Monday, May 11, 2020

Possible Spoiler on Otis Cashing His MITB Briefcase

Possible Spoiler on Otis Cashing His MITB Briefcase
The following article may contain spoilers...

As noted, Otis is the winner of the Men’s WWE Money In The Bank briefcase but don’t bank on him cashing in on Universal Champion Braun Strowman or WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

During an interview with Digital Spy earlier this week, Otis said that he would be cashing in on the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

“If I get the briefcase, we’re challenging for the Tag Team titles,” Otis said.

He added, “I don’t think there’s a rule of what titles to challenge for, so we’re going to challenge for the Tag Team titles, cash it in and that’s what’s going to happen… if I can get up that ladder.”

The Money In The Bank ladder matches were taped several weeks ago, which means Otis already knew he had won when he made that statement.

Unless plans change, it looks like we’ll see Heavy Machinery vs. The New Day for the titles in the near future.