Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Structure Used In Aleister Black Entrance Was Originally Created For The Undertaker

Structure Used In Aleister Black Entrance Was Originally Created For The Undertaker
Aleister Black appeared on WWE's The Bump and revealed the idea behind his entrance, and how the structure he uses was originally created for The Undertaker.

Black was asked about his special entrance in WWE and how it all came together.

"So there is a band that I love called Watain, which is a black metal band," Black said. "And there was a live performance that they did, and I always loved the DVD of that. I always thought the aesthetic of that was just... it was mesmerizing to me and it had like fire and a lot of red, and a lot of the fire and the red you see back in my entrance. So when we started putting this thing together, I showed them [WWE] this DVD. I said watch this DVD and this is the type of aesthetic that I want to go for, and they tried to recreate that in a WWE setting.

"So they created this, like, stage for me that I feel as soon as the lights go and the candles come up, the audience knows what time it is now. They did such a good job in priming the audience to know and realize that when this is happening, everything changes. The landscape almost changes like, the lights change, the candles come up, it gets really dark, there's fog, and the entrance is obviously completely different."

He continued, "I was talking to Triple H about it and he showed me this construction, which is of the thing that propels me, and it was actually meant for The Undertaker.

"He said, 'We don't have any use for this thing right now, what do you think?' I'm like, 'I'll take it.' It was one of those things where I could formulate something around this entrance where Aleister Black will just appear from nowhere. People think it's a coffin but it's not, I'm just propelled out of a void, I just come out of nowhere. I materialize and that's the idea behind it, that I materialize. Same as the room, the room's a non-existing place. I materialize from that to that. It has hints of supernatural."

You can see Black's comments on the entrance at around the 46:00 mark: