Sunday, April 19, 2020

Jim Ross Would Like to See Rusev in AEW

Jim Ross Would Like to See Rusev in AEW
Rusev is the more interesting name who was released earlier this week from WWE.

If Jim Ross has his way Rusev will be coming to AEW very soon. During Grilling JR, JR discussed WWE’s recent releases and stated that Rusev is someone who could come to AEW for main event level matches. If he were running talent relations then Ross would give Rusev a call as soon as possible.

“There’s got to be some semblance of a reason that the massive push for him was cut short. I don’t know what that reason is. I’ve never heard any scandalous tales about the guy. I find him to be a softhearted, well-raised guy. Meaning he’s polite and he’s a decent human being. Rusev would be my priority. That’s who I’d want to go after first because I can see him having some major pay-per-view main event matches with a variety of top talents in our company AEW. Anyone would be smart to hire him.”

Jim Ross said that Rusev would do well in All Elite Wrestling. At 34-years-old, Rusev has a long career ahead of him. The WWE Hall Of Fame announcer continued saying that he would love to call The Bulgarian Brute’s matches at a high level.

“I’d like to call his matches on that high level. Conrad, you know what you’re gonna get out of the guy. He’s got something to prove now…I’m real high on Rusev, I always thought he was a player, no doubt.”

Rusev loves pro wrestling and he has a lot of options. Like everyone else, Rusev is also waiting for the current coronavirus pandemic to subside before any big decisions can be set in stone.