Impact Wrestling Results – June 16, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - June 16, 2020

We look back at Deonna Purrazzo’s attack on Jordynne Grace last week, which left the Knockouts Champion laying.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North vs. The Rascalz

They showed the Rascalz all together before they head to the ring with the idea being that Trey no longer believes Wentz may have been the one who attacked him a few weeks ago.

Referee Brandon Tolle apparently lost a hair vs. hair match as he’s now completely bald.

Early on The Rascalz worked over Josh Alexander, scoring a two count. Dez worked him over with strikes and backed him into the challengers’ corner. The Rascalz tagged in and out, nailing some nice double-team maneuvers. Ethan Page kicked Wentz to break up a pinfall attempt.

Alexander cut off Wentz and tagged Page in. They choked him against the ropes. Page really shines playing to the camera, just a great jerk. Alexander peppered Wentz with forearms and worked him over on the mat with some nice crossfaces. Alexander nailed a kneedrop for a two count. Dez tried to fire Wentz up and he drilled several chops and strikes but Alexander took his knee out. He sent Wentz into the ropes but Wentz leapt with a knee strike as he rebounded. Dez tagged in and nailed some nice strikes for a two count after a leg lariat. Dez hit a great looking running elbow and then an enziguiri into the corner. Alexander catches him and smashed Dez down to the mat, then tagged out.

Page began stomping and elbowing Dez, scoring a two count. He controlled Dez for some time, trash talking and beating the rascal down. Alexander and Page kept beating down Dez. Page even knocked Wentz off the apron.

Page began focusing on Dez’s back, twisting him backwards over Page’s knee. Dez fought his way out and tried to go for a tag but was snatched and dropped into a DDT. The North dragged Dez back to their corner, cutting the ring off from him and continued the beating.

When Impact returned from commercial, Dez FINALLY made the hot tag and the Wentz cleaned house, including a springboard moonsault onto Alexander, who caught him. Dez flew into the ring for the assist. Wentz nailed a standing moonsault for a two count on Page. Wentz dove to the floor on Alexander as Wentz nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count on Page. Some nice action.

Dez tried to come off the top but Page caught him with some strikes and a superkick to the back of the head. Dez escaped and nailed a roaring elbow. Wentz nailed a superkick on everyone. Dez nailed a Canadian Destroyer on Alexander for a two count. Page charged Dez but was sent to the floor. Dez went for a dive but was caught and sent into the apron and over the barricade. Wentz dove on Page and went to the top. Alexander crotched him.

The North double-teamed Wentz and scored the pin.

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The North!

Entertaining, competitive tag team bout.

The North returned backstage. Page said that was what they needed to do, come to this dump of a country and put on a show. No one was backstage. They were flabbergasted that no one cared to watch them or tried to figure out a way to be better than them, so they are always going to be the champions.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne discuss the lineup for tonight and learn something has happened.

We go backstage, where once again Trey of the Rascalz has been attacked backstage. The Rascalz are beside themselves and blame Reno Scum. They go hunting for them.

After a commercial, Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Ace Austin. He denied knowing anything about Trey being assaulted again. He asked why others were being questioned. Eddie Edwards burst in and claimed he knew Austin did it and he would see him tonight.

Kimber Lee vs. Neveah with Havok

They went right at each other with forearms in the center of the ring. Lee was nailed and did a split on the mat, leaving her open for a dropkick.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan came out to scout their opponents, munching on some snacks.

Lee locked Neveah in a submission on her knee, trying to work it over. Madison Rayne noted Neveah had a knee surgery in the past to reconstruct it, so Lee had her well scouted. Lee worked over Neveah in the corner and chopped away at her against the ropes. Lee went for a suplex and nailed it, scoring a two count.

Neveah came back with a big clothesline. Lee missed with one of her own and was drilled with a big German suplex. Lee kicked up at two. They battled back and forth with the cameras going back and forth between the action and Steelz and Hogan at ringside. Neveah finally scored the pin with a DDT.

Your winner, Neveah!

Steelz and Hogan threw popcorn at Havok after. She wanted to go after them, so they ran off. Neveah held her back.

