MLW Fusion Results – March 7, 2020

MLW Fusion Results - March 7, 2020

Jacob Fatu cuts a promo to open the show. He warns Stronghearts leader CIMA ahead of their title showdown. “TonightI’m putting you down for good.” The bout will be tonight’s main event.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion. Erick Stevens makes his way to the ring accompanied by Osbourne. He is representing Team Filthy. Speaking of”Filthy” Tom Lawlor joins the commentary table to call the action alongside Bocchini and Kirsch. Stevens will be facing the Opera Cup winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. Prior to the bout Smith released an interview saying that he’s going to make Stevens very sorry, and that he’s got the Von Erichs in his corner in case anything suspicious begins to go down.

Erick Stevens versus Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Tie-up. Smith shows off his power and shoves Stevens into the corner. Crowd heavily behind Smith. Second tie-upboth guys trying to feel each other out. Smith powers Stevens down again. Headlock from SmithStevens bounces him off the ropes but Smith runs right through him with a shoulder tackle. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. Stevens slaps Smith in the faceSmith makes him pay by clobbering him with a forearm. Hard Irish-Whip and Stevens collides hard into the turnbuckles. Smith drives an elbow to Stevens’ face. He picks him uppowerslam. Another one. Smith drops a big leg for a nearfall. He slows the action down with a modified clutch. Smith hits a delayed vertical suplex holding Stevens up for nearly 30-seconds. Coveranother two. Stevens slides to ringside to recover. Smith follows him out but Stevens sends him into the barricade, then nails a huge running chop.

Stevens goes to smash Smith off the apronSmith blocks it and returns the favor. He suplexes Stevens onto the arena floor. Smith breaks the count, then boots Stevens across the chest. Back in the ring Stevens picks the leg and wears it down with a submission. He ties Smith’s leg up over the ropescombination from Stevens ending with a middle-rope shoulder tackle. He hooks the heelSmith hits an up-kick to create some separation but Stevens applies a single-leg crab. Smith breaks the hold by making it to the ropes. Back and forth striking exchangeneither man budgingSmith rocks Stevens with another forearmStevens comes right back with a dragon-screw on the injured leg. He goes for a secondSmith blocks it and hits an enziguri. Smith mounts Stevens in the corner10-punches. Irish-Whip and back body drop combination from Smith. Stevens pretends like he’s giving up, then surprises Smith with a roll-uptwo count. Another roll-up. Two. Smith catches Stevens in a snap-powerslam. Smith counters a maneuver into a running powerslam. He climbsflying headbutt connects. That’s it.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins by pinfall

Lawlor is furious at the commentary table and claims that Smith cheated in the match. Smith confronts him on the outsideDominic Garrini gets in between Lawlor and Smith and stares Smith down. A possible new matchup?

Bocchini tells us that Injustice has been banned from the arena. Video footage showing security denying them entrance into the building is played. They are obviously very upset.

Jimmy Havoc cuts a promo on Brian Pillman Jr. “Some of my friends have told me I’m an addict. I’m addicted to pain. See I love it when I get hurtI love when I get cutI love seeing my own blood. But I love hurting people more. TonightI’m going to hurt you Brian. Deep down I’m genuinely sorry for it, but this is your own fault.”

An interview from former champion Low Ki. He says that the fans will soon find out who the king of the knockouts is, calling out MMA fighter King Mo. Cut to LA Park. He says he is a free agent, and a mercenary, claiming that no one bosses him around or tells him what to do. “I can fight anyone I want.”

Jimmy Havoc is out next accompanied by Priscella Kelly. Brian Pillman Jr. is out second.

Jimmy Havoc versus Brian Pillman Jr.

