Sunday, May 24, 2020

More on The AJ Styles’ Trade to Smackdown

More on The AJ Styles’ Trade to Smackdown
As noted earlier this week, AJ Styles has been drafted back to Smackdown in exchange for future considerations for a RAW draft pick.

The announcement was made by Michael Cole and it is something that was decided on after the SmackDown tapings. Cole was asked to do a voiceover from his house to be inserted into the broadcast. There was a second voiceover done that was inserted later into the show.

Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to advance in the Intercontinental Championship tournament and WWE has been pushing that the IC title is the only belt he has never won while with WWE so that may be the reason for the trade.

Another thing to consider is that WWE announced that the “Brand to Brand Invitational” only allows Superstars to appear on the opposite brand four times per year but AJ Styles will burn through that number just by appearing in the tournament matches.

Also, as noted on Friday night, it looks like there are bigger plans for Styles because he cut a promo that seems to hint towards a big match with The Undertaker.