AEW Double or Nothing Results (5/23) – Jacksonville, Florida

AEW Double or Nothing Results (5/23) - Jacksonville, Florida

Excalibur and Taz calling The Buy In. As per usual, a handful of wrestlers are ringside.

– Earlier today, Tony Schiavone talks with Jake Robert (who is watching Lance Archer bash a tire with a hammer). Tony asks Roberts if he’s ready, Archer says he’ll show him tonight. Archer trashes a bathroom. Roberts says he’s ready as Archer growls at the camera.

Best Friends vs. Private Party

Winners of the match will become the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Quen and Tren tie up, Quen with headlock, standing shooting press. Trent fires back with a northern lights suplex, two, Quen back up and gets chopped down. Double back elbow and elbow drop by Best Friends. Double standing slice bread. Trent loses his headband, commentary noting that may be the first time that’s happened to him in an AEW match. Kassidy with a chop, Trent drops him with a chop of his own.

Headband is back on! Silly string attempt, Trent caught him and had a weird landing as he went from a standing DDT, may have tweaked his knee. Loses the headband again, Quen puts it on this time. Trent gets out to the floor. Kassidy tags in, throws Trent into the barricade, he hits a spear on Kassidy. Quen with a flip over the top rope down on Trent. Quen up top, Trent on Taylor’s shoulder, assisted avalanche supex, cover, two-count.

Taylor with an elbow drop, cocky cover, one-count. Chops in the corner, Taylor with a slam, cover, two. Trent tags back in, back elbow, tries for swinging DDT and ends up eating a dropkick. Kassidy tags in, takes Taylor over the apron, penalty kick to Taylor. Knocks Trent away then hits a moonsault to the floor on Taylor. He climbs back on the apron, hits a rough flatliner. Trent might be banged up after having a couple rough landings. Quen with a double foot stomp to the back of the head, cover, two.

Saito suplex on both Quen and Kassidy, then tags back out. Taylor with an overhead release suplex on Kassidy into Quen. Trent in, eat defeat / half and half suplex combo. Best Friends hug and to finishing things. Quen with a standing shooting star press, sending Trent’s face down into Kassidy’s knees. Private Party hits G9, Cryme Tyme’s finisher. Quen with a big shooting star press on Trent, Taylor breaks it up. Taylor hits a piledriver on the floor, taking Quen out. Kassidy runs over and eats a superkick. Back in the ring, Trent with a big lariat, cover, two. Trent selling a rib injury the whole match. He gets put on the top rope, Private Party goes for Gin and Juice, Taylor breaks it up, Trent nearly gets a three-count. Kassidy dropped to the floor. Strong Zero hit on Quen for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall and are now the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Titles

– Tony talks with Arn Anderson about tonight’s AEW TNT Championship match between Lance Archer and Cody. Arn talks about all kinds of “what ifs” in tonight’s match, maybe Jake will DDT him, maybe he’ll DDT or give Jake a spinebuster. Maybe Mike Tyson will knock both of them out. Arn continues that Cody might be the underdog, but he has guts and tenacity, the ability to reach back and pull one out.

AEW Double or Nothing Opener:

– Excalibur introduces Jim Ross and Tony Sciavone to the commentary table.

– Joey Janela says he wasn’t even supposed to be on the card, but opportunity came knocking last night. Janela says he got a call from Tony Khan, and Janela joining the match was a great choice because he loves ladder match. Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford and Jimmy Havoc), says Ladder Matches are in his blood, and everybody is probably wondering if Ford or Havoc will get involved, but he won’t say. Havoc says this match is about Sabian. Sabian says his opponents will suffer and he’ll enjoy every single minute. Christopher Daniels says tonight is all about opportunity, he brings up how Sky and Kazarian had opportunities and came very close to winning their big matches, but they learned what will be need to win next time around. Daniels says with tonight’s match a win for either of them is a win for SCU. Best Friends explain to Orange Cassidy how he wins by climbing the ladder, then they will all be champions.

Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Joey Janela vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. (Casino Ladder Match – Winner receives future AEW World Championship Match)

Kazarian and Sky are the first two to enter the match. Every two minutes someone else will join, but the chip can be grabbed at any time, so the match could end before everyone joins. Both guys go right out for a ladder and bring them into the ring. They decide against it and end up wrestling instead, which turns into a stalemate. Sky looks for the double stomp, Kazarian moves out of the way. Kazarian runs the ropes and they end up colliding into each other as the clock ticks to zero.

Kip Sabian enters the match.

Havoc in the ring and throws a ladder at both Sky and Kazarian. Havoc helps Sabian out, puts Kazarian up on the top turnbuckle, puts the ladder on the bottom turnbuckle, but Kazarian shoves him down on it. Kazarian with a release suplex to get rid of Havoc. Sabian puts Sky on the steel steps and climbs up a very tall ladder. Kazarian putting a ladder up in the middle of the ring, Sabian goes over to pull him down. Kazarian tries to climb up and gets yanked down. Sabian with a high knee, but Sky back in the ring and drops him.

Darby Allin enters the match.

Allin gets in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Sabian. He throws Sky into the barricade, then lands a cutter on Kazarian. Allin pulls the barricade closer to the ring and uses it to bridge a ladder to the apron. Allin tries to whip Kazarian into the ladder, he slides under, Allin launches his skateboard at Kazarian. He climbs up the taller ladder, leaps off with the skateboard, Kazarian moves out of the way and he crashes through the ladder.

Orange Cassidy enters the match.

Cassidy is in no rush to get into the match, he goes over to commentary and asks how he wins the match. They try to explain, he looks annoyed and slowly makes his way back into the ring. He climbs in and reaches up, but is no where near the chip. Sky runs in at him, Cassidy hops over him. Kazarian tries and gets tossed out. Cassidy finally pushes a ladder up and it just falls over because he doesn’t know how to set a ladder up.

Colt Cabana enters the match.

Cabana goes into the ring to check out Cassidy’s progress. Cabana finally shoves him out of the ring and sets the ladder up himself. He climbs up, but Sabian pulls him down a bit. Cabana then gets shoved into the corner, looks like the ladder pinched his fingers and he rolls out of the ring. Cassidy, hands in pocket, hits a double dropkick on SCU, then a suicide dive on the duo.

Joey Janela enters the match.

He dives off the stage on SCU, then leaps off a ladder and takes out Sabian, then does the same to Havoc. Cabana trying to set up a ladder, but Janela hits a dropkick off the top rope. Kazarian then dumps him out of the ring. Janela grabs a chair, and whacks Frankie in the back. Sky yanks the chair away, and smacks Janela over the back with it.

Luchasaurus enters the match.

He kicks the ladder into Sabian, big chop to Janela’s chest, headbutt to Cabana, spinning knee strike to Sky, and then powerbombs Sabian out to the floor on a group of wrestlers. Big kick to Kazarian’s head and then a chokeslam on a ladder, then another one in the middle of the ring. Allin up on the middle rope hits a code red on Luchasaurus!

Brian Cage (with Taz) enters the match.

This is Brian Cage’s debut with AEW. Taz walks to the back as Cage hits a twisted F-5 on Allin. Cage is beating up literally everyone in the match. Suplex on Kazarian as he tries to climb up to the top. Cassidy climbs on Cage’s back, but Cage just walks up the ladder like nobody is there. Multiple wrestlers bring a giant chip over and help pile a bunch of items down on Cage to keep him out of the match.

Sabian and Cassidy battle at the top of the ladder, Cassidy grabs Sabian’s finger and sends him back into another ladder. Ford comes to the ring, tries to stop Cassidy, throws some punches and he blocks both, then lets her go, she falls back down on Sabian. Havoc in the ring and swings away on Cassidy, out comes Best Friends to help out. Stunt bring out a tiny ladder, but it ends up in Janela’s hands and he uses it as a weapon on people. He then hits a death valley driver off the apron, sending Cassidy down on that giant poker chip that is covering Brian Cage.

Luchasaurus knocks both SCU members off the ladder. Everybody is down around the ring and Cage rises up through all that equipment on him. Cage and Luchasaurus battle, multiple strikes from each wrestler. Spinning kick to Cage, chokeslam, but Cage flips out and hits a rising knee strike. Cage with a powerbomb, sending Luchasaurus into a ladder in the corner! Cage goes to head up, but Allin gets in the ring, then slaps him. Cage with a big lariat and then drill claw. Taz heads back out to ringside and watches on as Cage puts a ladder along the corner, then puts Allin on top of the ladder. Cage then presses the ladder and Allin into another ladder on the floor. Cage climbs up and take the chip for the win!

