Brian Pillman Jr Updates Fans On His Self Quarantine Following “Flu Like Symptoms”

Brian Pillman Jr Updates Fans On His Self Quarantine Following "Flu Like Symptoms"

There have been several athletes in the NBA and other sports leagues that have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, but we haven’t heard of any wrestlers in major promotions.

However, Brian Pillman Jr. of MLW admitted that he has flu-like symptoms and is self-quarantining in his home.

“It’s tough, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been isolating myself because I did have some flu-like symptoms going on prior to one of my biggest shows in Vegas for FSW that I had to cancel. I had gone to some great lengths to impress that promotion and get my foot in the door there. It just all got thrown away due to outbreak,” said Pillman. “I couldn’t bring myself to get on a plane feeling ill. Even though I might not have it, the fact that I’d be putting other people at risk, I just couldn’t do it.”

With similar symptoms to those having the coronavirus, Pillman was asked if he plans on getting tested.

“I’ve called the doctor a couple of times and they were really busy and couldn’t even get to me on the phone. I’ve decided to just stay home and isolate myself from other people,” revealed Pillman. “That’s the safest option instead of going flooding the hospital and medical system. I’m a 26-year-old and I’m not sure how much they can do for me. I could have it. I could not have it. But at the end of the day the safest decision is to stay home and heal.”

He added that after four days in self-isolation, he’s feeling better. Pillman also said he never had a dry cough or any cough for that matter.

“All of the signs are saying that I don’t have it. Now it’s just time for me to recover over this cold before I start leaving the house and doing things because then I don’t wanna have a lowered immune system for it to enter my body,” stated Pillman.

Pillman’s approach is different from many others at his age who have ignored the health recommendations to slow the spread of coronavirus, even if he doesn’t have it. He talked about how his opinion has evolved on this issue.

“Everyone deserves their reaction and of course your opinions may change. I still have a lot of opinions and some of the opinions I might not even share because I’m afraid of what people might think. It’s a very hard time right now and it’s hard to keep your mouth shut because you want to talk about it and relate with people,” said Pillman.

“Anybody that wants to get upset from somebody’s comments, just realize that what we’re facing against is much worse than a few different words. Nobody’s being dangerous by speaking their mind. An old philosophy that I learned in college is, ‘If everybody is thinking the same thing, then nobody is thinking at all.'”

For the wrestling promotions that haven’t gone dark, like WWE and AEW, they have been holding shows without audiences. Pillman was asked how he feels about these no-crowd events.

“I just see pure passion in wrestling due to what’s happening as guys are gonna wrestle no matter what,” said Pillman. “There’s some kids out there where it doesn’t matter if you give them $5 or $500. They’re gonna go out there and have the same high-level matches. They’re gonna have their best match and go out there and tear their bodies up because they love it. If anything, I’ve nothing but pure passion from wrestlers and fans alike.”

He added that he was floored by the number of podcasts requests he received as well as people who wanted to donate to him.

“It’s a terrible time but also a wonderful time because these things are bringing people closer. The human nature is starting to show over the top of selfishness and egotistical ways. Humans have to be humans right now and we have to help each other out,” stated Pillman.

Some wrestlers like Sami Callihan have ruled out wrestling until the coronavirus is at least contained. Pillman discussed if he would feel comfortable wrestling once he feels better.

“Honestly it makes me want it that much more,” revealed Pillman. “I was having the best matches of my life prior to this outbreak. I probably had one of the highest moments of my life in Mexico before everything fell apart. That last show in Tijuana with MLW – they didn’t even bring everybody over because a lot of guys were worried. I got on a plane from the Dominican Republic and I flew to Miami and then to Dallas/Fort Worth and then to San Diego so I could get to the venue in time.

“To that, I got a little bit of a cold. I did suffer from that long travel day as it was a cold and rainy night and in Tijuana it was a cold and rainy venue. There were a lot of fans there – about 5,000 – so I might have gotten a little cold. But it was all worth it because it was one of my best matches ever. It sucks to go from that ultimate high and then have a cold and go down to this huge low of isolation.”


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