Friday, March 20, 2020

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak Storyline Continues on Twitter

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak Storyline Continues on Twitter
The storyline between Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak continued on social media after Gulak had Bryan practice a "Duck Walk" earlier this week.

Gulak then had Bryan perform a "Headlock Squeeze" and as you can see in the video below, Bryan performed the task in his backyard.

Bryan wrote, "Here's my best attempt at the #HeadlockSqueeze. In earlier attempts, my ball popped out... twice! I always thought I had a great headlock, but now I'm not so sure. #CoachGulak #BryanGulakConnection #BallPoppedOut"

Gulak responded with his own video and wrote, "Nice #HeadlockSqueeze! If your ball is popping out it could be a problem with your support. Use better compression! I like a smaller ball personally. This one is tiny, blue, bumpy, and vibrates! Also inhale big and get LOUD! #PracticeHowYouPlay #Ballin #GulakAndBryanConnection"

Bryan wrote back, "Wow... I really admire how you squeeze your tiny blue ball. There's a lot learn in that short video. We each use a different grip to squeeze our balls... why do you use that grip? And is there anything else I should squeeze? #CoachDrew #HeadlockSqueeze #PracticeHowYouPlay"

Gulak agreed that they do squeeze their balls differently. He responded, "We really do squeeze our balls differently! I use the S-Grip for headlocks when I'm not trapping an arm. I use more of my own arm as a fulcrum around my opponent's neck and jaw. If you can't find a ball, use any head-like substitutes... like this one here! #GulakBryanConnection"