Winner: Brian Cage earns a future AEW World Championship Match

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

After a video package, Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his way out accompanied by Wardlow. His one-on-one match against Jurassic Express’ Jungle Boy is up next.

MJF’s music fades and the music of Jungle Boy plays as the winner of four of his last six matches makes his way down to the ring. Early on, Jungle Boy uses his speed and agility to jump off to an early offensive lead in the bout. MJF rolls out to the floor out of frustration.

He re-enters the ring and blasts Jungle Boy with a cheap shot during a hand-to-hand test of strength spot. Now MJF is working from inside Jungle Boy’s guard. Tony Schiavone plugs that AEW Double Or Nothing is trending worldwide on Twitter. Jungle Boy and MJF do upside down neck bridges and Jungle Boy starts b*tch-smacking the hell out of him.

Back on their feet, a cheap shot turns the tide in MJF’s favor and he begins laying in some chops in the corner. Jungle Boy turns him around and MJF leap frogs him in the corner and lands wrong. As the ringside doctor checks on him, MJF springs to his feet revealing he was playing possom to gain an advantage. And he does, as he’s taking it to the Jurassic Express member now.

The crowd chants, “Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy!” MJF focuses on the left arm and left shoulder of Jungle Boy. MJF tells Jungle Boy he’s a “Nobody” in comparison to him. Jungle Boy throws a Chop to the chest of MJF. MJF shoves Jungle Boy back, Jungle Boy follows, delivering a strike at each stop.

Jungle Boy off the ropes, rolls in on the canvas, delivers a Double Handed Chop. Jungle Boy with the trifecta through each of the ropes, finally over the top landing on MJF on the outside. Swinging DDT for the cover on MJF. MJF gets his foot up on the rope, Jungle Boy looking discouraged. MJF sitting in the corner of the ring looking spent.

A Cross Chop by MJF, Jungle Boy returning strikes, giving all he’s got. MJF falls into the cover onto Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy kicks out at two. Jungle Boy with the Crossface on MJF as the crowd chants, “Tap! Tap!” MJF bites the hand of Jungle Boy. MJF rolls Jungle Boy for a pin attempt, Jungle Boy quickly flies out of the pin, rolling to the apron. MJF on the outside of the ropes along with Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy flips MJF, hitting his head on the side of the apron, MJF looks to be knocked out.

Jungle Boy rolls MJF with his head, then lifts MJF, rolling him into the ring with one hand to break the count. Jungle Boy not wanting to win by count out. Jungle Boy heads to the top, MJF shakes the rope, dropping Jungle Boy to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. MJF on the second rope, Jungle Boy delivers a Headbutt. Jungle Boy with a Avalanche Power Bomb off the top for the two count. Jungle Boy cannot believe it!

Both men back to their feet, MJF looking for Salt of the Earth. MJF grabs Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy reverses for the two count, back slide for the two by MJF. MJF hammering elbows to the shoulder of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy rolls MJF for another two. Again rolling back and forth, MJF finally holding the ring attire of Jungle Boy in the roll up for the three count!

Winners: MJF

MJF quickly rolls out of the ring as “I’m better than you” sounds. MJF states, “That’s why I’m the future of this company!” MJF shouts at Jungle Boy in the ring “Not you, Me!” as we head into a video package for our next match, which will feature the finals of the TNT Championship Tournament.

– We get avideo package highlighting the events leading to our next match, Cody vs. Lance Archer.

TNT Championship – Cody vs. Lance Archer

Boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson comes out to some hip-hop music holding the TNT Championship title belt across his waist. It’s announced he will deliver the championship to the winner of the upcoming match.

“The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer quickly makse his way out with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Out next is Cody Rhodes accompanied by Arn Anderson. Cody enters the ring, the crowd chants “Cody! Cody!”

Both competitors are introduced and this TNT Championship Tournament Final showdown is about to get started. The rules have been gone over backstage, the superstars are given the opportunity to shake hands. Neither move.

The bell rings, the match begins. Archer lifts Cody, slamming Cody with the Black Out immediately as the bell rang. Cody quickly rolls out of the ring, saving himself from an immediate cover.

Archer rolls Cody back into the ring. Cody on one knee, Archer goes for the Claw. Cody going after the right shoulder of Archer. Archer powers up, rubbing his boot across Cody’s face for the release. Cody lands a Chop on Archer, but Archer no-sells it.

Cody with another chop and this time Archer retaliates. Cody goes for the Cutter, Archer intercepts with the Shoulder Block. Archer rolls Cody out of the ring. Both men on the outside now. Archer shoves Cody down as he lifts the mat on the outside.

Cody re-enters the ring, then flies through the middle of the ropes sending Archer into the barricade. Archer throws Cody off the stairs, over the railing, to ringside. Archer charges in and Cody assists Archer onto the top turnbuckle. Cody lands several strikes on Archer then exits the ring, using the ring post to wrap Archer around. Cody heads to the top turnbuckle, Archer waiting as Cody makes his way to the top. Archer throws Cody over the top turnbuckle onto the floor outside. Archer with a sadistic look in his eyes, exits the ring heading for Cody.

Archer steps on the neck of Cody. Cody attempts to re-enter the ring. Archer grabs Cody by the foot, pulling his body around the bottom rope. Jake “The Snake” shouts, “He just punked you, bitch.” Back in the ring, Archer plants Rhodes in the center of the ring with a Uranagi for the cover. Cody kicks out at two. Archer brutalizes Cody in the center of the ring with a fury of fists.

Archer continues to punish Cody in the center of the ring, landing a Splash on Cody for another two. Cody back to his feet. A “Cody! Cody!” chant once again. Cody sits up, trying to power out of the move. We flash to Tyson who is also chanting, “Cody!” Cody rolls out of the ring, attempting to catch his breath. Cody throws a Chop and three right hands. Archer slams Cody into the barricade once again.

Archer stands over Cody on the outside of the ring. “Are you seeing this?” Archer speaks to the camera as he palms the face of Cody. Both men return to the ring. Cody still fighting back. Archer with a roll up, Cody kicks out and counters with a Face Lock, wrapping the hair of Archer around his own face to hold the lock in. Jake asks Cody to hit him. Archer lifts Cody, Cody flips off and lands the DDT on Archer. Cody glares at Roberts, then turns back to Archer.

Spine Buster by Archer, a message to Anderson. Archer crawls over to Arn, toying with him, Cody making his way to his knees. Cody sneaks under the rope, a kick then a Springboard off the top for the cover. Archer kicks out at one, throwing Cody off of him.

Cody pulling out all the stops, delivering three of his highlight moves. Cody lands CrossRhodes. Archer powers out. Cody lands the Stinger Splash. Chokeslam by Archer for the two count. Archer with the EBD Claw. Archer doesn’t go for the cover, looking hurt inside the ring. Archer walks the rope, Arn Anderson knocks the feet out from under Archer as the ref is distracted by Roberts.

Cody climbs up and hits a Reverse Suplex. Arn Anderson is kicked out of ringside, as is Jake the Snake. Cody watching, Archer with the Waistlock, and a Back Suplex, Cody almost thrown out of the ring. Roberts walks out with the bag, Mike Tyson blocks his way, removing his shirt and stating, “uh-uh”. Archer sends Cody into the ropes for Black Out. Cody counters, hits CrossRhodes twice, goes for the cover and the win!!!!

Winner and the INAUGURAL TNT CHAMPION: “The American Nightmare” Cody

– Backstage, we get a medical update on Dr. Britt Baker, who went down with an injury at the AEW Dynamite “go-home” show this past Wednesday night. The doctor lists the medical name for the injury, which sounds complex, but he finishes by saying the patient is actually worse than the injury.

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

Out comes Penelope Ford, as action in the AEW women’s division is up next. Ford makes her way down the ramp, entering the ring as she awaits her opponent.

Out next, The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien, Kris Statlander, going around the ring “booping” each of the people surrounding the barricade’s noses. Statlander enters the ring, booping the ref’s nose as well.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Early on, Statlander gets in some good offense, but Ford keeps her from running away with things. Statlander with a sign of strength to power out of a hold by Ford.

Ford starts to enjoy a comfortable offensive advantage until she goes to the well one-too many times, trying to same move three times in a row on Statlander, and paying for it on the third try. Statlander knocks her out of the ring and then hits a crazy dive out to the floor.

Statlander goes up to the top rope, but she hangs out up there too long and comes down face-first into the big boot from Ford. We hear Vickie Guerrero shrieking at ringside, as she makes another on-camera cameo appearance on tonight’s broadcast.

Penelope Ford is back in the lead now, taking it to The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien while J.R. lectures fans on commentary who might be curious why Vickie Guerrero is at tonight’s AEW PPV, and continues to be shown with close-up shots on camera.

Back to the action, Statlander and Ford exchange shots until Statlander turns Ford around into a seated suplex for a near fall. Ford kicks out at two and hits a back-breaker on her in a reversal from a Statlander finisher attempt. Ford does the old Trish Stratus Matrix lean-back defense, which Statlander follows up by doing herself seconds later.

Statlander puts Ford on the top rope. She goes for a cutter but spins her around for a blue thunder bomb. She hoists her up again, hooks the legs and hits her Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Shawn Spears vs. Dustin Rhodes

“The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears makes his way out to the ring. As noted in the SNN Breaking News segment on the AEW Dynamite “go-home” show for tonight’s PPV earlier this week, Spears issued a challenge to Dustin Rhodes, who recently retired from in-ring competition in AEW.

Spears gets on the mic and re-references the challenge he issued to the retired Dustin Rhodes earlier this week. He mentions again that if Dustin doesn’t show up, he wins via forfeit. The music of Dustin plays and no one comes out.

Shawn demands that the referee begin the ten count and if he doesn’t show up, he wins on a technicality. The ref starts the count and the music plays again. Spears is upset because he knows it means he’s coming. And he does. We have a match.

Rhodes comes out of retirement and accepts the match, going at “The Chairman of AEW” immediately. The bell sounds to make this one official and it doesn’t take long before Dustin knocks Spears out of his clothing, showing off a skid-mark produced out of fear in the process.

Moments later, Dustin hits his finisher and scores the pin after embarrassing Spears and ending his short-lived retirement. Brandi Rhodes, who accompanied Dustin out, celebrates with him in the ring as his music plays after he scores the pin fall.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

– A 1997-2020 “In Memory Of” Rest In Peace R.I.P. graphic airs on the screen to pay tribute to STARDOM veteran Hana Kimura, who passed away of an apparent suicide this weekend.

AEW Women’s Championship
Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

The video package airs to promote tonight’s AEW Women’s Championship showdown between current title-holder Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida. That match is up next.

Shida takes Rose down with a knee, then drags her to the apron, delivering clubbing blows to the back of Rose’s head.

A Million Dollar Knee Lift by Shida knocks Rose off the apron. Shida looks for her kendo stick, giving Rose the opportunity to return to her feet.

Rose overpowers Shida. Rose delivers a boot to the face of Shida, shoving Shida into the barricade. Rose pulls a table from beneath the apron, Shida stopping her, only to be thrown over the barricade.

“Always bet on black!” Rose states as she throws Shida through a poker table. Rose makes her way to the other side of the barricade with a steel chair.

Rose drives a second closed steel chair into the throat of Shida who is laying on an opened steel chair. Rose attacks Shida with a blow to the midsection with the steel chair, followed by throwing Shida back over the barricade and rolling her into the ring.

Rose enters the ring as well. Rose slams Shida to the canvas and goes for the cover. Shida kicks out at two, Rose hoists Shida for Beast Bomb, Shida counters, taking Rose down. Shida follows up with a Running Knee on Rose. Shida looking for a Suplex, Rose with the reversal. Rose takes Shida up and over the top. Rose goes to ringside, Rose attempts to throw Shida into the ring post.

Shida counters, and lands a Running Knee on Rose. Shida lifts Rose over the barricade, delivering Rose at the feet of guest Vickie Guerrero. Shida goes for a move, Rose counters, Shida then counters again, getting a Hip Throw on Rose. A big Running Knee by Shida, Rose falling awkwardly onto an oversized poker chip. Shida assists Rose over the barricade, back at ringside. Shida finds her kendo stick, holding it high with a smile. Rose struggles to her feet.

Shida with a punishing shot with the kendo stick. Rose lets out a howl, rolling into the ring. Shida hits Rose in the throat with the kendo stick, then a few more strikes with it. Shida lands a Brain Buster on Rose landing Rose on the kendo stick. A two count as Rose kicks out. Back to her feet, Shida lands another Running Knee for the two count.

