Bruce Prichard Talks Physical Altercation Between Nailz And Vince McMahon

Bruce Prichard Talks Physical Altercation Between Nailz And Vince McMahon

The latest episode of Something to Wrestling with Bruce Prichard featured former WWE star Kevin Wacholz, aka Nailz.

Nailz and Vince McMahon were involved in a fight that led to multiple lawsuits. Prichard described it not as a fight but as an altercation believing that no punch was thrown since everyone crowded around after hearing from Vince’s office. After the altercation, Nailz called the police and Prichard went through the timeline of events.

“He called them right then because they came and took a statement. It was fast. It was not much other than somebody go and tell Kevin he needs to go get his bag and go, and I believe it was Jack Lanza who did that either Jack Lanza or Sgt. [Slaughter],” Prichard said. “They went, and Kevin left. But he called the police first, and he waited outside for the police to get there to talk to them. Then the police came in and talked to Vince.”

Thompson discussed the police report that was filed two days later that reported Wacholz as the victim of a sexual assault from Vince. The police report also said that this was allegedly the second time Wacholz was assaulted with referee Earl Hebner listed as a witness as well as other talent. A Titan’s Tower statement alleged that Wacholz was extorting $150,000 from Vince. Thompson continued with Dave Meltzer’s writing of the incident where Wacholz’s story is not believed, but he was seen as a hero who “had the guts to pop McMahon”.

Thompson also read from Bret Hart’s book on his account of the incident. Hart’s autobiography details what others had heard from the incident and how Nailz was viewed by many backstage.

“Vince had problems to deal with in Green Bay. For the past six months, he had been building Kevin Wacholz as a psycho killer ex-con named Nailz. Kevin cornered Vince in his office and screamed at him for 15 minutes about all the lies he’d been told. His yelling got so loud I got goosebumps up my back as I listened from down the hall,” Thompson said reading an excerpt from Hart’s book. “Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Nailz had knocked Vince over his chair, choking him violently, until Lanza, Slaughter and a swarm of agents teamed up to pull him off. Nailz walked out and immediately called the police and accused Vince of making a sexual advance towards him. Vince was charged of sexual assault. The charges were dropped soon after. Some of the boys actually admired Nailz for snatching Vince while covering his tracks to not get charged himself. The last thing Vince wanted was another scandal.”

Thompson asked Prichard more about that night in 1992. Prichard talked about how the incident occurred amidst a busy schedule and that people move on. He also expressed his frustration over hearing reading things that aren’t true but are stated as fact.

“That night, that day, everything happened so fast. It was kind of a blur, plus you gotta produce three television shows that night. So that makes it crazy, but after the fact, I know it sounds weird, you’re involved in so much craziness all around you that you move on. You just put your head down, and you move on,” Prichard said. “It’s difficult to defend against make-believe or s–t. You have to defend yourself at some point.

“When I read things that are just completely fabrications that are printed as fact and printed as this happened, this is how it happened when it’s nowhere near how and/or what happened. You get overloaded, and it’s frustrating just really really frustrating. And I think that’s what everybody was feeling, especially Vince who’s put in a really really sh—y position.”


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