Sunday, March 8, 2020

Scott Steiner's Wife Provides Health Update

Scott Steiner's Wife Provides Health Update
Scott Steiner is going to make a one-hundred percent recovery from collapsing after this weekend's Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Atlanta, Georgia.

Steiner's wife, Christa, provided an update yesterday evening.

"First of all I went to thank everyone @IMPACTWRESTLING for taking such great care of my husband @ScottDAmore, @THETOMMYDREAMER, @johnnyswinger2, @JoeyRyanOnline, @IMPACTWRESTLING & Cobb County EMTs. We appreciate all the well wishes, thoughts & prayers. He will make a one-hundred percent recovery."

Tommy Dreamer also commented on Twitter, noting the same thing.

"Scott Steiner is expected to make a full recovery. Thank you all for your concerns & prayers. 99% Life + 1% death = Genetic Freak. Steiner math continues. Holla if ya hear me. #BigPoppaPump"

It was reported Steiner, 57, underwent a heart procedure yesterday.