. Dominick can stand by his side and fight for the greater good and on the right side of history. Or, he can make the choice that you made. He can become a sacrifice as well.

Seth thanks Rey and... Dominick comes into the ring and he attacks Seth from behind. Dominick sends Seth into the ring steps. Theory and Murphy force Dominick into the ring and Dominick sends Murphy to the floor and he leaps over Theory and Dominick goes into the crowd.


R Truth stops MVP and Bobby Lashley. MVP asks Truth what does he want. Truth says he wants to offer his condominium or Condoleeza. He says he heard Lashley got sent to Craymore Country and that must be far away so he is jet lagged. He says it is a Raw deal that he is getting divorced. Lashley and MVP asks Truth if he can back it up and Truth says he is teaming with the WWE Champion. Bobby and MVP point out that Drew is not here so Truth leaves. Back to commercial.


We are back and Bobby Lashley and MVP are in the back and they are looking for R Truth. Truth is under the ring but he comes out and Drew McIntyre shows up. MVP tells Drew not to get it twisted. You came out of Backlash with the title, but you are not a champion. Lashley is the true contender. Drew asks MVP if he called Truth a clown. Drew says there is a reason he turned down MVP. He is all talk. False promise after false promise. MVP says that if Drew was a man, he would put the title on the line. Drew wants to confirm what MVP says and Truth says Yahtzee and Bingo. He tells Drew to sign them up. Bobby asks Drew if he is having second thoughts. Drew thinks about it and he says they are on.

Truth tells Drew that by the end of the night he could be the new Becky Two Belts.

Liv Morgan and Natalya vs. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Liv and Peyton start things off and Natalya tags herself in and Peyton with a kick. Natalya sends Peyton to the apron and Peyton with a kick. Billie tags in and Peyton with a double stomp to the back and Billie gets a near fall. Billie with a knee and back drop and pose. Billie with an elbow drop for a near fall. Billie has something to say to Liv and she pie faces her. Natalya with a rollup for a near fall. Liv tags in and she clotheslines Billie and knocks Peyton off the apron. Liv with a flying hair take down. Liv with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Peyton sends Natalya to the floor. Liv has Billie rolled up but the referee was out of position and Liv can only get a near fall.

Peyton tags in and they hit A Fall From Grace for the three count.

Winners; Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

After the match, Peyton Royce asks Sasha and Bayley if they saw that. Billie says that is what happens when they face one tag team. Peyton and Billie want them to come out. Peyton challenges them to a tag title match tonight. Billie says they are too cowardly to come out. They somebody who knows somebody who can make the match next week.


Christian is in the back and Big Show shows up and Show says it is no coincidence that Randy is asking for an unsanctioned match. He is not doing it because Christian isn't cleared to wrestle but because of what Orton can do. Christian asks Show if he should say no. Show says that Christian hasn't been in the ring in a while and Orton has been sadistic in the ring. Show says you either accept the match or you tell Orton to his face that this is not the time. Show says he would knock that smile off Orton's face. Christian says he knows what he has to do.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Natalya tells Liv that she is trying to keep her cool but you made rookie mistakes. You lack discipline. Natalya says she knows why Ruby Riott let her go. Liv walks away and Natalya does not know why she walked away.

Natalya says she built this division brick by brick for a bunch of ingrates. Lana shows up and she says she was supposed to be married to the WWE Champion but she was humiliated. She put everything into her Bobby and now she is getting a divorce. Natalya tells Lana she knows how she feels.

- Christian makes his way to the stage.and Charly asks if he has an answer.

Christian says Orton called him jealous of Edge and a coward. Christian says he has nothing to prove to Randy Orton, but he is not going to be disrespected. If Orton wants to give him one more match? Christian takes off his jacket and he says he accepts.


MVP shows up and talks to Apollo Crews. He says that he is proud of Apollo being a fighting champion but he says there is a difference between being a fighting champion and a smart champion. It is about fighting the right person for the right amount of money. MVP says that he beat Andrade and now he will be fighting Shelton Benjamin, a formidable opponent. He tells Apollo he needs to avoid being a former champion and Crews needs some guidance. Crews says if he is not a fighting champion, he is not a champion. He thanks MVP for the offer but says no. MVP tells Crews the only way he keeps the title is with him in his corner. Back to commercial.


We are back and Charlotte Flair and her father Ric Flair is with her. Ric asks what is next for her. Ric asks who is getting under her skin. Charlotte says a lot of people get under her skin and she does what she wants. Charlotte wooos.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin for the United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin says that Apollo should take MVP's advice. You won't be champion long if you don't have MVP in your corner. When I win, you will need MVP to help you get the title back.

