Impact Wrestling Results – May 19, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - May 19, 2020

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling episode opens with a look back at last week’s developments, including Michael Elgin attacking Ken Shamrock.

Austin is replacing the “injured” Ken Shamrock.

Impact Wrestling Championship Contenders’ Tournament: Ace Austin vs. Rhino.

They locked up with Rhino having the early advantage, working over Austin’s arm until the former X-Division Champion made it to the ropes and went to the floor. Austin took his time returning, trying to halt Rhino’s momentum. Austin controlled Rhino’s arm but it was quickly reversed. Rhino grabbed a side headlock and continued controlling Austin. They battled back and forth until Austin once again powdered to the floor.

Rhino continued to control and went for a Gore but Austin dove to the floor to escape it. Rhino followed and drilled him with several chops and a suplex on the floor. Rhino grabbed a steel chair but the referee prevented him from using it. Austin cut off Rhino and smashed him into the ring apron, then nailed a series of kicks in a nice, athletic sequence.

Austin charged Rhino and was backdropped over the guard rail but landed on his feet. He kicked Rhino in the head and sent him face-first into the ring post. Rhino was almost counted out but returned to the ring at the last second. Austin was very good at playing to the camera during all this. Austin began stomping and working over Rhino when he returned to the ring. Rhino fired back with a comeback but was caught with a pair of knees as he charged into the corner. Austin hit a Disaster Kick off the ropes for a two count.

Austin cinched in a rear chinlock. Rhino fired back and cleaned house. He shoulder tackled Austin to the mat and sent him into the corner for a mini-Gore. Austin was sent into the ropes but came back with a spinkick for a two count. Austin goes to the top but Rhino cut him off and went for a superplex. The former NWA and ECW Champion connects and covers Austin for a two count. They continued to go back and forth. Rhino grabbed a chair. The referee took it away from him, allowing Austin to nail Rhino with his trademark cane. Austin nailed the Fold and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ace Austin!

Ace Austin vs. Hernandez in the next round.

A solid bout.

Earlier today, Josh Mathews asked Moose why he was still walking around with a prop, the TNA title. He asked how long this was going to go on. Moose said it will continue until someone beats him for the title. Mathews pointed out his matches aren’t really for a title. Moose said that the referee, before the match, held the title up in the air. Dave Penzer announced it as a title match, so why wouldn’t it be considered a TNA title bout? Mathews didn’t have a response. Mathews did however point out that Suicide had Moose beaten and if the referee hadn’t been knocked down, Suicide would be the champion, not Moose. Moose said that was a what if question but Moose won and is still the TNA Champion. Moose was asked if he would be open to a rematch. Moose said he would give him another title match tonight. He warned Mathews he was pissing him off, so he’s ending the interview now.

Backstage, Kiera Hogan approached Tasha Steelz. She saw her match with Kylie Rae last week and was impressed. She said that when she started with Impact, she wished she had someone to guide her instead of everyone trying to make her a sidekick. She said that’s not her and wants to take Steelz under her wing. They agree they are going to align going forward.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome everyone officially to the show and run down the lineup for the broadcast.

Dave Crist (with Madman Fulton & Jake Crist) vs. Crazzy Steve

Crist tried to attack Steve but was caught with a drop toehold and sent to the floor. Steve hit a sliding kick through the ropes and nailed a pescado to the floor.

Joey Ryan wandered out and watched the proceedings.

Crist gained control over Steve, drilling him with right hands and ripping at his face. He choked Steve against the ropes. As the referee admonished him, Fulton nailed Steve with a right hand. Crist continued stomping away at Steve in the corner. Steve fired back with a series of lefts to the mid-section but was sent into then ropes and walloped with a clothesline for a two count.

Crist took him down on the mat and worked over his arm while raining down with right hands. Crist continued to control Steve with stomps and kicks to the mid-section. Steve tried to fire away with kicks but was cut off in the corner and smashed back down to the mat. OVE worked him over from the outside as the referee argued with Crist in the ring.

Crist nailed a sit-down suplex variation for a two count. Steve came back with a DDT off the ropes and scored the flash pin.

Your winner, Crazzy Steve!

OK match. More or less a re-introduction to Steve in the ring here while furthering the story that there are issues within OVE.

After the match, Fulton proved Crist up and began screaming that this happens to Jake every single time. Dave stepped in and Fulton told them he is better than them. He complained all they do is lose and declares he’s done. He tried to walk away but Dave grabbed him and said he was done when they tell him he’s done. He grabbed them by the throat and slammed them to the mat. Fulton tore his OVE shirt off and declared he was done with OVE.

Rosemary, in the bar, is talking to a stuffed animal. She told John E. Bravo that he was the fly and she was the spider. He blew her off. She made it clear she was interested in him and that Taya treats him mean. He said Taya yells at him because she loves him. He told Rosemary she was a weirdo and walked off. Rosemary smiled, because, uh, her courting continues?

