The Undertaker On What He Thought Of WCW Wrestlers Coming To WWE

The Undertaker On What He Thought Of WCW Wrestlers Coming To WWE

The Reality of Wrestling promotion, owned by Booker T, has released videos from “The Roast of Booker T” that was held on November 10, 2016 at the Houston Improv in Houston, Texas.

The event was hosted by Sportsradio 610 and featured Bruce Prichard as the Roast Master (host). Several stars roasted Booker on stage that night and others sent video messages in.

As seen in the video above, The Undertaker roasted his good friend Booker via video message. Taker’s video opened up with a shot of a Rockstar energy drink as he began speaking. Taker went on to briefly talk about “The Red Bull Incident” but didn’t elaborate. Taker also brought up what he called the greatest line in the history of sports entertainment, which was a non-PG line Booker made off-camera.

“B-Teezy, this these days is what I drink,” Taker said, pointing to the Rockstar can. “Yeah, a lot of people like Monster energy drinks. I really used to like Red Bull until the day. Never in my life have I seen somebody lose their absolute freakin’ mind over a can of Red Bull. But you my friend, took it to a whole ‘nother level. Book, my goodness, man, if anyone needs to be roasted it’s yo ass.

“Now what do I talk about? My goodness, my goodness, my goodness. Yeah I could talk all about the Red Bull incident, but let’s see… I could talk about the greatest line in the history of sports entertainment… no, no, no, no, no… it’s not the ‘Five Time, Five Time, Five Time Champ.’ No, no, no, no, no… that’s too easy. It’s gotta be, ‘His asshole is redder than a mu’f–ker.’ Now you explain that to everybody there. I think they’d like to hear that story, I just don’t have enough time or could I do it justice, but I can’t help but laugh silly-like when I think about it.”

Taker went on and praised Booker for his Hall of Fame career, and discussed how Booker wasn’t like the other wrestlers that came over from WCW when WWE bought the company in 2001.

“Book, I tell you what, man. You have accomplished so much,” Taker said. “What a career you’ve had and continue to have. I mean, you really should be proud. Man, I remember you… I remember you when you first come in, and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but a lot of the people that came in… a lot of the people that came in… [phone rings] That’s a very important call I just let go because I had to talk about this. You know, guys that came in from WCW, a lot of them just didn’t… I don’t know… have it.

“I tried to take you under my wing because well, you know, I love seeing talent and I love to see a different kind of energy, and you brought all that stuff. So, I tried to help guide you through, you know, get all that WCW ‘BS’ out of the way, and try and help you get over the WWE way, to be a true sports entertainer. Really, I just marveled in watching you come into your own and becoming such a huge star, and man, we even had the time where we were working tag matches and it was so cool. You know, boom – we’d go out there and do our thing. Boom – 1, 2, 3, we’d win, get our hand raised and then we’d get on the mic, and you would do your spiel. Man, it ended up with you always getting to do the Spinarooni. You know, there have been a lot of guys that have been around for as long as I have that might not have wanted to give somebody new to the company that kind of time, but I said, ‘That’s entertaining.’ I said, ‘He needs that, it’s going to help him become a bigger star, and it did.’ But what did you do? What do you do to the guy that stuck his hand out to you, and said, ‘Grab hold, and I’ll bring you alone.’ You turned on me.”

Taker then joked about how Booker and other Superstars did the Spinarooni, and tried talking him into doing the move, after an August 2002 RAW episode, which was included on the “Best of RAW After The Show” DVD from a while back. Taker remembered the segment happening in Tacoma, Washington, but it actually happened in Seattle, WA.

“You turned on me in Tacoma, Washington, and I’ll never forget it,” Taker joked. “We’d been doing the same thing we’d done for weeks and weeks, and then you turned on me, Book. You got the mic and you told all those people, ‘Y’all have all seen me do the Spinarooni, I think y’all would like to see a Takerooni.’ A Takerooni? Seriously? Ya stabbed me [Taker does stabbing motions] right in the back and it turned into the biggest hit since [President] Kennedy. Oh yeah, everybody was in on it, and you thought it was funny. You were sitting in the corner, laughing while the fans were all screaming, ‘Takerooni! Takerooni!’ You ought to be ashamed of yourself, man. Now you’re sitting there, everybody throwing this big roast for you, and the guy that helped you, you just [more stabbing motions] stabbed him in the back. I’ll tell you what. That was pretty damn funny. When I look back, that’s one of the things that I always think of when I think of you, Book. But yeah, you stabbing me in the back, but how funny that night was, and how you swerved me and it was… yeah, it was really nice.”

Taker ended his message for his fellow Texan by joking around some more and commenting on how proud he is to call Booker a friend.

“But listen man, hey… you know I’ve always loved you, Book. I’ve always thought you were an incredible talent,” Taker said. “The Red Bull thing kinda scared me a bit, I’m still a little scarred there, but anyway, I hope you have a great night tonight, Book. Anybody that’s there live, watch him, because he’ll turn on you like a pit viper. Fortunately for him that night I got my way out, there may not be no way out there guys. So watch him, mmhmm. I could forgive, but I never forget. Booker T, my man. I’m proud to call you a friend and I hope you enjoy this night, and I hope the rest of those guys there wear your ass out, and I can’t wait to hear about it. Alright big man, I’m out. Time to head back to Death Valley. It’s nice there this time of year. Peace, have a great night. Book, I love ya brother. You’re one of a kind. Peace.”

Below are clips of several wrestlers and WWE Hall of Famers roasting Booker, plus video of Booker and Sharmell roasting everyone else. The roast roster features Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam, MVP, Stevie Ray, Diamond Dallas Page, Bubba Ray Dudley, and comedian Bruce Bruce.


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