Impact Wrestling Results (3/24)

Impact Wrestling Results (3/24)

This week’s Impact Wrestling opened with a recap of Sami Callihan’s attack on Ken Shamrock just as Shamrock was being announced as the latest inductee to the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Acey Romero vs. Chris Bey vs. Jake Crist vs. Daga vs. Cousin Jake vs. Rohit Raju vs. Willie Mack to determine the top contender for the X-Division title

Everyone battled. The Vegas crowd was super into Bey. Romero cleaned house early. He and Mack battled. Romero drilled him with a big uranage and then a back senton splash. Bey and Trey nailed stereo missile dropkicks to knock Romero out of the ring, then faced off. They had some really nice athletic sequences against each other before facing off. Trey offered his hand but Bey kicked him.

Raju and Bey had words in the ring. Bey cut him down with several kicks. Raju avoided a charge and nailed a neckbreaker but Jake broke up the pinfall. Jake nailed Raju with a big shoulderblock in the corner and hit a big sit-down powerbomb. Crist attacked before he could score the pin and hit a really nice series of kicks to take down Jake. Mack returned to the ring and slammed him with authority, then hit a standing moonsault. Crist rolled to the outside, setting the stage for a Mack tope con hilo.

Daga and Trey battled in the ring with some really nice back and forth action. Bey got involved and began using kicks and a dragon screw legwhip to clear the ring but was muscled up and over with a Daga powerbomb. Daga and Raju drilled each other back and forth with strikes. Daga finally nailed a leaping kick to take Raju down, but came face to face with Romero. Daga was unable to pick him upo for a slam. He went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and slammed. Acey ascended to the heavens but Jake caught him on the top. Crist followed suit and they attempted a double superplex. This led to Trey and Bey (limping) getting involved before Mack finally does. The combined might allows them to hit the move. Daga comes off the top but Raju breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Raju nailed Daga with a running kick but Bey, not putting weight on his ankle, took him out. Mack elevated Bey and wiped him out with a big forearm. Everyone began whipping out big moves. Trey locked Crist and Bey in submissions at the same time but Raju nailed a diving headbutt to break it up. This has been a really fun opener this far. Raju went for a tornado DDT on Jake but was caught and driven to the mat. Mack nailed a sit-down powerbomb but Daga breaks it up. He sends Mack into the corner. Mack kicks him off and tries to come off the buckles but is caught and tossed overhead with a suplex. Trey backdrops Daga to the floor and hits a suicide dive to the floot. Bey and Raju hit stereo dives to the floor.

The battle continues. Acey pounces Crist out of the ring, then dives through the ropes on everyone, flattening them. The crowd chants, “Holy sh**!” Inside the ring, Jake wipes out Crist but is hit by Mack with a top rope frog splash and pinned.

Your winner and number one contender for the X-Division Championship, Willie Mack!

This was a hell of match with tons of big spots and fun athletic pacing and action. Mack was obviously going to win based on last week’s interaction with Ace Austin but they booked him to really earn it and everyone in the bout shined here. There are some really nice diamonds in the rough right now on the roster.

Backstage, Dave Crist was slapping Madman Fulton and psyching him up for tonight’s match. Jake Crist showed up, angry that he lost and said they need to get back on a winning streak. Sami Callihan is back and they need to do it for him. He said Sami is testing them. Dave and Jake began arguing. Dave said they are supposed to be a family and there is no test. He said Sami hasn’t spoken to them in months and they are falling apart. The Crists are not on the same page about where they stand with Sami. They all declared they are all from Ohio and that’s why they are taking over everything. Jake said they wait for Sami.

They showed clips of Callihan attacking Shamrock last week and plugged the return of the Broken Univer…er, Undead Realm.

They plugged the card. All mention of the main event being to determine the Lockdown teams was ignored for obvious reasons.

Moose vs. Chase Stevens

This was set up when the two got in a brawl last week when Moose disrespected the TNA Originals.

