Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corey Graves Considering In-Ring Return, A look at Gene Snitsky

Corey Graves Considering In-Ring Return, A look at Gene Snitsky
- The recent "Where Are They Now?" episode on the WWE Network caught up with former WWE Superstars Gene Snitsky.

Below is the full segment with Snitsky, featuring the inside story on his baby doll punt, and what he's up to these days.

- On WWE's "After The Bell", Corey Graves revealed that he was considering an in-ring return after watching Edge's recent WWE 24 documentary on his comeback from retirement.

"Watching it, honestly, man, it was inspiring," Graves told Edge (H/T to Sportskeeda). "I would say at two or three different points I went, 'Man, I live in Pittsburgh now. I should go find Dr. Maroon.' It just gave me that urge to do this all over again, and I don't know whether or not that's a possibility, but the thought was planted in my brain for quite some time."

Graves, a former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion, made his pro wrestling in-ring debut back in 2000 and had a successful career on the indies. He worked a few dark matches for WWE but then signed in 2011, and wrestled for the NXT brand until March 2014. He was forced to retire later that year after suffering concussion-related issues, and has worked WWE TV shows and pre-shows since then.