Sunday, June 21, 2020

Chris Jericho on Wrestling The Undertaker, Le Champion Name, More (Video)

Chris Jericho on Wrestling The Undertaker, Le Champion Name, More (Video)
As seen below, Chris Jericho answered some questions during his weekly "Saturday Night Special".

On question was about if he would ever come back to WWE for at least one night for SummerSlam. He revealed that he would never do a one time show with WWE or any company.

"A. I can't, I'm still under contract for the next little while," Jericho said. "B. I don't think I would be into doing a one-out, a one-off for anybody, especially WWE. I hope to be with AEW for a long, long, long time. So I hope that answers your question."

The former AEW Champion gave a simple answer on where he came up with the 'Le Champion' nickname. He thought it sounded pretentious and pompous. Chris also thanked fans for finding his sense of humor funny.

"I think I was just trying to think of something obnoxious," he revealed. "I just thought 'Le Champion' sounds so pretentious, pompous. I did it because it's pompous, ridiculous, and I thought it was funny. That's why I do most of the stuff. Thankfully, you guys feel the same."

Jericho was also asked if he was scared of wrestling The Undertaker. While he said he wasn't exactly scared, he was intimidated. He also mentioned how during his WWE career, he only worked with Taker a few times.

"I wasn't scared," Jericho said. "I only worked with Undertaker a few times in my career in WWE and they were towards the end of my career. You stand in the ring - You heard on TV, you watched on TV, you hear the bong, Taco Bell bong. Oh my gosh, here he comes. This guy is super in character. He is The Undertaker. It's intimidating. He doesn't play around. Doesn't smile in the ring. He never turns his head. He goes in the front, goes to the side, he goes in. Super intimidating. Super great. Just a blast."