Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Young Bucks Appear In New Matt Hardy Video

The Young Bucks Appear In New Matt Hardy Video
Matt Hardy has released the first part of his "Free The Delete" series finale on YouTube.

The video features a surprise appearance by AEW's The Young Bucks, in a move that will fuel the rumors on Hardy possibly signing with the company. The brothers appear at the end of the video.

Matt wrote the following as the video description: "In 'FREE THE DELETE' Episode 10, Matt begins 'THE PREPARATION' for his precarious plan to RESURRECT both ZENITH and his #BROKENBrilliance. All of the perilous pieces of Matt's prophetic puzzle come to fruition."

The episode is currently trending on Twitter and Matt commented on the success of the video, noting that the best is yet to come.

"Very GRATEFUL & HUMBLED that the NEW #FreeTheDELETE Ep10 is being so talked about that it's trending (with Bucks of Youth) in the US! So proud of what the FTD story has become - And the best is yet to come!," he wrote.