Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Rumor Killer on WrestleMania Casket Match

Rumor Killer on WrestleMania Casket Match
AJ Styles dropped a lot of interesting verbiage this week on WWE Raw. A couple of the things he said led fans to believe that WWE is heading the direction of a casket match for WrestleMania.

This was speculated about during Wrestling Observer Radio. Then later, Bryan Alvarez had to kill this rumor during Wrestling Observer Live. He confirmed that no casket match is in the cards for WrestleMania 36 at this time.

The Undertaker and AJ Styles are set to have a match at the show of shows. The two will even appear on Raw this week and sign a contract for their big match. This will not be a casket match leaving them to likely battle in a typical singles match stipulation.