Rose back to her feet, regaining control of the match. Rose lifts Shida from the canvas and hangs her to dry on the top rope. Rose climbs to the top turnbuckle, flying across the ring with a Springboard Knee for a near fall. Rose sets up a table against the turnbuckle, then lifts Shida to her feet. Rose with a Fireman’s carry, for Death Valley Driver attempt, Shida kicksout of the move.

Shida fights back, Rose delivers a Clothesline, followed by slamming Shida with a Power Bomb into the table for a two and a half count! Rose is stunned, getting back to her feet. Rose lifts Shida for a Death Valley Driver, followed by a beating with Shida’s own kendo stick! Rose heads up top, Shida grabs her kendo and wings it at Rose on the top turnbuckle. Roundhouse Right Hand.

Hikaru Shida builds up a head of steam, Rose hits Shida with the kendo. Running Knee Strike by Rose for another pin attempt, Rose kicks out at two. Shida delivers more abuse with the kendo, followed by a Running Knee and another pin… for the three count! We have a NEW AEW Women’s Champion — Hikaru Shida!

Winner and NEW AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikura Shida

– A video package starts with Jon Moxley speaking during an interview, leading into clips highlighting the events building up to tonight’s AEW World Championship match pitting Moxley against the man who stole his title — “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order — Mr. Brodie Lee.

AEW World Championship
Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Out first is Mr. Brodie Lee as his music sounds in the arena. Lee makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Commentators note this will hopefully remain a one-on-one match up as The Dark Order is known to come to the aid of Lee.

Out next is Jon Moxley who makes his own way into the Daily’s Place arena in Jacksonville, FL. Moxley enters the ring for tonight’s co-main event match up! Dasha does the formal pre-match introductions for this, our final title bout and first of two featured attraction main events here at AEW Double Or Nothing.

The bell sounds and here we go with our AEW World Championship contest. Lee charges at Moxley with a big boot right off the bat, but misses and Moxley sends him out to the floor. Moxley goes to dive onto Lee on the floor, however “The Exalted One” had Moxley’s move scouted, as he catches the champ on his way out.

Now Brodie Lee is taking it to Moxley as the action resumes inside the squared circle. Moxley runs in, Lee delivers a strong Right Hand, sending Moxley into the corner of the ring. Moxley and Lee pass Strikes in the center of the ring. Lee ends up on the outside of the ring as he attempts a strike on Moxley in the corner, Lee falling over the top rope. Moxley delivers a Suicida through the ropes, landing Lee into the barricade.

Lee counters another move by Moxley, sending him to the floor on the outside. This time Lee with a Tope Suicida of his own, sending Moxley through the barricade on the outside of the ring. The two superstars deliver shots back and forth, strike for strike. Moxley looking for the German Suplex, Lee counters, slamming Moxley into the steel rail surrounding the ring.

Moxley’s spine and elbow collide with the chair behind both he and Lee. Lee looks off into the distance. Lee throws Moxley back into the ring. Moxley with a big Forearm, a slug-fest of Overhand Chops and Strikes ensue. Moxley smacks Lee across the face. Back Drop Suplex by Lee. Lee with a Splash on Moxley in the corner.

Moxley delivers a Clothesline, following up with a Pile Driver and a cover. Lee kicks out at two. Lee rolls out of the ring, coughing and dropping down to one knee on the outside. Moxley sets up the steel stairs. Moxley and Lee jump for the Running Knee Strike. Moxley shrugs Lee off, dropping him behind the steel stairs. Moxley rolls Lee into the ring and the battle continues.

Superplex by Lee onto the canvas from the top, Moxley immediately rolls Lee for a pin attempt. Lee and Moxley end up outside, Lee delivers a Suplex to Moxley on the outside, throwing him into a prop at ringside. Lee stomps on the image of Moxley next to the ring, then delivers a Spine Buster into the playing card with Moxley’s image on it. “Brodie Sucks!” chant ensues.

Lee re-enters the ring, Moxley struggles up to the apron, falling into the ring over the middle rope. Lee stands momentarily before attempting to deliver a finisher. Lee hits a Brodie Stomp on Moxley, Moxley kicks out after 2. Lee shouts, “No!” Both men catching their breath. Moxley rises to meet Lee, fatigue to great as he crawls out of the ring onto the stage.

