Sunday, May 31, 2020

Aleister Black Teases Match With Matt Riddle

Aleister Black Teases Match With Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle hasn’t even made his main roster debut and he’s already getting called out by a WWE star.

Of course, WWE had pro wrestling legend Kurt Angle announce on Friday’s episode of SmackDown on FOX that Riddle is slated to arrive on the blue brand soon.

WWE has yet to confirm exactly when Riddle will make his in-ring debut but the company has already started to air vignettes to hype his main roster debut.

Aleister Black, a former NXT Champion, took to Twitter where he teased a potential match with Riddle when he wrote the following in a response to a tweet sent out by WWE on FOX, “Maybe I’ll come hang out for a night at some point.”

It should be noted that Black is featured on the Raw brand. However, with WWE bringing back a similar concept to the wild card rule where stars on both Raw and SmackDown can appear on the other shows of the brands, a potential showdown is possible between these stars.