Waistlock from Havoc to start. Pillman attempts to reverse the positioning on the groundhe gets to his feet and hip-tosses Havoc to the mat. On a tie-up Havoc grabs a wristlock. Pillman breaks the hold by kicking Havoc in the face from the ground. Havoc offers a handshakePillman accepts it. Havoc makes him pay by forearming him in the face. Pillman retakes control and hits a corner lariatbutterfly pin attemptHavoc kicks out. Pillman goes to slap Havoc but Havoc bites his hand. Havoc double-stomps Pillman into the mat. Picture in picture shows Injustice still arguing with security about getting into the building. They are blaming Pillman for this. Back to the matchHavoc slaps Pillman over the back. Jumping senton, followed by a straight-jacket hold. Pillman in trouble. Eventually Havoc lets go. Back and forth strikingPillman wins the exchangehuge roundhouse drops Havoc to a knee but he fires off a European uppercut. Snap powerslam by Pillman and both men are down.

Pillman lays into Havoc in the corner with stiff lariats. He nails a reverse crossbody from the top rope for a nearfall. Havoc gets dumped to the apronPillman tries a superkickHavoc catches his leg in the ropes and begins biting the leg! Back in the ring Pillman hits a straight-jacket lungblower. He has the match won but Kelly puts Havoc’s foot on the ropes. Fun spot where Kelly gets involved and accidentally hits Havoc with a flying crossbody. This gives Pillman the chance to connect with his swinging neckbreaker, followed by a springboard lariat. That’ll do it.

Brian Pillman Jr. wins by pinfall

Post match Pillman is interviewed by Alicia Atout. He challenges Myron Reed to a future Middleweight championship opportunity, then thanks the fans and his father for paving his path in the pro-wrestling industry. Commentary reminds us that Reed will already be defending his title against Laredo Kid on next week’s show.

Dynasty promo. Richard Holliday is talking to MJF on the phone, then hangs up to hang with Hammerstone and Medina. Holliday still carries Savio Vega’s Caribbean championship. Hammerstone says that Holliday has finally brought prestige to that title. Medina then says he looks forward to fighting the “disgusting” Mance Warner and teaching him a lesson. That match is made official for next week as well.

Cut to Mance Warner. He says that Medina is real fast and real tough, but that he sold his soul to run around with the Dynasty. He also provides an update on his Uncle, who the Dynasty attacked. His Uncle comes in drinking moonshine, indicating that he’s okay.

Josef Samael cuts into the feed. He says that Contra Unit is embarking on a mission to prepare for the upcoming war. He says that Contra is planning and getting stronger. “Contra is recruiting. Just like our soldiers in Japan, where Ikuro Kwon and the death squad get ready.” Tom Lawlor vs. Killer Kross is set for next week.

Main event time. The tale of the tape is played between CIMA and the champion Jacob Fatu. CIMA is out first, neither of the other STRONGHEARTS accompany him to the ring. Fatu is out next along as always with Samael. Here we go.

Jacob Fatu versus CIMA for the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Tie-up. Fatu traps Cima in the corner. Cima ducks a lariat and lands a series of kicks to the champ. He applies a headlock. Cima gets bounced off the ropesshoulder block but Fatu doesn’t budge. Cima goes for another oneno dice. He goes for a thirdFatu pops-him up for a Samoan DropCima has it scouted and rolls to the outside to regroup. Fatu chases him outCima runs back into the ring. He baits Fatu into following him and hits a running basement dropkick. Snapmare, double-knee drop, and senton from Cima in succession. He ties the big guy up in an abdominal stretch. Repeated elbows from Cima. Fatu takes control with a huge superkick that sends Cima to the corner. Running hip-thrust dazes the STRONGHEARTS leader. He bites Cima’s hand and chokes him over the ring ropes. Fatu puts Cima in another corner and drives his shoulders into the gut. Cima goes for a sunset flip pinFatu is too heavy to bring downhe strikes Cima with a right. Cima gets put in the tree-of-woerunning headbutt. Fatu is in total control.

Cima finally mounts a comeback. He hits a DDT and wraps the champ up in a modified triangle submission. Fatu gets his foot on the ropes but Cima takes Fatu down with another snapmare and NAILS a roundhouse. Cima to the topdouble-stomp missesFatu hits the pop-up Samoan drop. He climbsmoonsault connects. Samael screams for Fatu to put Cima away. Another moonsault. It’s over.

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Afterwards Fatu and Samael place Cima in a black body bag and drape a Contra flag over him. The death squad carry the body out on a stretcher.


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