Thursday, March 26, 2020

Teddy Hart Arrested Again (Video)

Teddy Hart Arrested Again (Video)
Teddy Hart was arrested again this afternoon. He was just released from jail on March 19 for violating a house arrest agreement, which also followed and arrest in February on drug charges.

The 40-year old Hart was at the home of indie performer Ace Montana earlier today. Montana claims that Hart physically assaulted Maria Manic. Montana alleges that he then pulled a gun at Hart. Montana posted the video below of Hart leaving the scene, with Hart denying that he assaulted Manic.

"I literally had to pull my gun on #Teddyhart ?? and throw him out of my friends house," Montana wrote on Facebook. "This piece of s--t literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Manic and would not let her get help. she texted me I'm in danger never ever did I think I would meet a piece of s--t like this guy who has now been arrested with a felony against him. I don't think this guy knew how close to death he was. #f--kyouteddyheart

"This video is me kick him out before the cops came and arrested him???."

This is Hart's third arrested this year. Hart was arrested last month on February 12th in Richmond, Virginia and was booked on three charges of possession, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance and possession with intent to sell and distribute. He was arrested again earlier this month for violating his house arrest.