Benjamin with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Crews with a drop kick and a splash into the corner. Benjamin with a German suplex when Crews misses a splash into the corner. Benjamin with a running knee to the head for a near fall. Benjamin with a half nelson and chin lock. Benjamin and Crews exchange forearms. Crews with an elbow and he avoids a round kick and Crews with an enzuigiri and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews presses Benjamin over his head but Benjamin escapes and gets a rollup but he puts his foot on the ropes and the referee stops the count. Crews with a rollup and his hand on the ropes for the three count.

Winner: Apollo Crews


R Truth is in the back and Akira Tozawa stops by with a Ninja referee. Truth tells Tozawa if that is the way you want it that is the way you get it. Truth says he will give Tozawa his Jaden Smith. Drew McIntyre shows up and the Ninjas leave. Drew tells Truth that was out of order for Truth to put Drew's title on the line. Drew asks Truth if he understands the situation. They can lose everything. Truth says he understands. He says he knows what to do. We go to commercial.

- We take a look back at the history between Nia Jax and Asuka since Money in the Bank.


Charly Caruso is with Asuka and she asks if Nia is too menacing for Asuka. Asuka answers Charly and she says it is EZPZ. Nia started this fight and Asuka will finish it.


Drew McIntyre is in the back and he see Truth. Truth says he has it taken care of. He talked to the powers that be. He says the only title that will be on the line is the WWE Championship. Truth says it makes sense to him. Drew wants to clarity that only his title is on the line and if Truth is pinned, he loses the title. Truth tells Drew to believe in him. Truth says he knows how painful it is to lose a title. Truth says he has lost his title so many times and it has taken him 2 or 3 days to get it back. He tells Drew to trust him. Back to commercial.


We are back and the Viking Raides and Street Profits discuss how to settle their challenge. Erik suggests a chariot race. Big Show shows up and Montez thanks Show for helping them with Tozawa's ninja. Show appreciates the merchandise. Show says he has enjoyed this rivarly but he knows how to settle it. Ivar suggests carpool karaoke and Show says no. Show says that one team is the current champion and the other is the former champions so have a match next week. Show has an idea for how to say We Want the Smoke.

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. R Truth and Drew McIntyre
If Bobby or MVP win they will be WWE Champion Match

We go back to the ring and out first comes MVP and Bobby Lashley. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is out next, rapping his way to the ring. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next. Drew will lose his title in this match if he or Truth submit or get pinned. We get formal ring introductions from Rome and Drew's title is raised in the air.

Drew tells Truth he'll be the one to start off. Drew stares Lashley down before the lock up and go to the corner. Drew backs off as the referee counts. They shove and Lashley gets in Drew's face. An aggressive brawl breaks out now. Lashley comes out of a corner with a clothesline. Drew rocks him next. Drew with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt and a clothesline to drop Lashley. Lashley is right back to his feet but Drew manhandles hi some in the corner. Drew ends up in the opposite corner, allowing MVP to get a cheap shot in right in front of the referee. Lashley with a shot to the throat. Lashley runs across the ring with a big shoulder thrust to the gut. MVP tags in for a double team on Drew.

Drew with a big Spinebuster on MVP. Drew goes over and knocks Lashley off the apron to the floor. Drew with a neckbreaker to MVP. Drew is ready to put him away but Truth tags himself in and Drew isn't happy. Truth gets sent to the floor. Lashley follows and launches Truth into the barrier as Drew looks on concerned. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lashley tags in and he punches Truth. Lashley sends Truth into the corner and hits a clothesline and elbow. Lashley with a kick and he chokes Truth. Lashley wtih a running shoulder into the corner. Porter tags in and hits a Yakuza kick for a near fall. MVP misses a boot and Truth with a jumping leg lariat. Drew and Lashley tag in and Drew with clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly. Drew goes for the Future Shock but Lashley with an elbow and he tags in MVP. Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly to Lashley. Drew sends Lashley into the plexiglass. Drew goes up top and hits a clothesline. Drew hits the Future Shock but Lashley breaks up the cover. Lashley kicks Truth and sends him to the floor. Lashley charges at Truth but Truth sends Lashley into the ring steps with a drop toe hold.

Drew with a Claymore and he covers MVP but lets Truth finish things off. Truth goes up top and they hit a Rocket Launcher for the three count.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and R Truth


Christian is in the back and Ric Flair stops by and he tells Christian he is not ready for this. Orton is on top of his game. He is mean, he is sadistic and he wants to make a point. You are doing this... Christian tells Ric he respects him. Ric tells Christian not to get hurt. Christian says he will not let Randy get away with what he has said.

In the Arena:

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley, who is also Smackdown Women's Champion, make their way to the ring.

Bayley says she doesn't know this, but last night at Backlash, they successfully defended their tag titles so they are in the mood to celebrate. Bayley says they have a little more to celebrate. Bayley asks everyone if they know what today is and Bayley says it is her birthday. This is going to be a birthday week celebration. On Wednesday, they are going to go to NXT and take care of Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox. Then they will finish it up on Smackdown when they come home. Sasha tells Billie and Peyton not to tell them when they are wrestling. Sasha says she is the boss of the division and Bayley is Bayley Dos Straps.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce make their way to the ring. Billie says no one wants another reading of your resumes. Peyton says they want to hear an answer to their challenges. Yes or no?

