Impact Wrestling Results (3/31)

Impact Wrestling Results (3/31)

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to a brand new episode of Impact! The first match of the night is announced.

Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) vs. Eddie Edwards

Alexander corners Edwards. Edwards reverses. Edwards connects a belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards corners Alexander again and lands a few chops. Alexander uppercuts Edwards and the fans boo loudly. On the outside, Edwards baseball slides towards Alexander and follows it up with another chop. After, both men head back into the ring. Alexander drives his boot into Edwards. Alexander covers, Edwards, kicks out at 2. Alexander locks Edwards up in the ropes. After breaking the hold, both men exchange forearm strikes. Edwards flies through the middle rope and sends Alexander into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Edwards covers Alexander, Alexander pops free at 2. Alexander has Edwards up and connects a spinning suplex. In the middle of the ring, both men exchange back-and-forth shots. Edwards connects a tiger bomb, then covers Alexander. Alexander kicks out at 2. Page grabs Edwards foot, which helps Alexander pick up the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Post-Match: The North is attacking Edwards. Tessa Blanchard runs out and helps Edwards take them out.

Backstage: The North is discussing Alexander’s win just now. Page just can’t fathom why Blanchard wants to stick her nose in The North’s business. Page challenges Blanchard to a match tonight!

Kylie Rae vs. Cassandra Golden

Golden wastes little time and attacks Rae from behind. Golden grabs hold of Rae’s hair and throws her across the ring. Rae slips through the ropes and takes Golden down with the Kylie Special. Rae covers and Golden kicks out at 2. Rae follows it up with a senton, it still isn’t enough. Next, she goes for a superkick. Rae floats over with a side leg sweep and locks in a crossface on Golden. Golden taps out.

Winner: Kylie Rae

Backstage: Jimmy Jacobs asks Rae how it feels to be back on Impact. Rae says that it’s great to be back. She knew that Impact was her home. She announces that she just signed a contract with Impact!

After, Moose makes his way down to the ring.

Moose wants to reiterate that he is the best wrestler to have ever wrestled in this company, including those before him in TNA. Kid Kash makes his way down to the ring and confronts him. He starts off by saying he finds Moose to be an amazing athlete, however, he doesn’t believe he would have ever measured up in TNA. Moose challenges Kash to a match.

Moose vs. Kid Kash

Moose begins the match by kicking Kash. Kash fights back with a hurricanrana. Moose connects the No Jackhammer Needed (spear) and wins the match.

Winner: Moose

Backstage: Jacobs interviews Acey Romero and Larry D, who announce they are forming a new tag team called XXXL! Fallah Bahh and TJP join in on the interview.

Next, Jacobs interviews Rich Swann. In the middle of their interview, Ace Austin comes in and interrupts them. He tells Jacobs to leave. Swann tells Austin to shut up after all his yapping. Swann knows that Willie Mack has his eyes set on winning the X-Division Championship. All of a sudden, there’s a knock on Swann’s door, it’s Reno Scum. They attack Swann and their interview concludes.

Backstage: Willie Mack is on the hunt to take Austin down.

After, “ICU” creator, Sami Callihan, makes his way down to the ring.

Callihan informs the audience that he sees everything. He says that he did some soul searching after losing the Impact World Championship to Blanchard at Hard To Kill. He answers the question that fans have – why did he attack Ken Shamrock? He informs them that unlike “other companies,” you have to earn your spot, and Shamrock needs to earn his, again.

After that statement, Tommy Dreamer makes his way down to the ring. Dreamer is out there to stick up for Shamrock. Callihan requests that everyone take out their phones and take a picture of Dreamer and hashtag it, so he can have some popularity online. Dreamer doesn’t care about that. He calls Callihan “a little troll,” and he’ll fight for anyone who’s affected by bullies like him. Callihan attacks him, and Dreamer fights back and sends him to the outside. Dreamer wants to fight Callihan in an old school rules match!

Tommy Dreamer vs. Sami Callihan

Both men start bringing out the weapons. Callihan hits Dreamer, but Dreamer still uses the two baking sheets and smacks Callihan in the face with them. Callihan fires back with a cheap shot. Dreamer lands a few jabs, but Callihan counters an elbow strike. Dreamer runs to the back and brings out a trashcan. Dreamer hits Callihan in the head with it. Callihan grabs a stapler and Dreamer finds another one.

Back from the break, Callihan trips Dreamer. He lands right on top of a chair. Dreamer gets up and sends Callihan crashing into a chair that’s set up in between the turnbuckle. Dreamer goes for the cover, and Callihan kicks out at 2. Callihan sets up two other steel chairs in the ring. Callihan sends Dreamer through the two steel chairs with the death valley driver. Callihan concludes the match with the cactus special. Callihan wins.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Rhino runs down to the ring to help Dreamer. oVe follows right behind Rhino and they all take out Dreamer and Rhino. The lights turn off and Callihan disappears, leaving his oVe brothers still standing in the ring. They’re confused.

At the Bar: Rosemary is getting her drink on! As she is talking away, she’s come to the decision that she’s going to see people differently.

Gabby Loren interviews Dez about his favorite snacks, his workout regime and what he does during his free time.

Next, a video package showcasing Susie/Su Yung’s story is shown. After, Susie walks around backstage trying to talk to The Deaners. They are freaked out and decide to leave.

Joesph Ryan vs. Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake)

Ryan strikes Deaner with his hat. Deaner is fired up and fires away with several jabs, followed by a clothesline. Cousin Jake on the outside forces Ryan to drink his beer. Deaner picks up the win after connecting the GIV’ER Done.

Winner: Cody Deaner

Backstage: Eddie Edwards thanks Tessa Blanchard for helping him out earlier tonight. He asks her if she would like for him to be in her corner tonight. She says no, and that she’s going to go out there on her own.

Backstage: Michael Elgin has some strong things to say towards Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander)

Page drives his boot across Blanchard’s throat. Blanchard corners Page, but Page gets out with a clothesline. Page holds Blanchard in the vertical suplex position and slams her down. Blanchard gets back up and fights back until Page throws a forearm strike. Page Irish Whips Blanchard into the corner. Blanchard rolls out in time. She turns it around with a top rope hurricanrana, followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Next, Blanchard rolls in and out of the ring with three middle rope dives. Back in the ring, Blanchard connects another tilt-a-whirl/DDT combination. Blanchard goes for the cover, Page kicks out at 2. Blanchard climbs to the top rope and jumps off. Page catches her midair and throws her towards the turnbuckle. Both of them are standing on the middle rope. Blanchard pushes Page off. Alexander grabs Blanchard’s foot. Eddie Edwards runs down to the ring, and takes out Alexander. Blanchard finally connects a Magnum, and wins the match.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Post-Match: Michael Elgin steps into the ring. Edwards and Blanchard send him out of the ring.

That concludes this week’s episode.


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