XXXL VS. TJP & Fallahh Bah

Bah and Romero started off, firing back and forth with big shots but not getting a major advantage. Bah shocked everyone by rolling out of a Romero move and nailed a big back splash senton. That was a nice sequence.

TJP tagged in but Romero backed off and able to tag out to Larry D. D was able to use his considerably larger girth to easily control TJP. TJP went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught. He maneuvered it into a sunset flip attempt but D wouldn’t go down. D went to sit down on TJP but TJP moved and nailed a bodypress for a two count. TJP and Bah teamed up to crash down onto D for a two count. Bah worked him over for several other two counts.

TJP tagged in and came off with a big fist to D’s arm. He and Bah tagged in and out, controlling D.

Romero finally made the blind tag and drilled TJP we he rebounded off the ropes. TJP tried to fight his way out of XXXL’s clutches but they sandwich him and D covered him for a two count. TJP was trapped in a chinlock as Bah tried to rally him in the corner. TJP was trapped in a bearhug as D squeezed away. He nailed several elbows to the head but was caught with a spinebuster for a two count. He was caught in the bearhug again. Romero took Bah off the apron. XXXL worked over TJP but he was able to come off the ropes with a DDT on D and made the tag.

Romero nailed Bah with a series of rights but they had no effect. He knocked Romero to the floor. He went for a belly to belly suplex on D but Romero returned with a Pounce. TJP broke up the pinfall at two but was dispatched back to the floor.

Bah was sent into the ropes but came off with a bodypress on XXXL, knocking them to the floor. He nailed a belly to belly suplex on D and covered him for a two count.

TJP charged back into the ring but was slammed by Romero. Bah and Romero fought on the floor. D went to the ropes for a Banzai Splash but Bah returned to the ring and nailed a Samoan Drop. TJP came off with a frog splash and scored the pin.

Your winners, TJP & Fallah Bah!

A decent tag match.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Suicide

Moose again did the deal where he made Dave Penzer enter the ring to give him a proper Championship introduction.

The early story was that Suicide has Moose’s number. Moose goes to the floor where Suicide went for a pescado. Moose caught him but Suicide slipped behind him and shoved Moose into the ring post. Back in the ring, Moose was nailed with a head scissor takeover. Suicide locked on an Octopus in the center of the ring and then transitioned Moose to the mat, trying to score a pinfall. Moose kicked out but was nailed with a dropkick.

Moose rolled to the floor. Suicide went for a flip off the apron but was caught and swung into the barricades three times. Suicide was almost counted out but rolled back into the ring at the last second. Moose kicked him and used his boot to smother the masked man in the corner. Moose nailed a big Beel Throw out of the corner. He whipped Suicide hard into the buckles. He tossed Suicide again across the ring and beat him down with a series of punches to the head. Moose continued to control Suicide, beating down any signs of a comeback.

Suicide was whipped hard into the corner. Moose told Suicide he was a piece of garbage. Suicide battled back and caught Moose with several clotheslines but was out on his feet. Moose rebounded off the ropes but was caught with another that sent him up and over. This turned the tide of the match with Moose missing several charges and Suicide building up a series of big offensive maneuvers with dropkicks in the corner and a rolling Samoan Drop. He nailed a Qeubrada for a close two count. The announcers began pushing we could be seeing a big upset.

Moose caught him in the corner with shoulderblocks and began stomping the hell out of him, to the point that the referee stopped him and threatened a DQ. Moose and referee Brandon Tolle argued. Tolle almost ended up wiped out by Suicide and then Moose but survived. Moose was caught with a Codebreaker and a series of superkicks to the head. Suicide nailed several kicks and climbed to the top for a flying bodypress. Moose rolled through, hooked the tights and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Champion, Moose!

Backstage, Michael Elgin said everyone begs and pleads for what they want, but that’s not how the world works. You have to put the work in. He said everyone hates that he keeps saying he was going to be the World Champion. People hated Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor but when it came to history, they went from hated to loved. Ken Shamrock came in talking about the title but Elgin took him out. The World’s Most Dangerous Man is dangerous only when the Most Unbreakable stands before you. He warned Sami Callihan that words don’t hurt, he does. He promised again he would be World Champion. Good promo. Elgin has really come along as a talker in recent months.

Backstage, Chris Bey told Johnny Swinger that he was proud of him for standing up for himself but to remember there are many ways to win, even if he doesn’t get the belt, he can teach Willie Mack a lesson. Swinger told him thanks for being a “good brother, brother” and promised to take him to a place called The Landing Strip that he took Boogie Woogie to after he won the USWA title in 1990. Bey just shook his head after he walked off. Swinger is great as the oblivious guy trapped in the past.

X-Division Champion Willie Mack vs. Johnnny Swinger.

Swinger attacked Mack before the bell and choked him in the corner with a ring jacket. He smashed Mack into the buckles, then nailed a running clothesline. Swinger ripped at Mack’s face and nailed a back elbow for another two count. Swinger choked away at Mack.

