MLW Fusion Results – March 14, 2020

MLW Fusion Results - March 14, 2020

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the debut of Killer Kross, who they mention has signed with WWE.

Kross battles “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in the evening’s main event. Bocchini runs down the rest of the card, including Mance Warner vs. Gino Medina.

AAA’s Laredo Kid is out accompanied by Konnan. He will be challenging Myron Reed for the Middleweight championship. The rest of Injustice (Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil) accompany Reed to the ring. Footage of Injustice confronting Konnan before the show started is played.

Myron Reed versus Laredo Kid for the MLW Middleweight championship

Tie-up. Neither man is able to gain the advantage so they break and reset. Kid goes for a waistlock but Reed reversespace picks upquick takedown exchanges. Kid traps Reed in the ropes and hits an enziguri from the apron. He sends Reed to ringside with a headscissor. Kid follows him and gives him a chopReed isn’t affected due to the chest protector. Kid makes him pay by slapping him across the face. Back in the ringReed dodges a lariat and goes for an enziguri but Kid ducksBrazil and Oliver distract the referee allowing Reed to gain the advantage. Huge widowmaker and superkick in succession. Reed tries a suplexKid lands on his feet and kicks Reed in the gut. Reed shakes it off and back suplexes Kid. He goes to the apronslingshot legdrop for a nearfall. Reed charges Kid in the cornerKid nails him with an elbow. Flying forearm, followed by a Michinoku driver and a middle-rope moonsault by Kid. He asks the crowd if they want one moreanother moonsault. CoverReed kicks out.

Reed retakes control by reversing a suplex into a stunner, then hits a springboard cutter. Action moves to the topKid nearly wins the match with an insane top rope German suplex. Kid goes for a submission but Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver get involved. Kid fights them offsince they get in no offense the referee doesn’t call for a disqualification. Reed out of nowhere with a cutter to Kid on the apron. He sets Kid upspringboard 450. That’ll do it.

Myron Reed wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Middleweight championship

Commentary tells us that Brian Pillman Jr. will once again be receiving the Rookie of the Year award in MLW. Cut to a promo from Dynasty. Richard Holliday says that his lawyer/father is helping take care of the Mance Warner problem. Hammerstone and Holliday rebrand Medina as Gino “The Untouchable.” Medina promises to break each of Warner’s fingers when they meet in tonight’s matchup.

A vignette package plays teasing some type of clown persona coming. Most likely AAA’s Psycho Clown but that wasn’t confirmed.

Gino Medina is out first, with Richard Holliday joining him at ringside. Holliday still carries Savio Vega’s Caribbean championship. Mance Warner is next.

Gino Medina versus Mance Warner

Medina attacks Warner right before the bell rings to gain the advantage. Warner fires off some chops to create separation but Medina rocks him with a stiff enziguri. Fight spills to the outsidechopping exchange. Warner nails a headbutt, then slaps Medina across the chest. Hard Irish Whip from Warner sends Medina into the barricade. Back in the ringtrouble in paradise kick by Medina. He chokes Warner in the corner with his boot, then brings him to the mat with a clutch hold. Warner battles to his feet and hits a discus headbutt. Impaler DDT by Warner. Coveronly two.

Warner goes for his signature running knee but Medina catches him in a firemans carry and drops him off the turnbuckles. Running attack and superkick in succession by Medina. He climbs to the middle-ropeWarner surprises him with another headbutt, then hits the running knee for a close two. Medina rolls up Warner by grabbing the tightsWarner turns it into a school-boy and now he’s got the tightsgot em!

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

Medina is angry with the referee so he slaps him across the face as Warner fleas happy about his victory.

A special look at famed manager and personality Colonel Parker. We’re told that he’s recently got his license to return to MLW as a brief history with the promotion is shown.

Footage of the Von Erichs meeting with their father is shown. Marshall and Ross are angry with Tom Lawlor for disrespecting the state of Texas, and say that they are ready to start playing dirty if they have too.

A list of PWI’s Top 10 contenders for the MLW Heavyweight title. This takes us to the next segment, which is the PWI Rookie of the Year award being presented to Brian Pillman Jr. Fans chant you deserve it. He thanks the previous winners, including Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says this next year will be even better because he’s hungryhungry for the MLW Middleweight title.

Video from Injustice. They respond to Pillman’s Rookie of the Year award by saying that he only won because he has his daddy’s last name. Reed tells Pillman to lose weight, and maybe he’ll give him a title shot.

Promo from Team Filthy. Erick Stevens is still mad at his loss from last week and demands the Philadelphia fight commission review the tapes because he believes the referee counted fast. Lawlor calls out Killer Kross, telling Kross that he only “dreams” of being an MMA fighter, but Lawlor actually lives and breathes that life.

Dynasty catches up with Medina, who is still frustrated by his loss to Warner. Holliday promises Medina that he’ll have his father help them get back on track. “Dynasty always wins in the end.”

Footage of CIMA’s body being placed into the back of an SUV. Josef Samael appears and tells the drivers to take the body Ikuro Kwon at the gashel house. Commentary tells us that next week Richard Holliday will face Mance Warner’s mystery man.

Main event time. Team Filthy makes their way out to the ring to accompany Tom Lawlor. Killer Kross is out next to a huge ovation. Here we go.

Tom Lawlor versus Killer Kross

Lawlor shoves Kross. Kross drops him with a single kick. Huge punches by Kross, followed by a charging knee to the gut. He throws Lawlor to the outside. Lawlor nails a right hand but Kross is barely effected. He suplexes Lawlor onto the apron as the fans chant “Kill Kross Kill.” Back in the ring Lawlor rakes the eyes and hits a spinning heel kick to take Kross down. Lawlor lays into Kross with stiff forearms. Lawlor chops Kross in the chest. Again. He targets the arm and does the pentagon jr. arm break to torque the limb. Lawlor with huge kicks to the chestKross gets a surge of adrenaline but Lawlor cuts him off with a running elbow. He goes back to the arm and applies a modified kimura. Kross slams him but Lawlor keeps the submission on.

Kross eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Vertical suplex attempt by Lawlorhe hits it. Guillotine choke inKross is out. The referee checks the armhe keeps it up on the third try. Kross gets to his feetrelease Northern Lights Suplex. Huge corner lariats from Kross, followed by a big boot and an overhead belly-to-belly. He calls for doomsdayLawlor blocks ita flurry of strikes from Lawlorsuplex but Kross pops right back up! Running knee from Lawlor keeps Kross down. More jabsKross with a haymaker. Kross has the doomsday submission in but Lawlor falls to the outside to break the hold. Erick Stevens comes out of nowhere and nails Kross. DQ.

Killer Kross wins by disqualification

Team Filthy continue to beat down on Kross. The Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr. run out and chase Team Filthy out. Davey Boy gets on the microphone and says that they want to have an eight-man tag. Team Filthy acceptscommentary tells us it will happen next week.


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