Stevens was attacked as he entered the ring. Moose screamed at the referee to start the match, allowing Stevens to nail some big right hands. Moose tossed him into the corner but Stevens avoided a spear attempt and nailed a nice German suplex. Stevens nailed a nice axe kick for a two count. Stevens looked good early on. They noted Stevens’ relationship with Chris Candido on camera. God bless Candido. One of the nicest guys ever.

Moose caught Stevens coming at him and nailed a Hot Shot on the ropes, speared him and scored the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

It was short but fine for what it was.

Moose kept beating him after the match was over. He grabbed a steel chair from ringside and drilled Stevens with the chair in the chest before slamming it into his upper body and side. He placed the chair over Stevens’ face, ready to stomp it.

Scott D’Amore came out and said that he knows Moose has a problem with TNA and if he does, he should turn around. Suicide was on the top rope and nailed a missile dropkick. He then hit a big dive to the floor. The announcers said Moose keeps calling out TNA and stars from the past keep emerging to answer the challenge. They wonder who could be next. Where are the Flying Elvis?

In a bar, Rosemary was asking another woman how she could be happy when they were created for vengeance from the shadows for the last two years. Someone yelled “Two years? That’s it?” Rosemary confronted the person heckling her and it was Raven. Of course it was. He asked her why she would give up after two years, explaining all the things she could do over the years to torture her prey and after 20 years, it just becomes bigger and brighter, because it never ends. He wonders if he loves or hates Tommy Dreamer, and it doesn’t matter because it’s orgasmic and goes on forever. He questions why anyone would want to break free of that. He says he’ll be in an old age home spiking drugs into Dreamer’s IV bag when Dreamer is in a wheelchair and he can’t wait for those days to come. Rosemary asks if its for forever. Raven says, “Forever…and even longer I think.” Rosemary teleported away in frustration.

Backstage, Willie Mack was recovering after his match. Ace Austin and Reno Scum confronted him. Ace congratulated him. Mack said he knows Ace wants to play mind games or show off a magic trick, but he won the title shot and now he’s going to come for him, even if his back is against the wall and he’s alone with Rich Swann hurt. Ace took off his sunglasses and said he was trying to pay Mack a compliment and someone should teach him how to take it. He and Scum walked off. Johnny Swinger walked in and said that if he wants to be X-Division Champion, that means the end of their tag team (Mack was puzzled by this) but if he wants to win the belt, that’s great because the fans really want to see the dream match between them. He said he’ll win the X-Division Champ and then the rizats will want him more than ever.

Reno Scum vs. The Rascalz’ Dez & Wentz.

Reno Scum gained control early on Dez, beating him down in their corner. They take turns working him over for some time. Trey finally fights free and tags Wentz. He uses his speed to keep Luster the Legend out of sorts and nailed a running knee strike in the corner. He followed up with a running knee strike for a two count. They worked over Luster with a series of kicks and drilled him to the mat for a two count.

They plugged the TNA special next Tuesday night, so that is still on.

Wentz was shoved off the top but Adam. Reno Scum made a blind tag and they double-teamed Dez, scoring the pin.

Your winners, Reno Scum!

This was solid.

They aired a promo for Tenille Dashwood.

The Impact+ Moment of the Week was LAX vs. Team 3D.

Josh Mathews was doing voiceovers when Sami Callihan hacked in. He said he likes that isolation is what we are sort of doing right now. He said people want answers as to why he attacked Ken Shamrock. He said that Impact thinks they are punishing him by making him wrestle Ken Shamrock at the Rebellion PPV on 4/19. He said that when he’s done, the blood won’t be on his hands but on Impact for making the match. Shamrock says he’s the World’s Dangerous Man but he seems more than that. He sees everything.

Rhino & Sabu (with Super Genie) vs. Madman Fulton & Dave Crist.

This was being held under Old School Rules, which is Impact kayfabe for ECW.

