Matt Hardy Teleports and Confronts Chris Jericho (Video)

Matt Hardy Teleports and Confronts Chris Jericho

Matt Hardy made quite the entrance to his confrontation with Chris Jericho on tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

As seen below, Hardy managed to teleport to the ring and then told Chris Jericho that he was “still an evil essence rotten to the core.” Jericho would then ask Hardy if he’s Inner Circle or Elite, and Hardy repeatedly said “Delete!” A brawl would later break out with Hardy getting beaten down by members of The Inner Circle until the Elite came out and showed that they have his back.

Below is our full recap of the confrontation from our live coverage:

Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and takes the camera from the camera man as he sings Jericho’s theme to him. Jericho talks about Matt Hardy’s debut last week and he says that he doesn’t think Matt realizes what he’s gotten into. Jericho says he is going to give Hardy the chance to make the right decision and join the Inner Circle instead.

Vanguard 1 appears and Jericho says that he doesn’t like Vanguard 1 because he thinks its arrogant and he hates his political views. “You’re a piece of shit Vanguard,” Jericho says. “You’re a piece of trash.” Jericho asks Vanguard 1 to join the Inner Circle, as well. “All the power will lie in the propellers,” he says. It flies away and Hardy’s music hits.

Hardy appears in the balcony and the screen cuts before he appears at a different place in the arena. He then appears lower and lower and lower before finally appearing ringside. “He’s teleporting, can’t you see it,” Omega yells at Schiavone. Hardy climbs in the ring and Jericho says that he knew that he would come.

Jericho says of course he knew because they booked this segment last week. Hardy says that he is magic and that’s how he was able to “teleport.” Jericho says he needs to explain to Matt how things work in AEW and that this is his show. He says that AEW was built on his back and put into the mainstream by him, so when he shows up in AEW he needs to align himself with Jericho instead of the “arrogant sons of bitches” in The Elite.

Hardy says that the reason he assisted The Elite was because he owed the “Bucks of Youth” a debt for resurrecting “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy says that he has seen the tyranny that Inner Circle is creating in AEW. He says AEW represents freedom and he cannot allow the Inner Circle to ruin it.

Jericho says he resurrects and makes careers and he can do that for Matt. Jericho says he can give Matt a “mulligan” and give him a shot to align himself with the Inner Circle. Matt says he was just repaying his debt to the Young Bucks and he says Jericho doesn’t understand what he is looking at.

Matt says that Jericho may recognize the “vessel” he sees but the entity driving the vessel is Damascus and he is over 3,000 years old and he is violent and perfect. Jericho says that no one understands reinventing themselves more than him. Jericho says that inside he is still the same Matt Hardy but Matt says that Jericho has changed his appearance many times but he has always been the same “hole of ass” inside.

Jericho says that Matt has always lived in the shadow of his brother, bad book and now of Jericho. Matt says he is in no one’s shadow and his “Broken Brilliance” is shining brighter than ever. Jericho says he is going to ask Matt one last time to join the Inner Circle but Matt screams “delete!” Matt and Jericho scream at each other saying “Elite” and “delete” over and over. Jericho says there is no one here to chant Matt’s stupid catchphrase but Matt says the venue is full of essences of the AEW fan.

Matt says that AEW fans should sing a new song and starts singing the “Obsolete” song. Matt says Abraham Lincoln is watching and MLK in the crowd, too. Jericho slaps Matt and Matt decks him. Jericho says he has some magic too and Sammy Guevara appears to attack Matt from behind.

Cody and Omega hit the ring with a chair and lay out both Jericho and Guevara. Guevara and Jericho retreat as Cody and Omega stand tall with Hardy. A huge pyro explodes on the stage as Hardy chants “delete” and scares Guevara and Jericho.


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