King Corbin Reflects On Failed MITB Cash-In

King Corbin Reflects On Failed MITB Cash-In

Just hours before WWE Money In The Bank, King Corbin appeared on WWE’s The Bump and gave his thoughts on the unusual set-up for tonight’s Money in the Bank matches.

Corni also reflected on his failed cash-in on Jinder Mahal. Here are some highlights.

On preparing for this year’s Money in the Bank match:

Corbin: “I don’t think there’s any way to properly prepare for this because I’ve never, you know, raced from the bottom floor of a corporate building to the roof where, you know, a Money in the Bank contract will be hanging. I don’t think there’s, unless you’re gonna like, sit at home and throw desks, or, you know, try to ride elevators, fighting people at the same time, there’s no way to prepare for this. It’s unique, it’s just gonna be crazy, and I think there’s gonna be a lot of things that happen that are unexpected. I think there’s a lot of unknown. I’ve never been to [WWE] Headquarters. I don’t know the layout of the building, I don’t know how to get through different stairwells or what elevator to take. Is there a shortcut, is there a back stairwell, is there a utility elevator I could find? I’ve heard there’s a weight room, I’ve heard there’s like a catering area, there’s an office building with giant desks. Will there be people there? Are people getting the day off? Is Vince there? Is Hunter there? Is Stephanie there? There’s just so much unknown. What’s the roof look line? I have no idea.

On whether he has regrets about his last money in the bank cash in

Corbin: “I was younger, and I was eager, and, you know, when I won that thing, you’re carrying it through airports, and people are look at you going, ‘What is Money in the Bank?’ and they’re asking you….I mean, I still hear the chants, ‘Where’s your briefcase,’ you know, from time to time. But I think I was young, and I was eager, and I think my confidence got the best of me on that one, with Cena being out there. I should have just kept my eyes on the prize, and instead, I turned around and punched him in his big,stupid head and it cost me. You know, Jinder took advantage of that opportunity and saved his championship, but I think, this time, it’ll be different. You know, I think there’ll be a lot more strategy involved in how I go about cashing in when I win that briefcase.

On not being able to cash in on the same night:

Corbin: I think that one of the crazy things about this, you know, match tonight is there’s not gonna be an opportunity to cash in in the same night. You know, we have a lot of times when someone wins the briefcase, there’s a same night cash-in and you know that’s off the table tonight. So you are gonna step back and kinda put together a strategy.

On whether he’ll push anyone off the roof at Money In The Bank:

Corbin: “Listen, it could be through a second-story window, a third-story window, it could be off the roof. I like to sometimes see how far people can fly, and imagine the distance you could get on someone like Rey Mysterio off the top of a building. It’s gotta be a record for distance.”


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