MLW Fusion Results (3/28)

MLW Fusion Results (3/28)

Alicia Atout gives an update on Brian Pillman Jr, who was supposed to give an interview, but is currently nowhere to be found.

Back to the arena…Dominic Garrini makes his way out for our opening contest. A promo from Team Filthy is played over his entrance. They all talk trash, as Garrini declares the “Team Filthy” open challenge and promises $1,000 to whoever can last five minutes with him in the ring. Back to the arena…Dr. Dax answers the challenge.

Dominic Garrini versus Dr. Dax

Tie-up. Garrini goes for a waistloc…Dax uses his size to trap Garrini in the turnbuckles. Referee separates them and they reset. Garrini tries to pick the leg but Dax clubs him across the back. Garrini dodges a corner attack and sweeps Dax’s legs…Garrini applies a modified dragon sleeper and Dax taps out in just under a minute.

Dominic Garrini wins by submission

Backstage Dynasty address the camera. MJF calls out Mance Warner, saying he’s got “as many brain cells as he does teeth.” MJF promises to play/fight Warner all night if he has to. Hammerstone warns MJF to keep an eye on Warner. Commentary officially announces an empty arena “Loser Leaves” MLW bout for next week between the two.

The Psycho Clown vignette plays. Quick video package hyping King Mo, with footage of his MMA dominance added. Commentary asks who will be the king of knockouts after tonight’s main event between Mo and Low Ki.

Alicia Atout still cannot find Brian Pillman Jr. She says that because of his absence…his match against Injustice member Jordan Oliver will be canceled.

T-Hawk from the STRONGHEARTS is out next for his title opportunity against Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone is out second, with no other members of Dynasty in sight. Bocchini makes a comment about Hammerstone standing alone prior to the bell ringing.

T-Hawk versus Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW National Openweight Championship

Tie-up. Neither man able to gain an advantage…they reset. Second tie-up. Hammerstone shows off his power by pushing Hawk into the corner. He loads up for a haymaker but instead lets Hawk out. Third tie-up…Hammerstone grabs a headlock. Hawk bounces him off the ropes and Hammerstone runs right through him with a shoulder tackle. Hammerstone drives his shoulder into Hawk’s gut in the corner. Hawk catches Hammerstone with a boot, then follows up with a huge chop. Another one. Suplex attempt…Hammerstone blocks it at first but then has a surge of energy and hits it. Fans are heavily behind Hawk. Hawk lands a third chop, then a sky-high spinebuster for a nearfall. Hammerstone rocks Hawk with a huge forearm…he stomps him down to take control. Hawk dumps Hammerstone to the outside…he goes for a baseball slide but Hammerstone grabs him and sets him up for a bicycle kick. He picks Hawk up and whips him into the guardrail.

Back in the ring Hammerstone goes for a pin…Hawk kicks out with ease. Hammerstone cranks on Hawk’s neck. Hawk fights to his feet and lands another stiff chop. He comes off the ropes…Hammerstone elbows him back to the mat. Hammerstone asks Hawk to hit him…Hawk obliges with a chop. He follows up by drop kicking Hammerstone in the leg. Hammerstone tries to climb the turnuckles but Hawk chops him and he falls to the apron. Fun sequence of counters and super moves…Hammerstone hits a flush dropkick…Hawk pops up and uses a running knee. Fans are on their feet. Another Bicycle kick from Hammerstone. He powerbombs Hawk, then turns it into a Boston crab. Hawk manages to escape…both men are down.

Back and forth striking…Hammerstone wins the exchange with a high-angle t-bone suplex. Hawk somehow shakes it off and lands a vicious combo, followed by a back suplex of his own. Hawk climbs to the top…Hammerstone hits a running dropkick! He climbs…superplex and nightmare pendulum in succession. It’s over.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship

A special video package now plays of Low Ki showing off his dominance throughout MLW history, including his historic title reign. Ghostface Killah’s The Champ plays over the video.

Interview with Konnan. He says that the MLW and AAA super series should be exciting, especially with the event being held in Tijuana. He says he will reveal some of those matches on next week’s show.

Promo from Mance Warner. “You see MJF…you and your boys beat up my family. You bused Ole Mancer in the head, but here’s the thing. All you did was make Ole Mancer even more crazy.” He promotes their Loser Leaves Town match, and promises that it won’t be him losing when they meet next week. “Everything you’ve done…you’re about to answer for.”

Injustice joins Alica Atout and start showing her photos on their phone. They tell her to take what they have to the truck, indicating that they have attacked Brian Pillman Jr. once again.

Commercial for MLW shop.

Main event time. The tale of the tape is shown. King Mo is out first along with manager Dan Lambert. Fans give him a nice reaction. Low Ki is out second along with Ross Von Erich. Mo and Ki get right in each other’s faces before the bell. Referee tells both men to go to their corners. Here we go.

Low Ki versus King Mo

Mo hits a leg kick that briefly takes Ki down but he’s right back up. They clench…Mo forces Ki onto the ropes. Referee separates them and they reset. Waistlock from Mo…Ki grabs a standing guillotine…Mo breaks the hold by going to the ropes. They go at it again…Mo picks Ki up and dumps him over the top rope. Ki grabs his leg as Ross attends to him. Ki takes his time getting back into the ring. Mo meets him at the ropes and dumps him out again. Mo traps Ki in the corner and unloads a series of knee strikes and a few boots to Ki’s face. He goes after the hurt leg and wraps Ki up in a modified STF. HE switches to the arm and puts on a kimura. Ki punches Mo in the ribs to break free but Mo hits a diving chop block and Ki is in pain. He goes to the outside again as the referee counts…he gets back in at the last possible second. Mo picks up the pieces and lands a flurry of strikes. Ki with a burst of adrenaline…rolling kick and Mo is stunned. He tries for another chop block but Ki turns it into a rear naked choke. Mo is in trouble…Dominic Garrini and Erick Stevens come down to confront Ross. Marshall runs out to stand next to his brother and this leads to several referees coming to ringside to separate them. This gives Tom Lawlor the chance to nail Low Ki with an umbrella from behind. Lambert throws in Low Ki’s towel and the referee thinks Ki has been knocked out. Referee calls for the bell.

King Mo wins by knockout

Commentary is furious at how the main event went down. They hype next week’s Loser Leaves MLW match. Alicia Atout interviews King Mo right after. Mo says he won by knockout with ease and Dan Lambert calls people from Philly trash. Mo asks everyone to get down on one knee for the king.

The feed is cut into by the footage Injustice gave to Alicia Atout. It shows that Injustice did in fact jump Pillman in the parking lot. They place his head on a cinder block and curb stomp him through it.


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