Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan During Q&A (Video)

Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan During Q&A (Video)
In a recent Q&A session on Instagram Live, Bret Hart was asked about his thoughts on Hulk Hogan and The Hitman didn't exactly mince words.

Hart kept the statement succinct and began to wait for the next question to appear onscreen. "Do I like Hulk Hogan? No I don't. I think he's a phony piece of sh-t."

The Hitman certainly gives out his authentic, earnest opinion on things. Hart has had heat with Hogan dating back to his first reign as WWE champion when he felt that Hogan refused to put him over. Despite the two legends coming together for a WWE 2K20 shoot last year, Hart clearly still has heat with Hogan.

There is a good chance we'll see Hogan and Hart at the same event with the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan will garner his second induction as part of the nWo, while Hart is rumored to be inducting The British Bulldog, whose induction hasn't been officially announced yet.

You can check out Hart's comments below: