Monday, June 15, 2020

Bobby Lashley Asks Lana For a Divorce

Bobby Lashley Asks Lana For a Divorce
Apparently, the relationship between Lana and Bobby Lashley didn't last long, as Bobby Lashley just asked for divorce on tonight's RAW episode.

During the segment, MVP says after thirteen years, this once in a lifetime athlete who should be your WWE Champion had his night ruined and Drew McIntyre had the unmitigated gall to capitalize on it. Lana tried to quench her thirst for the spotlight and that is why Bobby Lashley is not the champion. If Drew McIntyre had any integrity, he would have given Bobby a rematch on the spot. MVP says Drew is hiding behind a man's wife who was told not to come to the ring.

Lana comes out and she says it was Bobby's idea to banish her from ringside. Lana says Bobby knows that she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. She does everything for her Bobby. Lana says she has put her career on hold for Bobby. She changed her hair color and got divorced for him.

MVP says Bobby didn't have a chance at the title until he came around.

Lana tells MVP not to talk to him like that because she is a woman. We were on a hot streak before MVP got here.

Bobby asks Lana when was the last time she put on the boots and competed? You couldn't follow one instruction and you cost him the match. You had to broadcast your sex life because you wanted to be famous.

Lana says Bobby is delusional if she thinks she used Bobby to become famous. Maybe she should have slept with someone more famous, like Drew McIntyre...

Bobby interrupts her and tells Lana he wants a divorce and leaves the ring.