Match was fine for the length and for it being the backdrop to further the storyline as they are setting up for the future,

Backstage, The North came across a group watching something on an iPad. They asked if the group was watching The North. No, they were watching Ken Shamrock’s Greatest Hits on Impact+. Page wanted to see and destroyed the iPad. He told them to watch on their phones next time. That was pretty funny.

They plugged the Street Fight and the TNA title bout later on. We will also get a look at Deonna Purrazzo.

They aired a video feature “paid for by Cancel Culture.” They noted Crazzy Steve would be canceled for good next week. They had a reaction from Crazzy Steve, who said he was tired of hearing the word “No.” He was tired of Cancel Culture trying to critique and put him in a box. He needs to paint outside the line and there’s an entire wrestling locker room that wants to do that. He promises to make a macabre masterpiece next week. The tease was that Steve had backup for next week.

Rhino vs. Rohit Raju.

Raju attacked Rhino as he came to the ring. Rhino was beaten down and tossed into the ring. Raju covered him but the bell never rang. Rhino was allowed to get to his feet and then they rang the bell.

Rhino worked him over. Rhino went to the ropes but was knocked over to the floor. Raju slammed his face into the apron several times. Rhino fired back and went to slam Raju on the floor but he slipped backwards and shoved the former NWA Champion into the ring post. Rhino was tossed back into the ring and covered for a two count.

Raju continued to batter Rhino, choking him against the ropes and drilling his back. Rhino nailed several chops and drove a forearm across the chest for a two count.

Rhino cut him over with a kick and a suplex but was too spent to immediately capitalize. He nailed a series of clotheslines but missed a charge in the corner. Raju nailed a leaping knee and then a cannonball to the corner. Raju missed a move off the top and was GORED! for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

Solid back and forth action. Raju is damn good and Rhino looked good too.

Raju threw a fit in the ring yet again.

This week’s Impact+ Classic match is EC3 vs. Kurt Angle.

Michael Elgin was speaking to someone on the phone. Jimmy Jacobs approached him and said he was a prime suspect. Elgin said that he doesn’t jump people from behind. He shows the world what he does. He’s not a suspect.

Backstage, Susie told Kylie Rae that she likes being good but when she is, people step all over her. She says that perhaps she should be bad. Rae tried to convince her otherwise. Taya showed up and said that’s how losers talk. She told them they were both desperate and need a makeover. She went to leave. Susie was going to do something but Rae convinced her not to.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Hernandez

Moose forced David Penzer to do the championship introduction.

They went back and forth early, lobbing big bombs at each other. Moose was clotheslined over the top to the floor. Moose stopped him on the floor and went to whip Hernandez into the ring post, only to have it reversed and was sent into the post himself. Moose was brought back into the ring but grabbed Hernandez by the trunks and sent him into the corner.

Moose began stomping away at Hernandez and nailed a running forearm in the corner. Hernandez was sent into the corner but kicked Moose away as he charged. Hernandez was cut off and Moose raked him across the eyes.

Moose stomped him in the face, measured and drilled him again with a kick to the face. Moose began trash talking to the camera and went back to ripping at Hernandez’s face. He continued to work over Hernandez but was caught with a big Uranage. Hernandez fired up and nailed a big Stinger splash in the corner, then a big splash on the mat. Hernandez went for the Border Toss but instead dropped him with an over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count.

Moose came back with a spear and covered Hernandez for the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

When Moose scored the pin, they played EC3’s theme song before stopping and playing Moose. That was a tease EC3 could be returning.

Reno Scum were confronted by The Rascalz. They said they didn’t attack Trey because Ace Austin has owed them money for months. They suggested they check with TJP and Fallah Bah as they heard that team was pissed off they lose their title shot to the Rascalz. The Rascalz said they will keep looking.

The Deaners talked about how much they missed each other. They were hanging out with Willie Mack who wasn’t sure how to take them in. They challenged Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey to find a third opponent. Mack said Swinger was the only person who could make Simon Diamond look good. He said Bey looked like a skinny Flavor Flav. The Deaners gave him a beer so Mack started imitating Steve Austin….or maybe Stone Cold ET. I’m not sure.

