Monday, May 25, 2020

Seth Rollins Talks Helping Austin Theory And Murphy, Possible Edge Feud

Seth Rollins Talks Helping Austin Theory And Murphy, Possible Edge Feud
Seth Rollins spoke with Sports Illustrated and was asked about a possible feud with Edge, who is set to face Randy Orton at WWE Backlash.

Rollins said he believes Edge will come calling at some point, and he will be there to answer that call.

"I can only assume that our paths will cross," Rollins said when asked if there are plans for the two to work together. "I don't know what Edge's contract looks like, and I don't know where his story with Randy Orton is going next, but I enjoyed their match at WrestleMania and I look forward to their match at Backlash. If I were to guess, putting myself in Edge's shoes, I would think he has some unfinished business with Seth Rollins. I can only assume, at some point in time, he's going to come calling–and I would be happy to answer that call.

"Edge is someone I've admired for a long time, and he's someone I've been compared to a lot of times in my career. It's something I never thought was possible, but I think it would be a cool callback to the story you mentioned from all those years ago. Now that it's on the table, I don't see why we wouldn't address it."

Rollins is currently leading a stable with Austin Theory and Murphy. He was asked what he's enjoyed the most about becoming "The Monday Night Messiah" and if there is room for continued growth with the character. He commented on having Murphy and Theory under his tutelage now, and helping them move their careers forward.

"I think there is a lot of room for growth," Rollins said. "The thing that I've enjoyed the most is being on the other end of the leadership totem pole. In The Authority, I was essentially learning from Triple H, Kane, Randy Orton, and Stephanie, and to an extent, J&J, who both had more experience than I did.

"Now, in my current role, I've got Murphy and Austin Theory under my tutelage. So to be able to take the knowledge I've learned over the past eight years and help them move their careers forward, that's very exciting. It's a different role than I've ever taken on, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them blossom and becoming even bigger superstars."

Regarding Theory, Rollins said everything about the newcomer impressed him. He indicated we will see their partnership further on tonight's RAW.

"A little backstory to Austin Theory—he was a guy recently signed to NXT and kind of just fell into my lap," Rollins said of Theory when asked what makes him so special. "When WrestleMania was moved to Orlando and we had to make roster changes, Austin kind of slipped in there, and he made his WrestleMania debut at 22 years old.

"I had heard his name, but I'd never actually seen him perform. I watched him for the first time leading into WrestleMania, and I was so impressed by his poise, his work ethic, his style, and his presence. Then I found out how old he is, and I was even more in shock. I felt so disappointed in myself for thinking about how terrible I was at his age (laughs). I've kept an eye on him since, and I put the feelers out there that, if he was available, I'd certainly take him. One thing led to another, now here we are. We're just getting started. Tonight is really going to be the first time we'll see him side-by-side with me, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish."