Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Former UFC Champion Colby Covington Challenges Drew McIntyre

Former UFC Champion Colby Covington Challenges Drew McIntyre
While speaking with Submission Radio, Former UFC champion Colby Covington has issued a challenge to Drew McIntyre.

Covington made it well known last week that he had plans to make the jump from the world of MMA to the pro wrestling business. During the interview, Covington said he wants to make wrestling real again, which is why he’s interested in doing business with the WWE.

"Me and Drew McIntyre is a good match-up. He's a big guy, but it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog, and everybody knows the big the fight is in me," Covington said. "So, I just think I can beat any man alive right now and I'm the best in the world, so they need to let me go over there and make wrestling real again."

UFC President Dana White has been working on buying a private island to hold shows during the coronavirus pandemic. Covington discussed his desire to fight on that island as soon as possible.

"You can see me fight very soon. I've been training very hard, I'm in great shape. I stay ready," Covington said. "As soon as the next fight gets made, I'm willing to go to Dana White's fight island. I think it's the perfect place for this. Main event on Dana White's fight island. Let's do this, man. Colby Covington versus Tyron Woodley. I'm gonna destroy him. I'm gonna show why he's a gossip girl, why he's on TMZ hiding from me all the time, why he's faking these stupid-ass rap albums.

"Tyrone, come on, man, we know you're broke and you put all that money in that rap career. Yeah, it don't matter. I know you need a pay check. You need to come and take this losing pay check to me. Don't run away, don't go sign with some guy named Dilbert or some guy named Leon Scott. You need to come get that ass whooped."

Covington continued his passionate plea for a fight with Woodley. He talked about how White's "fight island" would give him the best chance to confront Woodley.

"The most appealing thing about it is I can just eliminate Tyron Woodley from Earth," Covington said. "We can take him to the private island, and I can leave him unconscious with his dead body and they can throw his dead body to the sharks next to the private island. We'll just never hear from his again."