Bayley and Sasha remind them that they lost. Do you feel special you won a short match tonight. Bayley says it does not matter what team you put in the ring against them because they will win.

Billie and Peyton remind Bayley and Sasha that they beat them last year at Wrestlemania and they had their own break downs. You couldn't handle the pressure then and you can't handle it now. Peyton slaps Sasha and Bayley says you can't ruin her day like this. Bayley says they accept the match.

- Tom talks about Rey Mysterio being unable to appear tonight because he's not medically cleared. He shows us what happened earlier with Dominick Mysterio attacking Seth Rollins from behind, then avoiding Murphy and Austin Theory. Byron confirms Rey for next week.

RAW Women's Title Match: Nia Jax vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring and out comes Nia Jax for this rematch from the Double Count Out at WWE Backlash. We get pre-recorded comments with Jax saying Asuka had dumb luck at Backlash and it was a joke, just like her. She tells Asuka to keep dancing around because she will be doing a victory dance all on her own when she takes the title tonight. Jax stands tall in the ring as we go back to a break.

Back from the break and out comes RAW Women's Champion Asuka. We get formal ring introductions from Rome in the middle of the ring. The bell rings and Jax levels Asuka with two clotheslines. Jax overpowers and continues to dominate in the early part of the match. Asuka takes Jax down in an armbar out of nowhere in the middle of the ring. Jax rolls to the apron for a breather. Asuka goes for the Hip Attack but Jax moves out of the way.

Jax gets Asuka on her shoulders while on the apron. Asuka struggles and counters, sliding out as the referee counts to 5. Asuka is back in the ring now. Jax comes in from the apron but stalls some, stunned a bit. Asuka unloads with kicks as Jax comes back through the ropes. Jax levels Asuka with a big right hand. Jax kicks Asuka around and taunts her while she's down. Asuka pulls Jax down into an armbar out of nowhere again. Jax gets the bottom rope to break the hold.

Jax rolls to the floor for a breather. Asuka runs the ropes for a baseball slide but she stops short. Jax pulls Asuka out of drops her with a big powerbomb on the floor. The referee immediately runs out and checks on Asuka while she's on the floor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Jax manhandles Asuka on her shoulders in a Torture Rack. She drops her to the mat. Asuka comes back with double knees to the face and another takedown for a 2 count. The crowd rallies for Asuka as she goes to the top. Jax cuts her off with a forearm to the face. Jax climbs up for a super Samoan Drop but Asuka slides out and down. They tangle some more and Asuka kicks her legs out, hanging Jax upside down. Asuka charges and delivers a big boot to the gut while upside down. Jax still kicks out at 2.

Asuka shows some frustration now but the crowd cheers her on. Asuka delivers big kicks while Jax is on her knees. Jax blocks the roundhouse kick and headbutts Asuka to the mat. Jax nails the big Samoan Drop but Asuka's foot is under the bottom rope. Jax screams at the referee and gets in his face. Jax shoves the referee to the mat. He gets up and goes on about how she crossed the line, walking over to call the match but Asuka takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Jax up for the pin to retain.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Asuka heads to the floor clutching her title as the music hits. Jax immediately gets up and she's not happy with the finish. We go to replays. Jax stares down at Asuka from the ring, fuming at what happened.


Charly approaches Randy Orton backstage and he interrupts her question on tonight's Unsanctioned main event. Orton asks Charly if she thinks Christian is a legend. Absolutely. Orton says for what it's worth, he thinks Christian is a legend too. Now do you know what Unsanctioned means? Orton says it means no rules, no regulations. Unsanctioned means that in a few short minutes the legend of Christian will be destroyed. The legend of Christian will be destroyed by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment - RKO. We go back to commercial.

- We are back and next week we will have a Women's Tag Title Match. We will also have the Street Profits versus Viking Raiders for the Tag Titles.

Christian vs. Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match

Ric Flair makes his way to the ring before the official ring introduction for this unofficial match. Ric tells Christian no. He says he just talked to Edge and this isn't cool. He tells Christian to let it go and for Randy to give him some slack. Christian says he has to do it and the bell rings.

Flair with a low blow! Orton with a running kick to the head. Orton turns Christian over and covers him for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy says he is so sorry. Randy tells Christian this is his fault. He says he didn't want to do this. He asks why is Christian even here.

Randy tells the medical staff to take care of Christian. Randy says he didn't want to do this because they go back. He finished the last chapter of Edge's story and now he had to write the last chapter of your book. It is your fault because you interrupted him earlier tonight. Randy says this is his livelihood and he can't let you interrupt or destroy his livelihood. If it is you or me, it is going to be you.

We go to credits.