Sabu and Dave Crist started out. Crist took him down several times but was kicked off. Sabu faked him out and nailed a big right hand. He rebounded off the ropes and clotheslined Crist.

Fulton and Rhino tagged in and faced off. Rhino charged in but was drilled with a knee to the mid-section. Fulton choked away on Rhino in the corner but was caught with a shoulderblock into the mid-section and clotheslined over the top to the floor. Sabu knocked Crist off the apron into Fulton’s arms, then hit a sliding dropkick to the outside.

Everyone brawled on the floor as the fans chanted for Rhino. He went for a clothesline but Crist ducked and Rhino’s arm nailed the ring post. Fulton was bit by Sabu but drilled him with a big right hand. Crist and Rhino battled on the ramp leading down to the ring. Rhino blocked a suplex attempt. Genie tossed Sabu a chair but Fulton nailed him. He met Rhino in the aisle and brawled into the ring.

Fulton smothered Rhino in the corner and tagged in to Crist, who continued tagging Rhino with chops. Rhino tagged in Sabu, who was double-teamed and beaten by OVE in their corner. Fulton elevated Crist and dropped him down upon Sabu for a two count. Crist argued with the referee, allowing Sabu to recover. He drilled him with a kick and cutter. Sabu made the hot tag to Rhino, who knocked Fulton off the apron before beating Crist with clotheslines and back elbows.

Fulton tried to get into the ring but before he could intercede, Rhino nailed him. Everyone brawled. Sabu used a chair on Fulton. Sabu charged across the ring and dove off a chair to the floor but hardly cleared the ropes. That looked scary.

Crist lowblowed Rhino and shoved the referee down. They said it could have still been a DQ. The referee took the chair away from Crist, who tried to clothesline him. The ref ducked and that allowed Rhino to Gore Crit for the pin.

Your winners, Sabu and Rhino!

We go to the Undead Realm. It sure is a good thing Impact can get a camera crew in there.

We see Su Yung transport herself there. She has brought a noose with her. Jim Mitchell was sitting on a throne with Havok waiting nearby. Mitchell said he was sorry this had to come to this but they couldn’t play well with each other, so someone has to go and he’s afraid it has to be Yung.

Havok wielded a crowbar and Yung pulled out a machete. They faced off and every time they tried to strike the other, there was an orange flash across the screen. Havok tried to choke Su but Su used the noose to choke her out. It appeared Yung was victorious but a masked man tied to a rack came loose and began beating her with a bat. She choked her down. Yung grabbed the crowbar but he used it. He kept striking her. The strikes were obviously light. She was apparently beaten but used her machete to cut him down. Yung turned her attention to Mitchell. He told her she didn’t wat to do that. Havok returned with the noose and began choking her out. Mitchell told Yung her time had come. Yung used the Mandible Claw to take her down and was about to stab her, but Mitchell stopped her and said congratulations. He said Yung proved he should have been with her all along. He said Havok was pathetic and they were both too much trouble for what they are worth. Mitchell calls for his minions to take care of them. They were besieged upon by the minions. Mitchell said his experiment herding cats was over. He said they were to leave and he hoped they enjoyed the rest of their existence in the Undead Realm.

They were transported, I kid you not, to a desert, abandoned. Fade to black as Jim Mitchell laughed. Josh Mathews explained they were banished to the undead wastelands and we’ll see what happens when we return to the Undead Realm after the main event.

Michael Elgin & Taya with Jon E. Bravo vs. Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

The commentary early on noted that Tessa wanted to face her biggest threats for the Impact title at the same time at Rebellion. Josh Mathews was alone on this without Don Callis, so they obviously laid down a new commentary track to wipe out the Lockdown-related content.

Taya and Tessa started out with neither getting a clear advantage until Taya hit a nice spear for a one count. She clubbed Blanchard across the back and tagged in Elgin. Elgin was immediately challenged and nailed a pair of forearms. Elgin tried to nail a clothesline but Blanchard nailed a dropkick to his knee. She escaped a Fireman’s Carry and made the tag.