Reno Scum vs. XXXL

Larry D and Acey Romero worked over Thornestone early. Luster cut off D with a big knee and battered him in the corner. They all battled back and forth. XXXL double-teamed Adam. Acey was going to finish him off but Luster knocked him out of the ring. D nailed a big clothesline but missed a charge in the corner.

Reno Scum double-teamed D and scored the pin.

Your winners, Reno Scum!

Short but solid.

Backstage, Swinger and Bey discussed the challenge for next week. Bey said he didn’t come to Impact to be trapped in this as he wanted the X-Division title. Swinger said he’ll take care of that and placed a call, offering someone a spot for next week. The person said he had a 90 day non compete. Swinger said that was a work and was going to call someone else. He said he’s got an old outlaw for next week instead. If it’s Black Bart, I will crack up.

They aired a video feature on Deonna Purrazzo. At first, it ignored her character and was about the person who is the performer. That was fine but felt out of sync with the person who jumped Jordynne Grace last week. Then it shifted into what she did to Jordynne. It was short but very good.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace was interviewed. She said if Purrazzo wants competition, she came to the ring place. She asked what was the point in attacking her. As the champ, she isn’t difficult to find. She didn’t have to jump her….and as she said that Purrazzo attacked her. She left Grace on the floor grabbing at her right arm. Josh and Madison reacted to this with Rayne noting that Purrazzo was making the most of her opportunity.

Street Fight: Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin

Edwards worked over Austin, chopping him and beating him all over the floor. Austin tried to crawl away and grabbed a chair but Edwards ran to the back and returned with a trash can full of weapons. He avoided a flip off the apron and smashed Austin with the can. Edwards tossed a bunch of weapons into the ring. Austin was backdropped over the guard rail and then crotched on it. Edwards went to grab him but Austin had grabbed a stick and nailed him in the head as they went to commercial…

When Impact returned, Austin worked Edwards over in the ring, kicking a trash can into him. He placed the can over Edwards’ head and kicked it over and over. Austin mauled Edwards and scored him for a two count. He dug an elbow into his eye and kicked and drove his arm into Eddie’s face.

Edwards was nailed across the head with a street sign but absorbed it and fired back. Austin went for a suplex and nailed it. Edwards fired back and drilled him with a baking sheet. Austin reversed a whip but Edwards avoided a charge. Austin went through the ropes to the floor. Edwards attempted a dive but was nailed with a trash can lid.

Austin worked over Edwards on the floor, sticking his cane into Edwards’ eye. Josh Mathews noted it was the same eye that Sami Callihan nailed with a baseball bat. Austin brought a piece of guard rail into the barricade, leaning it against the apron. He tried to send Edwards into it but was caught with a belly to belly suplex into the guard rail. That looked evil.

Edwards brought Austin back into the ring and nailed a suplex for a two count. Edwards nailed him again with a cookie sheet and then grabbed a steel chair. Edwards charged with it but Austin got out of the way. The chair snapped off the corner and smashed Edwards in the face. Austin came off the ropes and kicked the chair into Edwards’ face but hurt his ankle in the process. He noted that he hates Street Fights.

Edwards was drilled with another sign. Austin pulled a table into the ring. Austin placed Edwards on the table. They battled to the top. Austin sliced a playing card across Edwards’ eye. He knocked him into the ring and scored a two count. Edwards nailed him with a cookie sheet and hit a Tiger Driver for a two count. Edwards sold that he had issues with his vision. Austin missed a shot with the Singapore Cane but Edwards nailed it.

Edwards flipped over the table and nailed a neckbreaker across the leg of the table. That was pretty nuts.

Edwards called for Austin to get up but Madman Fulton showed up and chokeslammed Edwards. He grabbed him again and repeated the feat. He held Edwards by the throat for Austin to nail the Fold and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ace Austin!

A solid Street Fight with Austin getting some new muscle. The announcers wondered if this meant Fulton attacked Trey.

A new Slammiversary commercial ran, claiming a former World Champion will appear at the PPV.

We go to credits.


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