WWE 205 Live Results (2/28) – Boston, MA

WWE 205 Live Results (2/28) - Boston, MA

The announcers welcome us to the show and said that we will get a ten man elimination tag match in two weeks. We will find out the teams tonight.

 Joaquin Wilde versus Raul Mendoza

Mendoza with a drop kick as the bell rings and he gets a near fall. Mendoza with a chop and Irish whip followed by a splash into the corner and a suplex for a near fall. Mendoza with an arm bar. Mendoza with a drop kick for a near fall. Mendoza with a cobra clutch. Wilde with punches and he backs Mendoza into the corner. Wilde with an arm drag and boot to the head. Wilde with clotheslines and a jaw breaker. Mendoza with a back elbow and Wilde with a power bomb. Wilde misses a baseball slide but Mendoza misses a clothesline. Wilde with a back heel kick and a rana off the ring steps. Wilde sends Mendoza back into the ring. Wilde with a mule kick and rolling Codebreaker for a near fall.

Wilde goes up top and Mendoza stops him. Mendoza with an uppercut and Wilde with a punch. Mendoza with a chop and Wilde with a chop of his own. Wilde with a forearm to send Mendoza to the mat. Mendoza with a flying boot to the head to stop Wilde on the turnbuckles. Mendoza chops Wilde and then gets Joaquin on his shoulders. Wilde counters and hits a Frankensteiner for a near fall when Mendoza gets his foot on the ropes. Mendoza with a victory roll for a near fall. Mendoza with a Spanish Fly for a near fall. Wilde with a forearm and Mendoza fires back. They go back and forth. Mendoza with a package driver for a near fall. Mendoza gets Wilde on his shoulders and Wilde with punches. Mendoza blocks Wilde Thing and Mendoza misses a flying kick. Wilde with a sunset flip but Mendoza rolls through and connects with a kick. Wilde gets his knees up on a moonsault and then hits Wilde Thing for the three count.

Winner: Joaquin Wilde

We are back and it will be Tyler Breeze, Isaiah Scott, Danny Burch, and Oney Lorcan teaming with Lio Rush.

Tony Nese will have Mike Kanellis, Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari, and Jack Gallagher on his team.

Tony Nese (with Mike Kanellis) versus Lio Rush

They lock up and Nese tells Rush to wait so he can pose for him. They lock up and Nese sends Rush to the mat. Rush grabs the leg but Nese gets to the ropes. Nese misses punches on the break and Rush with a side head lock. Nese with a shoulder tackle. Rush trips Nese and Rush goes through the legs and connects with a knee and forearms. Rush with a chop. Nese with a back heel kick and forearm. Nese tries to send Rush over the top rope but Rush with a springboard arm drag. Rush kicks Nese to the floor and Rush with a sunset flip but Nese rolls through and kicks Rush for a near fall.

Rush with forearms and then Nese sends Rush to the floor. Nese with knees to Rush in the ropes. Rush sends Nese over the top rope to the floor and Rush with a springboard corkscrew splash. Kanellis distracts Rush and Nese is able to recover and he hits a rolling uppercut. Nese with a kick and a gutbuster for a near fall. Nese with a body scissors on Rush. Rush with elbows to escape the hold. Rush with strikes and a sunset flip and he avoids a kick when Nese rolls through. Rush gets a near fall. Nese with a shot to the throat and he leaps to the floor and drops Rush on the top rope. Nese with a double jump moonsault for a near fall.

Nese with a chop and kicks in the corner. Nese with a chop after putting Rush on the turnbuckles. Nese sets for a superplex and Rush blocks it. Rush with punches and Rush continues to blocks the superplex attempt. Rush with punches and Nese falls to the mat. Rush sets for the Final Hour and he hits a cross body instead. Rush with a clothesline and a DDT for a near fall. Rush has a kick blocked and Nese flips Rush over and kicks Rush. Nese with a spinning heel kick. Nese runs into a boot from Rush. Rush with a cross body but Nese catches him. Nese with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Nese with a Boston Crab. Rush tries to get to the ropes but Nese pulls Rush into the center of the ring.

Rush escapes and punches Nese. Rush kicks Nese and hits a thrust kick to the knee. Rush kicks Kanellis off the apron. Nese with a rollup for a near fall. Rush with the Come Up and Kanellis breaks up the cover.

Winner: Lio Rush (by disqualification)

After the match, Kanellis and Nese work over Rush.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way to the ring and they go after Nese and Kanellis. Lorcan sends Kanellis to the floor but Kanellis with a super kick to Lorcan. Burch and Nese battle on the ramp and Lorcan and Kanellis fight with them to the back.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Lio Rush gets back to his feet. Jack Gallagher with a running drop kick into the corner followed by punches. Gallagher removes his jacket to reveal some new tattoos and then he gives Rush a head butt.

We go to credits.


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