WWE 205 Live Results – June 12, 2020

WWE 205 Live Results - June 12, 2020

Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to another edition of 205 Live.

They hype the evening’s card and discuss the rise of the new NXT cruiserweight champion, El Hijo del Fantasma. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel) makes their way to the ring for our opening tag team contest. They face two enhancement talents, Adrian Atlantis and Leon Gruff.

Ever-Rise versus Adrian Atlantis & Leon Gruff

Parker begins with Atlantis but isn’t able to gain proper footing and is brought to the mat. Quick-tag to Martel who walks right into an arm-drag by Atlantis. Tag to Gruff. Gruff gets thrown right into the knee of Parker on the apron. Martel takes advantage and works Gruff over. Tandem offense from Ever-Rise. Parker wears Gruff down with a full-nelson…he goes for a back suplex…Gruff lands on his feet and tags in Atlantis, who unloads on Martel with a flurry of strikes. Parker regains control…elevated codebreaker by Ever-Rise…that’ll do it.

Ever-Rise win by pinfall

Footage from 205 from two weeks ago is played when Tehuti Miles defeated Danny Burch by grabbing the tights during a roll-up for the huge upset win. The following week Miles tried the same thing with Oney Lorcan, but a distraction from Burch on the outside gave Lorcan the upperhand and the victory. Cut to last week’s main event, when Swerve Scott beat Jack Gallagher…he would later be attacked by Tony Nese. This sets up tonight’s six-man tag.

Commercial for WWE Backlash this Sunday. The Edge versus Randy Orton is featured in the advertisement. Preview of the next chapter of Undertaker: The Last Ride.

Back from break and Saxton and Graves are reflecting on Drake Maverick’s incredible story from being released to re-signing with the company. Clips of Wednesday’s NXT, when the champion Fantasma joined up with Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza to beat Maverick down.

Main event time. Jack Gallagher is out first, followed by Tehuti Miles and Tony Nese. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are out next along with their partner, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Here we go.

Jack Gallagher/Tehuti Miles/Tony Nese versus Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch/Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Burch and Miles begin. Miles avoids a lockup but Burch rocks him with an elbow. Nese tags in. He runs right into Burch who brings Nese down and stomps the wrist. Triple-team from the babyfaces…Swerve chops Nese hard, then goes after the wrist that Burch softened up. Swerve brings Nese to his team’s corner…Lorcan and Burch with the double-team atomic drop. Swerve back in to apply a headlock. Lorcan in right after to wear Nese down with a headscissor. Nese manages to escape…he brings in Gallagher who headbutts Lorcan in the gut. Nese drops Lorcan neck first over the ropes giving the heels the advantage. Lorcan fires off a chop at Gallagher, but Gallagher brings him down with a flurry. Gallagher and Nese refuse to tag in Miles for some reason…after a suplex/dropkick combo Miles tags himself in. He pays for it as Lorcan hits an uppercut out of nowhere. Miles nearly wins the match after a stiff lariat onto Lorcan. Flapjack from Miles.

Miles gets into another argument with his partners. This gives Lorcan a change to bring in Swerve. Swerve comes in hot dropping Miles with a kick. Impressive release German suplex by Swerve, who then dumps a charging Nese to the outside. Burch hits Nese with a huge right…Back in the ring…Swerve connects with a step-through flatliner for a nearfall…Gallagher just breaks it up. Burch comes in and nails a chop and enziguri combo on Miles. Nese distracts Burch allowing Miles to club him from behind. Nese comes in and hits a spin-kick to Burch’s face. Miles comes back in…Gallagher gets frustrated and leaves. Nese follows leaving Miles by himself. Burch uses the distraction to destroy Miles with a headbutt. Swerve lands the confidence boost for the win.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch/Isaiah “Swerve” Scott win by pinfall

Lorcan, Burch, and Swerve celebrate as Miles lays unconscious.


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