Edwards and Elgin went right back to their usual great back and forth exchanges. Edwards went for a suplex but Elgin blocked it and went for one of his own. Edwards landed on his feet but was drilled with a knee to the face. Edwards came back with a rana and went to rebound off the ropes but was nailed in the back by Taya. Jon E. Bravo argued with Edwards. Tessa tried to interject herself but Taya nailed her and tossed the champ into the barricade. Elgin continued working over Edwards but was unable to attain the pinfall as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Taya and Elgin worked over Edwards, taking turns to beat him down. Edwards and Elgin battered each other with hard shots. Elgin went for a lariat but Edwards ducked and scored with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Elgin and Edwards both made the tag. Tessa came out with a lot of fire and scored several big clotheslines and a Cutter for a two count.

Tessa went for a move but Elgin interfered. Edwards nailed a superkick. Taya wiped out Tessa with a double knee strike in the corner for a two count. Elgin tagged back in and they whipped Tessa into opposite corners. Elgin crushed her with an Avalanche in the corner. Tessa was placed in Elgin’s arms for a superbomb, but Tessa turned it into a rana off the top.

Tessa crawled for the tag but Taya broke it up. Tessa nailed a Samoan Drop and made the tag to Edwards. He hit the ring with a series of Kobashi chops in the corner. Elgin reversed the whip but was kicked in the face and nailed with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Elgin rolled to the floor, where Edwards went for a dive. Taya stepped into his way on the apron. Taya shoulderblocked her, so Tessa knocked Taya off the apron.

Bravo got on the apron so Tessa and Eddie nailed stereo superkicks, the nailed stereo dives to the outside. Taya was sent into the guard rail.

Inside the ring, Elgin was caught with a big kick while on the top. Eddie went for a move but was shoved off. Tessa was nailed. Edwards nailed a kick. Tessa nailed a Codebreaker. Edwards nailed a Tiger Bomb but Taya broke up the pinfall. Tessa tossed Taya to the floor. Blanchard went to the top but Taya grabbed her leg. Eddie kicked her down but was driven backwards by Elgin into the corner where Tessa was on the top. Eddie and Elgin battled back and forth. Tessa came off the top but he caught her and powerbombed Tessa across Eddie. I thought that was the finish as they showed several replays but Tessa nailed a reverse rana and a tornado DDT on Elgin.

Tessa and Taya battled back and forth. Taya was kicked in the face. Eddie almost nailed his own partner. Elgin charged for a lariat. Eddie ducked and Tessa ate it. Eddie went for the Boston Knee Party but Taya grabbed his leg. That allowed Elgin and Taya to work him over. Eddie ate a bucklebomb. Taya wiped out Tessa with a dive to the floor off the top. Elgin nailed the sit-down powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

In another universe, Team Elgin has an advantage going into Lockdown.

This was a hell of a tag match. Quality from bell to bell.

Back in the Undead Realm, Su Yung and Havok, forced to band together, were struggling through the Wastelands. Rosemary teleported in. She said that she can undo what Jim Mitchell did if they care to trust her. They agreed to do so and teleported somewhere. Rosemary said their destiny awaits and walked off. Yung and Havok returned to Mitchell’s throne. He was shocked to see them but tried to convince them he had really tested them both and that they were both ready to be by his side. Yung tried to stab him but Havok stopped her, only to stab him herself, killing Jim Mitchell.

Mitchell was transported to well, heaven, I guess, where he saw kittens and his son Abyss holding out a sack of thumbtacks for him as harps played in the background. Mitchell looked around in wonder and asked, “Who booked this sh**?” as we faded off….this was meant to be the end of Jim Mitchell in Impact, but as you know, the Devil can always return………………

The opener and main event are well worth checking out. The Undead Realm stuff is a matter of taste for sure, but you can’t say anyone else is doing anything similar right now.


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