Monday, May 4, 2020

AJ Styles Returns to RAW, Wins Last Chance Gauntlet Match

AJ Styles Returns to RAW, Wins Last Chance Gauntlet Match
On this week's RAW episode, several competitors vied for Apollo Crews’ spot in the Men’s Money in the Bank match.

AJ Styles returned to RAW in what was his first appearance since losing the Boneyard Match to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. He entered the match and drilled Carrillo with stiff knees to the midsection and grounded him. The Phenomenal One targeted Carrillo’s leg and neutralized his high-flying offense. Carrillo planted Styles with a DDT and rocked him with a kick. Carrillo rolled Styles up for a two count. Styles made Carrillo tap to the Calf Crusher to win the match.

Styles attacked Carrillo after the match and slammed his leg into the ring post. The Phenomenal One vowed to do whatever it takes to win the Money in the Bank match.

AJ says he is not a zombie or a ghost. There is no Undertaker to try to steal his spotlight. AJ says he got buried. So what. I admit it and I understand it. It doesn't mean that I lost. There are no rules in a Boneyard Match. That was then and this is now. I have seized an opportunity and he is in the most unique Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It's worth it. I'm going to do anything to get that contract. If that means throwing a Rey Mysterio or an Aleister Black off the top of the WWE headquarters, so be it. They have not been what I have been through. Get ready to rewrite the history book with the most memorable moment in Money in the Bank. AJ says he will win the match and then Mr. Money in the Bank will be Phenomenal.