Friday, May 15, 2020

Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status

Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status
It doesn’t seem like Rey Mysterio is going anywhere but that’s not exactly a lock, according to Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer notes that Mysterio’s contract is set to expire soon and he has not (as of press time) signed a new deal with WWE. According to the report, Mysterio isn’t expected to leave the company but his status isn’t guaranteed at this point, either.

It was noted that one of the keys to Rey's status is the future of his son, Dominick. There is the idea to not do anything to upset WWE officials because it could negatively impact Dominick's career. Rey also has a very high contract with WWE because they didn't want him working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Rey previously signed with WWE before there was an AEW, but after WWE signed their new TV deals, so they knew they had all the money they would need to sign talents they wanted, and Rey ended up with a strong deal. Rey was reportedly able to negotiate an 18 month contract out, and the feeling behind that was that it would be perfect timing to be a free agent. However, this was before the coronavirus pandemic hit and now is not the perfect time to be in need of work.

WWE is reportedly not giving out any raises right now, so talents who signed in the last year or so, after AEW got going, and received big contract offers based on WWE wanting to sign all the top marketable talents, are looking to be a lot more limited in their options. It's likely that AEW would have interest in Mysterio, but AEW's financial situation is also different these days. It's not a lock that AEW wouldn't make an offer to Rey, or even offer him more money than WWE, but it would be a harder decision to make due to the current climate.

Going back to the injury angle on this week's RAW with Seth Rollins, this was done to either give Rey a feud with Rollins if he stays with the company, or give him a storyline to eventually be written off TV if he leaves, similar to how they did with Matt Hardy.

WWE issued a storyline injury update on Mysterio earlier this week, announcing that his status is critical after Rollins shoved his eye into the corner of the steel ring steps.

"Doctors cannot properly assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides, as Rey is currently at-risk for infection," WWE's storyline report stated.

There's no word yet on how WWE plans to follow up on Mysterio and Rollins with next week's RAW, but we will keep you updated on his situation.