Swinger dropped a big elbow for another two count. Mack fought back and nailed a big splash in the corner. He picked up Swinger, who escaped and nailed a swinging neckbreaker. Mack draped his foot on the bottom rope before the three count but Swinger thought he won and grabbed the X-Division title to celebrate. The referee finally explained he hadn’t gotten the win but Swinger refused to give up the title belt. He went to nail Mack with it but Mack ducked and nailed a TKO. He nailed a standing moonsault and pinned Swinger.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Willie Mack!

Swinger refused to give up the title and then nailed a chop block on Mack as the champ attempted to leave.

Chris Bey hit the ring and joined the beating. Bey beat Mack with a series of punches as Swinger stood there, despondent. He then joined forces with Bey and they worked over Mack.

We go back to Impact Tag Team Champions The North. Ethan Page was being his usual ridiculousness while Josh Alexander said he can’t do this anymore. Page said they were done wrestling. Alexander said what was he doing here? Out came Cameron Adamson, the referee with no legs who had gotten some local media attention in the past for appearing for Impact. Page said that he knows the referee heard him because Page is loud but they are done. There’s no other challengers.

In burst Cody Deaner, who said that after his quarantine (which we saw the last few weeks), he was ready to fight. Page wondered how he even know they were here. Cody said, “You idiots have been on TV for two weeks.” The North said that they’ll take the challenge but pointed out Cody is alone. Cody said Cousin Jake is trapped in the United States but Deaner has a big family. He said they can face him and “Wheels.” Page looked at the referee and laughed and said, anytime, any place, title on the line, the greatest spectacle ever. They shook on it and Cody said next week on the Deaner compound. Page said that was even better. He told Deaner to enjoy the building, Page has rented it for a month. The North left. The referee thanked Cody but said that he isn’t a wrestler. Cody sat down and said he’s not an ignorant fool like The North. He told the referee, “I know your name Cam. You aren’t the Wheels I was talking about. Show up next week, we’re gonna need a referee.”

So, Page’s ego led to them getting tricked by Cody Deaner.

Josh and Madison reacted to this. Madison said we don’t need more Deaners.

Impact Wrestling Championship Contenders’ Tournament: Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan.

The announcers noted Callihan has a bad ankle after his war with Ken Shamrock.

Elgin and Callihan went at it but neither got an early advantage. Callihan was limping. Elgin went after his bad leg but Callihan fired away with chops. Elgin absorbed them and was unfazed. He kicked at Callihan’s bad ankle but Sami grabbed his face and ripped at Elgin’s eyes.

Callihan went for a powerbomb but Elgin went for his leg and Sami retreated to the floor to save himself. He dared Elgin to follow. Elgin did but Sami got back into the ring and caught him with a DDT as Elgin returned. Sami scored a two count.

Sami nailed several pump kicks, sending Elgin to the floor. Sami followed to the floor, walking down the ring steps because his ankle was hurting. He sent Elgin into a barricade, then a ringpost. Elgin wrapped his arm around the barricade, trying to tear his elbow. Callihan set up for a piledriver on the floor but Elgin too him down and smashed his ankle into the ring apron.

Callihan went down in pain. Elgin picked him up and smashed the leg into a barricade. Callihan tried to crawl away and kick at him from below (think Antonio Inoki’s crab kicks) but Elgin smashed him in the face and tossed him into the ring. Elgin smashed his leg into the ring post as the announcers wondered how Callihan can continue. Elgin grabbed his leg again but was pulled into the ringpost.

Callihan got to his feet but was taken back down as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Elgin was still stomping away on Callihan, who was down on the mat.

Callihan surprised him with a crucifix style pinfall attempt for a two count. They battled back and forth with big shots and clotheslines. Callihan nailed a big lariat but was too spent to score a pinfall. The referee began counting them down on the mat as they recovered.

Elgin was sent to the floor. Callihan nailed a dive. Callihan brought him back into the ring but Elgin held onto the ropes to prevent an exploder. Callihan finally pulled him away and nailed it for a two count. Callihan went for a piledriver but Elgin slipped out and snapped Callihan’s ankle. Elgin caught Callihan with a series of clotheslines in the corner, then snapped the knee of Callihan.

Elgin powered Callihan up and drove him down to the mat knees-first, then snapped him with a clothesline for a two count. Elgin turned him over into a single-leg Boston Crab. Callihan appeared to pass out but fought back as the referee was going to drop his arm a third time.

Elgin began mauling Callihan with clotheslines to the back and chest. Elgin slapped him and nailed another big forearm. Callihan collapsed as Elgin rebounded off the ropes. Elgin pulled him up but Callihan powered him up with a back drop driver and a clothesline for a two count. Callihan set up for a Cactus piledriver but Elgin backdropped him. Elgin nailed him with a bucklebomb but Callihan explodes out with a clothesline. Elgin drilled him with a backfist. Callihan escaped out of a powerbomb but hurt his ankle. Elgin caught him with a spinning backfist and a powerbomb for the pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

Elgin will face Trey Miguel next week!


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