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Impact Wrestling Results - May 12, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - May 12, 2020
This week's Impact Wrestling kicked off with Impact bringing back the old TNA voiceover performer extolling the greatness of Moose.

Legitimately, this was great with Impact inserting comments from former TNA stars that were re-purposed to appear as if they were talking about Moose. Between this and The North segment last week, Impact has really hit a pretty damn entertaining stride in terms of putting their characters over.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are again our announcers this week.

Impact Wrestling Championship Number One Contender's Tournament Mad Man Fulton (with Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Hernandez

They lock up with Fulton showcasing his strength early, working over the veteran with a headlock and then shoulderblocking him down. Hernandez blocked a hiptoss and drilled Fulton before locking a side headlock of his own. The Crists were making a lot of noise at ringside, which helped the atmosphere.

They go back and forth with clotheslines but can't budge the other. Hernandez went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught. He escaped a move, landing on his feet but was nailed with a big right. Fulton charged but was caught and powered over. They are playing up that these are two big powerhouses.

Hernandez went sent into the corner and went up and over, landing on the apron. Fulton nailed him and pulled Hernandez to the top for a superplex, nailing it. That was impressive looking. He nailed another slam and a splash for a two count. He choked Hernandez against the ropes and drilled him with a driving splash into the ropes, scoring another two count. He worked over Hernandez with submissions before stomping him.

Jake Crist distracted the referee, allowing Fulton and Dave to double-team Hernandez on the outside. It's a little silly to do the ref distraction spots when there's no ambient noise from the crowd to mask the underhanded moves of the heels. Why wouldn't the referee hear what is going on?

Hernandez tried to mount a comeback but was caught with a big sideslam. Fulton went to the ropes and went for a diving headbutt, but there was no water in the pool as Hernandez rolled out of the way. Hernandez went to the apron outside. He nailed a slingshot shoulderblock into the ring and came alive, nailing a series of chops and clotheslines. He nailed an Avalanche into the corner, followed by a back senton splash. Hernandez hit a big chokeslam but Dave Crist put Fulton's foot across the bottom rope. Fulton rolled to the floor. Hernandez went for a dive but the Crists got on the apron to block him. He pulled them into the ring and wiped them out. He nailed the Border Toss on Jake, tossing him into Fulton but only scored a two count.

Fulton nailed Hernandez in the corner then hit him with a big charge with authority in the corner. Hernandez kicked him off and went to the top but was caught. Fulton went for another superplex but was battled off by Hernandez. Hernandez hit a great splash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, Hernandez!

Hernandez will move on to face the winner of Ken Shamrock vs. Rhino in the tournament.

This was a completely entertaining bout and likely the best match of Hernandez's return run here in Impact. He and Fulton had some good exchanges and put together a good match that didn't take away from either of them. Fulton continues to be a solid project worth investing in by Impact. This was a good solid first 15 minutes of TV between the Moose stuff and this bout.

Backstage, Michael Elgin cut a promo about the tournament. He said that he stands here as the true contender and champion. He asked why he has to prove himself after doing so for 16 years. There is not a person on the planet who can lace his boots, he is the best wrestler in the world. If they want a tournament, what happens next is Impact's fault. If beating everyone isn't good enough, he's going to have to send them to the hospital.

Backstage, OVE are arguing over Fulton's loss. Crazzy Steve shows up and says it appears OVE is OVE-R. It seems like they can't use a Mad Man to lead a Flock. Offended they were called sheep, Dave Crist tells him Jake Crist is going to take him out next week. They storm off. Joey Ryan walks by and asks if someone just used the C-word. Crazy Steve points out that he did, Crazy. Ryan says that's offensive to crazy people and walked off.

Josh Mathews says that he likes Ryan and perhaps he's onto something. Madison Rayne said that she wonders what Ryan thinks of her nickname for Josh, Nerd Boy. Josh says that he needs Ryan's Cancel Culture to attack Madison as an announcer.

They run down the lineup. Ken Shamrock will be on Locker Room Talk later tonight.

Kylie Rae vs. Tasha Steelz

Josh noted that it's magical to see the new faces and new Knockouts. Madison said she was excited to see Steelz here as she's known her for a long time.

Steelz had a great heel demeanor immediately and carried herself like a star in the ring. Kylie was all smiles until Steelz began working over her arm. They had some nice back and forth exchanges in the ring early on. Steelz worked her over on the mat with a headlock. Rae escaped and transitioned into a head scissor. Steelz fought her way out and showed some good attitude in the aftermath. Rae was then the one escaping a head scissors and took down Steelz with a nice series of armdrags.

Steelz backed into the corner and the referee prevented Rae from attacking. When she charged, Steelz caught her and snapped Rae into the buckles. Steelz booted her in the face and nailed a series of short-arm clotheslines. Steelz locked in a sleeper. She mounted Rae's back. Rae fought to her feet and drove Steelz backwards into the corner several times before finally breaking free.

Undaunted, Steelz cut her off with a kick. Rae worked to avoid her moves and attacked Steelz with a clothesline. Rae went sent to the apron but caught her with the Kylie Special and a kick to the face for a two count. Kylie went for the STF but Steelz made it to the ropes to force them break.

Steelz was backdropped up and over to the outside but nailed a kick to the back of the head. She caught Rae with a flying bodypress for a two count. Rae went for a springboard bulldog but Rae blocked it and caught her in the STF. Steelz tapped.

Your winner, Kylie Rae!

A damn good back and forth match with each looking impressive in the ring. Steelz has that intangible "it" as a heel and was the perfect foil for Kylie.

Rohit Raju did a promo. He said change is going to come and he's used to change. He's seen the roster change but for three years he's been in Impact. He wants to know when he's going to get his chance. He's been here three years. No merchandise. No face on the poster. Management doesn't look him in the eye. All the disrespect goes away when he beats Trey Miguel tonight and he becomes the number one contender. He's going to get what he deserves. Good promo.

Backstage, Susie runs into Kylie. She says that she liked her match again. She thought Kylie's last name was again. Kylie says that it's actually Rae. Susie said, "Like sunshine" and then said it was nice seeing her again before walking off. Rae noted that she likes Susie...obviously not realizing the darker side of who Susie/Su Yung is. They are obviously laying the foundation for a story yet to come here.

Havok vs. Kimber Lee

They went right at each other with Lee drilling her with a series of forearms and screaming at her. Havok screamed back and Lee tried to flee but was caught and flung by her hair across the ring several times. Havok missed a charge in the corner and Lee beat her with a series of chops. Havok absorbed it and nailed a series of forearms. Lee fought her off and came off the ropes with a leaping rana but Havok turned it into a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Havok went to grab Lee but was caught with a kick to the face. Lee choked her against the ropes, mauling Havok as they went to commercial.

Lee nailed a running clothesline in the corner, maintaining control as Impact returned from commercial. She used her legs to work over Havok in the corner and nailed several forearms. Lee whipped Havok out of the corner but Havok blocked it and sent Lee into the corner instead. She charged but was caught with a hanging submission in the ropes.

They showed Neveah watching from the corner of the building.

Lee nailed a swanton on Havok but Havok kicked out. Lee got very frustrated over not scoring the pin, pounding the mat with anger. Lee went to the ropes and came off but Havok caught her and swung her into a sideslam for another two count.

Havok saw Neveah and was distracted. That allowed Lee to pull out a foreign object. Havok worked her over in the corner but was nailed with a right hand with the brass knuckles and was pinned.

Your winner, Kimber Lee!

There was a nice attention to detail here from Lee where she refused the referee raising her hand after as she didn't want to expose she was hiding the foreign object.

This was a solid bout with Lee working really hard to establish herself in the company. The finish was the right one to get her over and to continue the Neveah mystery. Madison Rayne sort of implied she might know or be involved with the entire thing and has done a really good job in recent weeks as the heel announcer.

