Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Deonna Purrazzo Signs With Impact Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo Signs With Impact Wrestling
As seen on tonight's Impact episode, Deonna Purrazzo signed with Impact Wrestling where she released a brief promo on who she’ll be for the company.

"I am the Virtuosa," Purrazzo said in the video. "Do you even know what that means? Allow me to explain. I express outstanding technical ability. I have a cultivated appreciation for artistic excellence. Unlike the average human, I have been able to declutter my mind and access space previously ignored.

"To be truly virtuous, I have formulated the perfect equation for success which I implement with precision. A unique training that not only lies in technique, but in the movements between, allowing my reactions to not be within the stimulus, but to be within my subconscious knowledge. I am Deonna Purrazzo, the Virtuosa."

Purrazzo was a member of NXT before being released during WWE’s cutbacks in April, and while other superstars have waited a bit before signing anywhere else, it looks like Impact Wrestling was quick to scoop up Purrazzo.