Wednesday, June 17, 2020

WWE Has Four Phase Plan To Start Touring Again

WWE Has Four Phase Plan To Start Touring Again
As noted earlier, the tapings today were delayed as the company was still awaiting some COVID-19 test results.

The decision was made to cancel today's SmackDown tapings that were set to air next week, and tape the show on the afternoon of June 26th.

Fans were used at today's tapings, as well as friends and family of some of the talent. They were actually tested for COVID-19 as well on Tuesday with WWE talent and staff. Anyone that decided not to get tested was not allowed into the tapings. Another waiver was signed as well, and I was told that they weren't wearing masks during the shows.

A few of the fans tested yesterday did not come back for today's taping, although a majority did return including five trainees from The Wild Samoan Training Center in Minneola, FL.

A source noted that having limited fans is just the "beginning" phase of having full crowds again.

Phase two will “ween out NXT recruits” and eventually just leave those friends and family. Select fans will eventually fill the PC, but they are keeping NXT Superstars around in case they need to “fill out” the audience.

Phase three will have a 100% live fan audience. They are shooting at 50% capacity right now. The hope is that this will show fans watching content at home that “things are returning to normal.”

It is reported that WWE’s goal is to convince fans that it’s okay to attend live evens again. If they see a 50% capacity WWE PC full of friends and family then they’ll want to join in.

Phase four is the final phase of WWE’s master plan to make a return to a new normal. They want to begin touring again for at least television and pay-per-view events by the fall.