Lee seems to wave at Neveah as she left.

They aired another good video piece on Kiera Hogan as she walked around Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. She's been waiting for the perfect moment to use all of her knowledge. They seem to be re-positioning her as a babyface.

It's time for Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne. Johnny Swinger was a gem here again, playing burnt out territory wrestler trapped in the '80s. Shamrock came in and Swinger tried to act like they were old friends. Shamrock wasn't having it so Swinger ran to get him a muscle shake. Shamrock was asked about issues he's had with talents in recent weeks. He said Sami Callihan was someone who acted like he was someone and was going to get himself hurt doing things to piss off Ken. With Callihan in the rear view mirror, he's focused on going for the Impact Wrestling title belt. Michael Elgin burst in. Shamrock rose to confront him, telling him he had better back off but was nailed with a chair. He told Shamrock the title was hit and nailed Shamrock with a Conchairto on the floor. Shamrock was out cold.

After a commercial, Sami Callihan hacked into the broadcast and said he's known Michael Elgin his entire career and the one thing that never ends is that Elgin walks in his shadow and always failed. Elgin attacked Shamrock but Sami isn't done with him yet. He wants to be champion but Sami already has been there. Next week, he will do everything he has to do to win against Elgin. No matter how much Elgin tries to convince everyone he's the best wrestler in the world, Callihan sees everything. A good promo.

They teased the idea that Shamrock might be hurt and not able to compete in the tournament.

Impact Wrestling Championship Number One Contender's Tournament: Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

They locked up and fought over control in the ring. Some very good wrestling early on. Trey used the ropes to offset Raju in the ring. They have some nice sequences, ending with Raju catching him with a running back elbow. Raju is really underrated as everything he does is solid. He reminds me of an Arn Anderson in that regard - just good pacing and finesse in that regard.

Trey begins to show off some of his skills, keeping Raju off balance. He goes to the floor. Trey goes for a dive but Rohit blocks it and nailed a series of kicks to the face as Trey was caught up in the ropes. Rohit covered him for a two count. He began nailing some measured elbows and stomps.

Raju slammed Trey and drilled him with an elbow for a two count. Trey fired back with right hands. He's caught for a back suplex but lands on his feet. Raju catches him with a pump kick and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Raju stomps on Trey's hand as he rips at his face. He snapped him over with a suplex for a two count. They battled back and forth, trying to gain the advantage. Raju drilled Trey across the back of the neck and choked him with the ring ropes.

Raju nailed a Perfectplex but Trey slipped out at the last moment. Trey nailed a combination of kicks and a neckbreaker but was too spent physically to go for the immediate pinfall cover. They fight to their feet and battled back and forth with kicks and strikes. Trey avoided a clothesline and nailed a Pele Kick for a close two count.

Trey nailed a charging forearm but missed another, getting caught with a big leaping forearm and Facewash in the corner. Rohit nailed a front suplex for another two count. This has been a good back and forth bout.

Trey was whipped hard with authority into the corner and ate a clothesline in the corner. Rohit was caught with a kick to the back of the legs on the buckles and trapped in the buckles. He was nailed with a 619.

Trey came off the top but was nailed with a leaping knee. He went to follow up but Trey caught him with a small package and scored the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

Miguel will face the winner of Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan in Round Two.

Raju lost it in the ring afterwards over not getting the victory here.

This was a good back and forth match. Raju is just a damn good hand in the ring, just solid at everything you need to excel as a talent from a physical standpoint. He looked good enough here that I feel like the wrong person went over. Another good bout here on what is shaping up to be a good broadcast.

They aired a video piece on Cody Deaner socially distancing with the idea of keeping himself sane while showing he's completely losing it, right down to trying to wrestle a tree. This was pretty funny as a way to build his character. Impact has done a really fine job of late in navigating the pandemic era when it comes to finding some entertaining stuff to do with their characters in the non-wrestling segments.

