Tuesday, March 17, 2020

WrestleMania Matches Up in The Air, Backstage Reaction to The Empty Arena Matches

WrestleMania Matches Up in The Air, Backstage Reaction to The Empty Arena Matches
As seen on last night's RAW, WWE stayed away from having too much in-ring action, as they only had on single match during the show.

Despite RAW and Smackdown viewership numbers staying strong, both shows received very negative reactions on social media and that is also the general feeling inside the WWE.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that those in WWE felt that an empty Performance Center match just doesn’t work. This could pose an interesting set of issues for WrestleMania 36.

The plans for this year's WrestleMania were to have a lot of matches, but now they might not hold as many as they had previously planned. Meltzer said that due to the new location nothing is locked down in regards to what matches fans will see. Previously advertised contests are happening, but those that the company is still building might have to wait.

“Basically [I was told] anything that isn’t announced other than Randy Orton and Edge are obviously having that last man standing match. Either else other than that’s been in announced is up in the air whether they’ll have the match because the card’s so long, it’s not just RAW. There are a lot of suggestions going around, but nothing is official. You’d think it would be official, but it’s not. They had a complete card, but now they don’t, but there ya go.”

One of the match in their plans was the 3-way for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title, but now it appears to be scrapped.

“They do not know, okay, the [WWE Women’s Tag Team Title] match was a 3-way last week which would have been Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss, Beth Phoenix & Natalya, and The Kabuki Warriors, okay? We don’t know now.”

We’ll have to see what happens. If rumor of WWE moving WrestleMania 36 to the MSG on June 7th is true, the company might also wants (or be forced) to stop the building for current matches and storylines. In that case, what is now set for the current card, could be totally changed or reschedules within the next 3 months.

WWE is keeping WrestleMania on April 5th, but the belief is that the city of Orlando will shut down the event from the PC due to COVID-19 Outbreak.