Sunday, April 5, 2020

Backstage WWE Stars' Morale During WrestleMania Tapings

Backstage WWE Stars' Morale During WrestleMania Tapings
There were a lot of people in the company who felt that taping the biggest show of the year being held at the Performance Center was not a good idea and many hoped that Vince McMahon would postpone the show.

However, once everyone arrived for the tapings, the feeling among the wrestlers changed and it was clear last night that everyone was giving their best effort. Wade Keller noted during his WrestleMania recap that wrestlers were not treating the WrestleMania tapings like a Saudi Arabia show.

Keller said, “from a number of wrestlers who were at the tapings, I did hear that this was not like a Saudia Arabia [feeling of] ‘let’s just get through this.’ The attitude among the wrestlers was, ‘everyone really wanted to work hard and try to make this work.'”

Keller noted that there was no resentment from towards WWE among the wrestlers he spoke with and the feeling was that everyone wanted to do everything possible to salvage the show.

Keller continued, “this did come across as a night where the wrestlers were like, ‘we’re here, we’re not here under protest or resentful or we don’t see this as [not] important.’ I was told the attitude among the crew was ‘lets surprise people.’ That was the attempt and I think it’s clear they were attempting to work hard and salvage this given the tough circumstances.”