Lee follows behind. Moxley hits Lee with a fiber glass poker chip prop. Lee indicating a Power Bomb, Moxley grabs the knees of Lee. Moxley escapes. Moxley delivers a Paradine Shift to Lee, both men fall through the ramp. The ref calls for a medic as the crowd chants “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” Moxley’s face suddenly appears. Moxley crawls to his knees inside the ring. Lee’s head bleeding severely. Lee dazed, enters the ring. Moxley delivers another Paradine Shift, several strikes and another pin attempt.

Moxley delivers a Rearnaked Choke, one hook in. Lee is fading, Moxley retains with a submission!

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Stadium Stampede
“Broken” Matt Hardy & The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & The Young Bucks) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara & Proud -N- Powerful)

We switch to the football field in Jacksonville, where The Inner Circle are introduced one member at a time while Chris Jericho’s theme plays and each guy comes running out in football jerseys that read “Inner Circle,” with each guy having their own jersey number. Some are wearing helmets, too, while NFL cheerleaders are shown dancing around.

Now fire pyro explodes and smoke billows through the entrance way while The Young Bucks are introduced. Out next are Kenny Omega and “Broken” Matt Hardy, who comes out last for the baby face team. No sign of Hangman yet. Each team stands on opposing sides of the field, a whistle is blown by an AEW official and both teams charge at each other like an NFL kick off.

The action is underway now as the guys splinter off into two-man groups, as guys are brawling all over the field. A ring is also set up in the middle of the football field, however no one is in it yet. A football and other NFL gimmicks like first down markers and other props are being used, as all ten guys brawl to get this one started off.

Finally, the other half of the AEW tag champs and the final member of the baby face team of The Elite makes his way out, as “Hangman” Adam Page enters the picture on a horse, chasing down “The Spanish God” of The Inner Circle, as Guevara retreats in a hurry.

Omega with a snap dragon on Ortiz now as some of the members of the Stadium Stampede finally enter the ring to continue the action the traditional way, while other members of the match continue to brawl around the field.

The announcers keep selling the injured ribs of Matt Jackson. A big buckle bomb followed up by a Twist of Fate from Hardy on Guevara. Omega picks up where Hardy left off, looking to hit the V-Trigger for the win, however The Inner Circle yank Omega’s feet out from under him outside the ring to cut him off.

Omega and Ortiz splinter off and fight in the stands, as Matt Jackson climbs up the field goal post. He jumps off with a crazy moonsault / flip, landing on members of The Inner Circle and covering Jericho, but only getting a count of two before “Le Champion” kicks out to keep his team alive.

Santana joins Ortiz up in the stands now, beating up on Omega with a giant yellow traffic cone while Ortiz recovers. The Proud -N- Powerful duo take it to Omega now with a two-on-one advantage. Meanwhile, we see “Hangman” Adam Page still wondering around the various backstage areas of Daily’s Place and TIAA Bank Field. He gets off his horse to make a stop at the bar for a mid-match cock tail.

Meanwhile, Omega and the duo of Santana & Ortiz have fought up past the stands and into the consession stands, where “Broken” Matt Hardy has also entered the picture. Omega has some foreign objects and he helps take out Proud -N- Powerful while Hardy recovers. Omega slams the duo into some nearby trash cans.

Now the Inner Circle tag-team recovers and slams Omega through a table style sideways sign of some kind. We get immediate replays of the double powerbomb through the sign spot from Proud -N- Powerful to Omega. Now the two head over to “Broken” Matt Hardy, who is recovering near a pool. The duo throws Matt into the pool. Now the other member of the team says he can’t swim, leading to the other going in as well.

They try and double-team Hardy, holding him under the water in an apparent attempt to drown him, until out of nowhere, a different version of Hardy pops up out of the water — it’s Matt Hardy v.1. Matt-Facts air on the screen as the team try and hold him under again. They do, but again a different version of Hardy emerges yelling “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”

Hardy yells at one of the members of Proud -N- Powerful to come face him, and as he gets out of the pool, the two start trading punches. Hardy sets one on the table and as the other charges at him, Matt back-body drops one onto the other, putting both through a table. Now with Ortiz’s head in a giant liberty bell-sized bell, Hardy rings the bell and Excalibur gets to deliver a “he rang his bell” line on commentary.

