Friday, March 6, 2020

Lana Filming New Movie With Bruce Willis

Lana Filming New Movie With Bruce Willis
As noted, Lana was not at this week's WWE RAW in Brooklyn because she's filming a new movie project.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lana, who has had a few film roles in the past, is filming a movie with veteran actor Bruce Willis.

This was not confirmed as the movie Lana is working on, but Willis is currently in Atlanta, Georgia filming a new movie called "Run of The Hitman," about a hitman who loses his daughter after being abandoned by his country. The hitman's past is wiped from his memory by a covert government agency, and the film follows him as he stops at nothing to get his daughter back.

It looks like this is the movie that Lana is filming. Her recent Instagram photos are tagged in Atlanta and she has commented on being a "deadly assassin" and "the baddest assassin" in some of the photos.

Stay tuned for updates on the movie and when Lana might return to WWE TV. You can see her related IG photos below: