Monday, April 6, 2020

Drew McIntyre Defends The WWE Title on RAW

Drew McIntyre Defends The WWE Title Against Big Show
This week on WWE RAW, fans got to see an interview that was taped after WWE WrestleMania 36 Night Two went off the air.

 McIntyre thanked Paul Heyman for underestimating him. The Scottish Psychopath said he was ready to go to war, and that Lesnar made him angry. McIntyre said he knew he was going to Claymore Kick Lesnar as many times as it took.

The Big Show, dragging a referee to the ring, interrupted McIntyre. The giant congratulated McIntyre and told him there’s a target on his back. The Big Show said it’s a big man’s world and McIntyre is no giant. The Big Show said he’s not challenging for the title but he still wanted to face McIntyre then and there. McIntyre said he’s not afraid of The Big Show. “There’s noting you can say that will convince me to fight you tonight,” said McIntyre. The Big Show slapped the microphone out of McIntyre’s hand and a WWE Championship match broke out. The Big Show dropped McIntyre with a shoulder block. Some clubbing blows gave The Big Show the upper hand.

The Big Show dominated the bout and overpowered McIntyre. He jumped off the second rope and flattened the champion. A massive slam planted McIntyre on the mat. The Big Show asked McIntyre what he’s made of. McIntyre countered a Chokeslam into a slam of his own. The Big Show hit the Chokeslam after a second attempt for a near fall. McIntyre dodged a knockout punch and pinned The Big Show after a Claymore Kick.