Friday, May 29, 2020

Backstage News on Vince McMahon and NXT Call Ups

Backstage News on Vince McMahon and NXT Call Ups
As noted, Matt Riddle appears to be finished up in NXT and heading to the main roster following his Cage Fight against Timothy Thatcher from this past Wednesday’s NXT episode.

As we also noted earlier today, another name reportedly ready for the main roster is Dominik Dijakovic.

Dave Meltzer recapped the news in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in addition to adding some interesting notes.

Meltzer wrote regarding the decision to move Riddle from NXT to SmackDown in potentially the same week, “That’s also interesting because for a time there was a doctrine that nobody being pushed on NXT television could be brought to Raw or Smackdown for fear it made the show seem like a feeder system.”

Back in January, it was reported that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon made it known that he wanted any star who was going to be called up to the main roster from NXT to finish out their storylines in NXT before being moved.

The idea was to avoid any issues with a star being involved in a program in NXT while at the same time being on the main roster.

Meltzer pointed out how Shayna Baszler was the exception to this rule “since their call-ups were planned long before NXT started on television.” Meltzer stated that The Street Profits did work both shows but the difference was that they were featured in a non-wrestling role leading to a transition period.

Meltzer added, “But now it appears they’ve relaxed the rule” before bringing up how Akira Tozawa is being pushed in the Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament on NXT while also being a regular enhancement guy on Raw.

In a related note, Sean Ross Sapp reported on Fightful Select that in addition to Matt Riddle, there are additional NXT call ups planned for the main roster. It was added that there are no firm plans that have been provided, but they’re expected over the next month or so.