Sunday, May 17, 2020

Bruce Prichard Talks The Undertaker’s Retirement

Bruce Prichard Talks The Undertaker’s Retirement
Executive Director of SmackDown, Bruce Prichard, recently did an interview with Newsweek to discuss a wide range of topics including "The Last Ride" documentary on The Undertaker.

The topic of retirement for the former WWE Champion was brought up in addition to Taker’s relationship with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

Prichard started out by talking about how there’s a mutual trust between Taker and McMahon as Taker is the guy who has always been there. Prichard stated that Taker has never threatened to leave WWE but rather was on the front lines for the company as someone dependable.

Prichard noted that while they have a mutual trust and friendship, sometimes it’s a love/hate situation, but the basis is based on respect and love. He added that they will do anything they can for each other.

Regarding in-ring retirement for Taker and if McMahon will ever tell The Undertaker to retire, Prichard gave his thoughts.

“I think he’ll let Taker decide on his own, but I guarantee you that it’ll be a mutual decision. I think it’ll be a decision that they’ll discuss and mutually agree upon. If Vince thinks he can get one more out of him or Taker feels he has one more left in him, the other will respect that and make it work.”

Prichard also talked about joking with The Undertaker about retirement, what he can still do on WWE television, and the documentary.