Now we see Hardy duct-taping the other member of Proud -N- Powerful to a wheel chair. The brawl continues with Hardy beating on Ortiz while Santana, still taped to the wheel chair, tries shuffling his feet over to help his partner. Hardy avoids a big move attempt and escapes, slamming Santana’s head on an ice chest before locking him inside it by shoving a kendo stick through the handles.

Jake Hager is shown in a different part of the backstage area of the building looking for Hangman. He approaches the horse that Hangman left outside the bar. He enters the bar looking for him. He sits down right next to him and without either guy really acknowledging the other Hangman slides a shot to him and asks if he came to fight or drink. Each guy takes a drink and then start brawling. Hager throws Hangman over a pool table and then slams him right down on top of it. We see immediate replays.

We see Hager exit the bar and go after the rest of the guys. He meets up with Omega and Omega breaks a glass over Hager’s head. Hager barely reacts. Hangman approaches and smashes another over his dome. They each break another set over his head and then Omega hits the V-Trigger and Page hits the Buckshot Lariat knocking Hager over the bar. Hangman then serves Omega a drink as the two take another quick cock tail break in the middle of the match. Omega just chugged some milk.

Back inside the football field, we see one of the Bucks still working over Sammy Guevara. Matt Jackson whips Guevara into a guard rail and then catches a return super kick attempt. Matt hits Guevara with a Northern Lights suplex. He rolls through and hits another. Jericho enters the picture now and grabs a fire down marker and spikes one of the Bucks with it. “That’ll move the chains” says Jericho, but J.R. reiterates with a first down joke of his own. Meanwhile, the Buck is still northern-lights suplexing Guevara all the way down the 100-yard football field.

Jericho hops on a mega phone and taunts Nick Jackson, telling him he should’ve stayed home. Nick blasts him with a kick, knocking the bull horn into the grill of the Inner Circle leader. He starts chucking footballs at Le Champion, with one perfectly spiraling into Le Family Jewels. Jericho tosses the Buck member into the open helmet of the Jaguars logo. The Jaguars mascot enters the picture and Jericho knocks his block off. We see the other Buck still northern lights suplexing Guevara all the way down the field.

One of the Young Bucks hits a super kick, knocking Jericho into the practice goal for field goal kickers. Jericho grabs “Floyd” the bat and blasts the Buck member with it for a close near fall. Jericho challenges the referee’s pin speed, throwing down the red flag. The official goes to check the replay booth as we wait to see if the call is overturned, ala a bad play in the NFL. The official declares that the call on the field stays as we finish up the Buck suplexing Guevara for the 100th-and-final yard. He picks Guevara up and spikes him on his dome like a football before doing an End Zone dance, prompting the ref to throw a penalty flag for unsportsman like conduct. The Buck, pissed at the call, super kicks the ref.

Meanwhile, Jericho is still Floyd-the-bating the other Buck member around the field. He sets him up on a table when we see the other Jackson enter the picture, laying Jericho on the table. Nick Jackson runs up the stadium steps while Matt holds him. He builds up some momentum, sprinting down the steps, leaping off the hand rail and flying through the air, landing and crashing onto Jericho, putting Le Champion through a table. Hangman comes by with the yard-marker chalk thing and wheels it right over Jericho, leaving a giant white streak down the middle of his body.

Guevara crawls from the end zone he was suplexed 100 yards into, however his luck doesn’t get any better, as he sets off the sprinkler system and is soaked. He comes to because of the water and confused, Guevara raises his hands in celebration as he believes he won. We see a motorized golf cart enter the picture and it’s deja vu time. Hardy honks the horn in the golf cat as he and Omega chase Guevara to the opposite end of the field. He hops the railing and heads up the stadium steps. Sammy is throwing chairs and junk down at The Elite members chasing him around the bleechers.

NEO 1, the new-and-improved Vanguard 1 drone, flies its way into the picture, setting up a V-Trigger from Omega. Omega then hits an insane One-Winged Angel from the bleachers all the way through some staged flooring, sending Guevara through it and covering him in the process. The Elite and “Broken” Matt Hardy win the first-ever Stadium Stampede in our AEW Double Or Nothing main event. We see the gatoraid bath given to Omega after he scored the pin for his team.

Winners: “Broken” Matt Hardy & The Elite

The Elite celebrate, Gatorade bath for Omega. The team celebrates as fireworks go off in the background.

Fantastic match!


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