It was then back to Canada for the latest from Impact Tag Team Champions The North. It was more entertaining Abbott and Costello stuff with Josh Alexander not happy with the challengers last week and Ethan Page being a smart-ass. The idea is Page hired the most unbiased person in pro wrestling to get their new opponents. He hired the over the top carnival barker ring announcer George, who has been the secret sauce in making this work the last two weeks. It was two more ham and eggers as the opposition. Alexander tossed down his headgear in frustation as he just wants to fight. They added sound effect graphics like the old Batman series. Page was playing all this up while Alexander wanted nothing to do with this foolishness. I wonder what kind of foolishness he did want. Page paid off the referee to not watch. That was funny. Spoiler alert - The North wins. This would really be something if it all ends with a big team debuting and beating the crap out of the North, but no matter where this goes, it was funny. Last week was a little funnier as we didn't know what the formula would be but this still had some great moments with Ethan Page's sh**eating grin playing off Alexander's unimpressed disgust with the entire thing.

Rosemary was in the bar talking to a stuffed dog that was supposed to be Taya Valkyrie. John E. Bravo showed up. He admitted he misses Taya even though she treats him terribly and took the dog and walked off. Rosemary seemed interested in him. Well, that will be a romantic story for the ages!

The Impact+ flashback moment was AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger wasn't happy he wasn't the first one to get an X-Division title shot. He told Mack he was behind him but Mack's ego is getting out of control. He challenged for a title shot and Mack offered him a title shot next week. Swinger seemed to think they were a team in the past and promised not to be the Shawn Michaels of the team. That was a great line.

No medical update on Ken Shamrock yet.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Suicide

Moose forced Dave Penzer to get in the ring to announce a Championship match.

Suicide scored some surprise near falls early with a roll-up and a backslide before nailing some early offense. Moose immediately going to the floor, upset, as they go to commercial.

When they return, Moose was arguing with the referee. Suicide fired away at him with chops and nailed a rana off the ropes. He nailed a dropkick through the ropes and worked over Moose with chops on the floor. Moose sent him into the barricades on the floor.

Moose worked over Suicide, mauling him after bringing the masked man back into the ring. He set up and chopped Suicide. Moose nailed a big boot to the face, sending Suicide off the apron, crashing into the barricade below. Moose kicked him off the apron and swung him into the barricade head-first.

Suicide was almost counted out but made it back to the apron. Moose powerbombed Suicide on the apron. Suicide finally returned to the apron, where he was the victim of a series of stomps to the chest.

Moose tossed him back into the ring and played to the camera, allowing Suicide to nail him with a dive. Suicide tossed him back into the ring and nailed a series of strikes. Moose sent him into the ropes and charged but Suicide ducked and Moose went to the floor. Moose was nailed with a flip dive off the apron to the floor.

Moose was brought back into the ring and was nailed with a shoulderblock. Suicide nailed a head scissor takedown and worked over Moose with a series of chops. Suicide nailed a palm strike for another two count. He nailed a rana but only caught it somewhat. He nailed a Rolling Samoa Drop and then an Asai Moonsault for another two count.

Suicide was caught and charged backwards into the turnbuckles. Moose stomped him down in the corner until referee Brandon Tolle had enough. Suicide charged Moose, who moved and the referee almost ate it. Moose charged and this time, the referee did eat it.

Suicide nailed some offense but there was no referee. Moose was caught coming off the ropes and was covered but again, no referee to make the pinfall. Suicide nailed a sunset flip but Moose kicked up at the last second. They played up on commentary that Tolle counted too slow because he was out of sorts.

Moose nailed a low blow, which the referee missed and speared Suicide for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Champion (I guess?) Moose!

This was OK. We have everyone treating the title as important and real while Josh Mathews points out only Moose believes it is, which was a little clunky. There's no argument that the TNA title has brought something new to Moose in a good way.

Overall, another good episode. They really hit a nice stride the last two weeks.

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